Hermits, Bananas and a Dark Angel – Spring Equinox 4


The equinox was progressing nicely. We had left home around 6:30am and it was approaching 3 in the afternoon when we arrived at our last (or so we thought) stop of the day. The Hermits Cave is unsurprisingly in the Hermits Wood. It is about half a mile from the road and the walk is easy and pleasant. Upon arriving I asked whether there was anything for me to learn and/or do here. The answer to both questions was a yes.

First things first. Food! I put my bag down and searched it for food. At the same time I brought out the smokey quartz crystal to show Chris. It had been the one that I had connected to the health monitor energy at the Hemlock Stone earlier that day. I placed the crystal in the window of the cave whilst I ate lunch. Also, whilst eating lunch I lit an incense stick too. The cave is rock and it was nigh on impossible to find a place for the incense and so I went out to the front of the cave and placed it there.

Hermits Cave

Hermits Cave

Walking and eating isn’t a bad way to do things and so – probably for the first time – I walked over to the sign outside the cave and read of its formation. Apparently some person had seen a vision of Mary and was told to come here and give his life in prayer and service. Hmmm sounds familiar if you replace Mary for Caileach Would that work? Anyway, I returned to the cave to do something and learn something.

I opted for the “doing” first and the rods took me to the crystal I had placed on the window. Then they took me to the incense that I had placed outside of the window incidentally. It seems that this was the only “doing” that I needed to do. What about the learning? I asked the rods about this and they took me to the sign that I had been reading. Devotional Energies! I thought, of course, this was something quite recent in my energy explorations. See the Energy of Prayer series.

Before learning this, we understood that the Hermits Cave had some interesting energies. Now this addition devotional information added extra dimensions to that and to find this out at the time when my interest in that area was piqued. Of course! A coincidence.

Dark Angel

Still at the cave and ready to leave when Chris asked me over to the far side. He had his camera out and was showing me something utterly fascinating. On the camera screen there was a dark shadow and on the corresponding wall? Nothing! He took picture after picture from different angles and the darkened image remained.

Hermits Cave Inside

Hermits Cave Inside

I had rods in my hand so he asked me to dowse for what it might be, agreeing, I held up the rods and was about to move forward with a question, when I froze. I mean, quite literally, I froze. I couldn’t ask a question about the shadow. I tried again, nothing. Chris looked at me puzzled and I explained that I couldn’t ask any questions about the thing. Either it had frozen me or I had (unconsciously/energetically) froze myself. In either case, I was unable to even pose a question in my mind, let alone ask it.

I’ve never had such a feeling before. It wasn’t like something was physically stopping me moving, rather it felt like when you have an answer on the tip of your tongue but are unable to get it out. In this situation though, I had no questions either. Totally weird.

Now that I think back on the experience, what is even weirder is that we didn’t explore the phenomena deeper at the time. Was there an SEP field around it? In the car I speculated for about two-seconds as to whether it could have been something of a “Watcher” ilk? But even that speculation vanished and talk resumed on other matters…

Concerning a Banana

We left the cave and drove of in the direction of Sherwood Forest (see post on that). On the way we passed a sign for Annesley Church. Actually it caught Chris’s eye and I concurred. Let’s investigate. We did you U’ey as they say and parked up outside the ruins of the church. Was there anything to do here was the immediate question for me and the answer was yes (and to learn too).

Gratitude and Devotion at Annesley

Gratitude and Devotion at Annesley

I left Chris to his own devices and followed the rods into the church. They took me around the side of courtyard and to a set of arches. It seemed that I needed to do something here. What? A quick set of dowsing revealed that this place was ideal for doing a gratitude ceremony. So without further ado I did. Three incense sticks were in order, one to be placed in each of the arches. However that wasn’t sufficient. The rods said that there was something else in my bag that was needed. I searched through the bag, checking each item with the rods until I got to my final banana of the day. Was this what was needed? Yes. Where to place it?

