The Certainty of Things

Rumi Life and Love

Rumi Life and Love

It was exactly 1:08 in the afternoon. I was sat with a couple of friends at a cafe when the question of, “what next?” arose. This inevitably led to a glance at the time-piece replacement that we all carry now. Our mobile devices. Which of course have several other distracting features.

In order to respond to my friends question I had glanced at my phone and seen an overdue message. In essence it was saying that I had “Maybe’d” to an invitation to a talk in a nearby town and that the talk was starting soon.

Some very quick mental calculations along with an internal – emotional – search of the Desire to Attend cupboard produced a “let it go” result and I told my friends, “nothing much, just some food and home.”

We parted company and I headed towards a food outlet. Minutes later I was in my car, sans food and heading to my rooms. Even as I drove, there was a nagging thought at the back of my mind…

“Go to the event…”

I looked again at the time, 1:25. There was no way I could make the event. It started at 2pm and the traffic going into the town would be atrocious. I arrived home and filled the fridge with food whilst considering other, more available options for the afternoon.

“Go to the event…”

The event in question was a talk about the poetry of the famous heart centered poet Rumi. Paying particular attention to the aspects that related to Sufism. Both are topics that I am interested in, hence the “maybe” response I had given to the event invite.

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Inverted energy on the Eclipse

I wasn’t going to let the solar eclipse pass without doing something. As it happened it provided a perfect space for me to finish off my current quest of “Germination”. Yet, possibly because it was an unusual situation the results were unusual too.

I had only one day left to conclude my “germination” quest before the Spring Equinox. On the morning of the eclipse I went to a local churchyard (the closest sacred space) in order to view the special event, but also to try to draw together one red (male) and one white (female) energy stream to unify into one rosy pink fertility energy. The focus of this work would be some soil that I had had energised by working with Debra Delglyn in one of her shamanic workshops (see The Bodyworks).

Solar eclipse - March 20th 2015 (3)

Whole sun, half sun, solar eclipse

It just so happened that I was working in a graveyard. One does what one can where limitations are imposed. After putting up protection against anything “sticky” I used my dowsing rods to quickly able to find the best place for me to be. I had in my hands a red jasper stone and a white moonstone. These would be my entry points for directing the male and female energies to the container of soil that I was carrying.

It was 9:21. The peak of the eclipse was due at 9:30. The light was fading and there was a strange tinge was over everything.

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What is in a name?

crystalI bet that if you searched our site you would another post or two with the same title as above. It certainly has a sense of Deja Vu for me. Given the spiral nature of life as described endlessly herein, it makes sense for us to pivot around certain themes.

I was out for a walk in nature the other evening and contemplating the non-rational directions that my life has been taking. Those in and off themselves would fill a book or two. However, they don’t seem that pertinent to this post so I will leave them at the edge of discussion.

As readers will know (I hope) that over the years I have been given (or offered) a variety of names and indeed identifiers. The one that I recall the most was the magician who creates his own world. Which was given to me many summers ago in the wilds of the Wizards Wood no less, in Alderley Edge.

Since that time I have picked up the odd other name and even recalled one from my deep past. So it was that as I wandered in nature I pondered these names. What happened to the names that I left by the way-side? For example Spirit Walker?

As is always the case, I had my dowsing rods to hand and I asked whether there was some pertinence to my musing or was it an idle amusement? The rods declared that there was something in what I was thinking and should pursue it. Further more, they pointed me towards a tree that would be most apt (from an energetic perspective) to be of aid.

I meandered over to the Roots of this tree and sat beneath it. Huddled in from the cold. It took a lot longer than normal to connect with the source of intuition (which now that I think about it makes sense since I was not at any specific sacred place). Anyway, connect I did and a trickle of understandings emerged.

What is a name? An identity? A descriptor? Is it something that we grow out of or evolve away from? Is it layered so that one sits atop another? Is it temporal in that today I am one thing and tomorrow another?

These were the kinds of questions that floated around my consciousness. As time passed, answers came…

Sacred names that you have been given are always current. They don’t reside in the past or the future. They are always current. So you are the magician, the edge wizard, the spirit walker, the knight… As events, skills, attributes are needed, pluck them from the names that you have been give. Today you are a Knight, tomorrow a walker among spirits.

I kind of saw how they melded together and formed a whole picture of me! It was a different view of things than I had thought. For instance, I had given up the opportunity to become Spirit Walker and yet it seemed that moniker lingered. So it was with others. An interesting name that arose at one point was Wand Maker – now come on! Seriously! I was on that quest to be sure, but in no way would I consider it to be my name…yet. But it seems that time has some weird associations when it comes to names.

What was my intuition telling me? That names that I may gain in the future were also my name in the present? And also by further deduction, in the past. In fact, taking that logic (if logic it was) to the extreme. It may mean that they were, are and always will be my names. What lunacy is this!