In the picture on the far right is a carved basin. Apparently that was where the banana needed to go. Once done the ceremony was completed with a huge set of thank yous for the many blessings that had come my way over the past couple of months. I am utterly grateful and one day, I may even tell that tale. One day!


Spring 2015-P3 – Hemlock Stone vortex

Having found very little in the way of sacred sites to keep us in Rutland or Leicestershire we headed northwards towards Nottinghamshire. We had in mind to head for Dale Hermitage, but there would be an unexpectedly pleasant detour first, for as we passed round the outskirts of Nottingham a place popped into mind – The Hemlock Stone. One of our blog readers had mentioned it in a comment recently, and I had not had a great deal to say about it at the time. For some reason it impinged on my thoughts very strongly today. Kal did a quick calculation and we found that we were only 20 minutes drive away. Then, we should pay it a visit.

5 - Hemlock Stone (5)

Approach to the Hemlock Stone site

We arrived and parked in the Bramcote Park facilities, which today included a convenient ice cream van. Far too cold for that, but Kal wasn’t going to be put off. We wandered across the road to Stapleford Hill, and were fortunate enough to have the place to ourselves for the duration of our visit. Everyone else was busy being entertained in the park.

Free To Roam

I don’t cope with barriers very well. Demarcations. Fences. Gates. Ditches. Boundaries of any sort. I like to think of the land as being open and free. That’s part of what our grandparents believed they were fighting to preserve, so you could consider it a “landright” – an inherent right to roam freely on the land if not causing harm. When I’m retired I intend to walk the Belinus Line from the south coast to the north without deviating. That will be one hell of a book, right? I can write it in prison. Anyway – The Hemlock Stone.

As we approach we see the railings around the stone “protecting it”. Well, it is sandstone, so it will wear down easily. Yet, I assert my landright and intending no harm I hop over the railing, as does Kal. It’s his first time here, but my second.

Today felt different from my last visit (which was in February). The energies are much stronger. I felt a tingle of excitement as I sat on the stone. Something was going to happen!

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The Hemlock Stone – Spring Equinox 3

We were done with going on a planned path. It always happens. We make a grand list of places to visit and pretty much get as far as 2 or 3 on the list before we are led off the yellow predicted road and on to stranger paths. Our destination happened to be the Hermits Cave. A place we had visited before and found to be an excellent sacred place.

Hemlock Stone

Hemlock Stone

However as we drove in that direction we went past The Hemlock Stone and were drawn to it immediately. A quick flick of the steering wheel and an ice-cream later we were climbing the short rise up to this magnificent stone.

The energy surrounding the place was beautiful and we approached the sun left the clouds behind and shone its Spring heart out. Perfect, is a good word to use. There was definitely work to be done here. We both settled into preparation places only a few feet apart and once complete followed the rods. Chris was slightly ahead of me and the rods took him to the fence and he clambered over. With a resigned expression I knew that mine would do the same and so they did. Somethings are just inevitable.

Kal prepares to enter the Hemlock

Kal prepares to enter the Hemlock

I clambered over the fence too and found a place to work. Just an interesting note here. After you read this, go and check out Chris’s post and you will see a correlation of energy descriptions. Of course it’s a coincidence.

I stood at the back (to the road) of the stone about a foot away and facing away from the stone. This was the place for me. I had no idea as to what experience to expect. So I just stood and let the stone (or whatever) do its work.

As I stood, patiently waiting I felt the slow rise of energy from the earth upwards within me. As it touched each of my chakras I felt a slight twist in the energy. My thought, at the time, was that it had opened the chakra. The energy continued to rise and do the same to each of my seven chakras. Then another flow of energy descended through my chakras doing the same thing. This flow however was very sluggish.

I continues to stand there and take in the chakra balancing experience. Was this a purpose of visiting the stone I wondered. After several more moments of this I felt that I was energised enough and decided to explore some questions surrounding this experience. The first that came to mind was whether my chakras had been energised. Surprisingly the answer was No.

Not expecting that, I tried the question some different ways…had they been balanced? Had they been healed? No and No and some other No’s too. Puzzled I wondered what the experience was. I asked whether it was a real energetic experience. After all, I could have imagined it. No it was real. Energy had flowed up and down through my chakras and had had that little twisty thing too.

I paced about the interior of the fence and pondered what this could mean. Several questions came to mind and were dismissed by the rods. I asked whether there was anything that could help me garner a better understanding of what had happened and the rods took me to a Smokey Quartz crystal that Chris had placed on a ledge on the stone.

How was that supposed to help me? I started and then took up my mantle of patience again and considered. Was what happened an effect of both the Stone and the Crystal. Yes. Finally an answer that moved me forward. Several more hit and misses later I got the gist of what had happened.

It seems that combining the two (crystal and stone) had caused a kind of scanner effect to occur. The energy that flowed upwards within me determined whether each of the chakras was allowing energy to flow upwards or not. It seemed that mine were doing quite well in that regard.

The same was true for the flow that came down through my crown too. However with this, the sluggish flow meant that although they were open and allowing energy to flow through, they were not very efficient at it.

One final thing that I learned was about the twist. It seems that the more twisty it was the more aligned to beneficial energy that chakra was.

What a fascinating and unexpected finding. I wondered whether I could utilise this detector/scanner when not here at the Hemlock. The answer was Yes and the rods again took me to the Smokey Quartz.

Another coincidence of the day has to be that Chris had only one crystal with him, the Smokey Quartz, which he has used in healing sessions. I have around a hundred crystals and before I set out, I had binary partitioned them to two crystals. Both of which were Smokey Quartz.

Unfortunately I had left both my crystals in the car. Doh! I asked whether I could link my crystal to the Smokey Quartz and the answer was yes. So, again, finding an appropriate spot. I did just that. Beautiful!

Chris, who had gone for a wander atop the hill returned at that very moment and we were done with the Hemlock Stone. As we walked down the hill, I asked Chris what work he had done with his crystal. “None,” he replied. “I just needed to put it there.”

Spring 2015-P2 – Blood from a stone

In the second of my Spring Equinox 2015 posts I recount a short tale about memory and stone.

We had travelled northwards after scooting around the area of Rutland - an unusual area that very few people would be able to point to on a map of the country. Our searches for some sacred springs and well needed more time than we were prepared to give it. Therefore we settled on finding the Grimston Monolith at the small village of Grimston.

You know what? Turns out we got the wrong stone! I thought it stood inside the churchyard, so when we found a stone in there we latched on to that. No wonder it didn’t have any energy! What it DID have was a story, however.

4 - Grimston Monolith (1)

Grimston Church near Melton Mowbray

I was surprised to find that the stone had no subtle energies. I believed it to have been excavated and the re-sited. Now I know it wasn’t even the right stone. Nevertheless, the rods indicated that there was something I could work with. Knowing that they wouldn’t tell me more I tried my hand at psychometry – the art of obtaining information from ‘inanimate’ objects.

I felt “death energy”. Why, I wondered? I asked for a direction, and in response my mind was filled with a wandering path that went off to the back end of the church. I could see the energy trail stop at a specific gravestone, even though it was currently out of sight of the stone where I was standing.

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The wand, the oil and a gift – Spring 2

Was it worth the long drive to reach the turf maze? Absolutely. If you haven’t checked out the insights that were gained there then you should. Nuff said! We were off.

It has to be said and indeed we said it many times on the Spring Equinox day. There just isn’t anything of note on the Eastern side of our Isle. There just isn’t. Maybe the druid or other sacred folk nipped over for a few days and gave the place up as a bad job or that the imminent invasions from Vikings and such folk scared them off. It is hard to say. One thing we did note is that there didn’t even seem to be any energetic features in the landscape.

The Right Energies in Grimstone

The Right Energies in Grimstone

Having noted that, we were at a loss. Churchyards and Wells were are only option. So we tried a few. Nothing was happening. The only thing worth mentioning in this lost period was that a particular church in the not so exciting named Grimstone an additional piece of knowledge was garnered re my Wand Quest.