It got extremely cold and yet I was loath to move as knowledge and understandings were imparted. All of the names I had collected in my travels were names that were currently accessible to me. All the names I would gain in the future were too (of course I don’t know what those names will be) but still.

What, then indeed, is in a name? It seems everything is. Spirit Walker, Magician, Edge Wizard,  Wand Maker, Knight, Chevalier and more were at my beck and call. What an astounding revelation.

Kal Malik – Master of Eternity


Camelot Tarot 2015 – The Latter Half

In the second half of the reading I explore the cards that were drawn for me on my journey from Lammas to the Winter Solstice this coming year. Things were not at all what I was expecting, and I think that has good and bad aspects. Good because I like my assumptions and pre-conditioning to be upset every now and again, and bad because of the portent that the signs have offered me. Read on to see where the signs point in the second half of the year.

Lammas – Amangons at The Green Chapel

By the time that Summer is in its full green garment we reach the festival of Lammas. It is at this point that I encounter the archetype King Amangons.


King Amangons signifies a counterpoint to Brigid

This figure represents a darkness – a despoiler of the powers of the virginal maiden Brigid (Bride). It is interesting that he is positioned at the opposition point of Imbolc – the time of Brigid. In this position I think he represents either the switch of that energy into its opposing force, or a deliberate move into a darker energy.

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Solar Eclipse on the Eve of Spring 2015

Eclipse 2015

Eclipse 2015

Just a quickie. I am writing this quite literally whilst the solar eclipse is happening. Of course you’re thinking, “why aren’t you out at some sacred place?” to which my response is…my rooms are a sacred place.

Before the eclipse I had pre-asked the rods whether I could gain full advantage of it whilst at home? Yes, given certain requirements. So I awaited for the eclipse to begin and then asked the rods whether I could capture some of the essence (or energetic flavour) of the eclipse. Yes was the immediate response.

I dowsed around my room for what I needed and the rods took me to my bag (which was mostly empty) I rummaged around in it and found nothing of note. Puzzled I asked the rods a couple of more times and they took me back to the bag. Eventually I had pretty much emptied my bag and yet the rods still pointed at it! What the bejeebers? I grabbed hold of the only thing left in there which was a lighter. This? I asked in consternation. Yes! the rods responded! Ah… Fire!

The only other thing I needed was a crystal. Which happened to be a small piece of fluorite. Placing these on a table that was in the view of the sun I let them soak in the resonant energy as I write this. The placing had some importance in that it had to be Sun – Candle – Crystal alignment.

Capturing the Eclipse Resonance

Capturing the Eclipse Resonance

Of what purpose or use or value this is I have no idea. Just felt compelled to do so.

Kal Malik

Camelot Tarot 2015 – The First Half

It has become almost a tradition for me to do a tarot reading in order to both frame the year, and to inspire my outings. This year I had not felt the need to do a reading until March. This surprised me, but I went with the feeling. Now was the time.

As usual I let my spirit guide (and now my ‘new’ ancestral guide) help determine which cards would best describe and depict my coming year. We chose the “Camelot Oracle” cards. Given the relationship that has been established with Arthur so far this year I wasn’t surprised. He was clearly going to be my central figure, my Camelot resident for this year.

I used the supplied sheet with its eight points and I drew cards that I wanted to link in to the eight Celtic festival dates. In this post I will describe the first set of cards drawn for Imbolc through to Summer Solstice.

My guiding star

My archetype – the card I would use as the central fixed theme for the year – was obviously King Arthur. To me he represented a fixed point in many ways this year – he represented the cardinal point North, the Pole Star, The Great Bear fixed constellation, and qualities such as strength, steadfastness and leadership. Like the Pole Star I might think of him as a “guiding light”.


Arthur is the fixed star of my 2015 tarot reading

Next I drew cards for the eight points in the year from Imbolc to Winter Solstice. The first set of cards came out like this.

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New beginnings and New things at Dinas Bran

Looking up at Bran

Looking up at Bran

I would go into the synchronicities that occurred to get me to the station on time to meet up with Chris. But those go without saying these days. Suffice to say that even a seasoned veteran like me was taken by surprise.

Up until today the weather had been unsettled. A mix of sun, rain, sleet, wind and snow was not uncommon. However on this day, the sun was beaming with the promise of a beautiful and lasting change.

With blessings in our hearts we set off for an afternoon of pleasure at the Table of Bran. The drive was swift and uncomplicated and soon we arrived at the footsteps of the hill. Stopping at a place further down than our normal want meant a steeper and longer climb. Fortunately, due to the intercession of one Goddess in my life, I had had some measure of preparation (see the resonance of Caileach here).

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