I know what you’re thinking…that ‘ol chestnut…I agree with you. It is a monumental quests as such things go and I am still at the footsteps of the mountain. Still any pieces to that puzzle are like gemstones. Here I was then, in a church yard. Asking whether anything could be learned when the rods struck a YES chord.

After going through my list of things they rested on the option of Wand Quest. Brilliant! What was there to learn? I walked through the grounds of the church and found a spot that had the right kind of energies. Actually, I didn’t stand near the grave, rather it was by the church, where I could look upon the stone.

I have to say, I was a little excited. It’s not every sojourn that you get information regarding your mucho big quest. I closed my mind and let my thoughts wander and drift upon the flotsam and jetsam that forms the knowledge that I have about the Wand Quest.

Was it to do with a new ingredient? No. Was it to do with making the wand? No? Other options arose, considered and dissolved. Finally my thoughts turned to the one ingredient that I did have. Amber Oil from Egypt. Was it something to do with that? Yes. Ah…finally. What then?

I was to gift or use some of the oil, keeping the remainder for the wand. Really, I thought. So the acquiring of the material is just part of the quest. I had to also then do potentially multiple things with the items? Yes. Did I mention mucho big quest?

As always, with knowledge comes more lack of knowledge: Who or how was I to use the oil? When? Where?

No more was to be gained. The only further thing of note was the capping of the meditation/commune with the passing of a bee, right by my nose.

Kal Malik – Wand Questing

Spring 2015-P1 – Journey into the Centre of the Turf

Spring began properly for us with a long drive across country to the barren eastern parts of these islands. We had been this direction before, and this area really makes you work for your visit! I had chosen to go East as this direction is associated with Spring, and it was a direction in which I could find an old turf maze. Given my recent tarot draw, I knew that labyrinthine paths could be the order of the day, and so it was.

Wing Turf Maze

The day began early. We had long miles to cover. As I drove down the motorway I was gladdened by the sight of the dawning sun. Such a good omen for our outing – clear skies and sunshine.

1 - Spring Dawning (5)

Spring Equinox dawn sunshine from the motorway

On arrival at the small village of Wing the day was shaping up nicely. Kal had a portent of what was to come soon and half-jokingly said that we should just go to the maze then drive home. We were here now, and Nature was calling us both and so we nipped into the nearby woodland.

On the way out I felt like I was walking the wrong way. I got snagged on branches and dead brambles. Nature was telling me that I was going the wrong way, and so I back-tracked and followed the dowsing rods on a more energetically compatible path. Heed the signs!

I emerged onto the main road where an ash tree’s unusual bent bough met the top of my head. This was the place to stop, I felt, and so I began the cleaning process that has become a regular preparation feature of any sacred visit. This process included a vision, though, which was of a lightning strike from above and below meeting in the middle, meeting in me. I felt instantly cleansed!

2 - Wing Turf Maze (12)

Ash tree and lightning image

Now for the maze itself.

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The Maze, Wheel and Labyrinth – Spring 1

Kal in a Maze

Kal in a Maze

Yes, is the answer to your pre-sojourn question of, “Are you nuts?” The reason you are asking this question is because we told you that we drove some 250 miles to visit a turf maze. Now, that has to be a record even for us? Soon to be broken however when I visit Easter Island. Another story…

The sun had yet to make a decent appearance when we arrived at the Maze around 9:30 am. I was shocked when I saw it. What had I expected. A maze of course. However this wasn’t the kind of maze I had in mind. In fact I immediately proposed a new rule to Chris…

Should the place we are going be representative of this then I want to know about it and the ability to veto it.

With that said I proceeded to check out the energies of the maze and its suitability to do some work in. It was! In fact it was highly suitable! I asked whether there was a need to prepare and the answer was no. I then asked to be taken to the place where I could work. With no errors I was taken directly to the center of the maze (following a path). I sat in the center and contemplated the various aspects of my energetic and indeed normal life.

Of course I say normal with a huge dose of salt. It seems that my sacred activities have overridden my normal life to the extent that normal is in no way normal anymore.

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