Summer 2015 – P5 – Faery Awakenings at Fourknocks

I have mentioned on previous occasions about how I believe that the Faery kind have got both a King and a Queen, and that they revealed themselves to me in Brittany one year as “Bel” and “Titania”. Together, this is where I think we get the Celtic festival of “Beltane” from – from the union of these two spiritual forces. Just indulge me! There’s no scholarly research gone into that – this was a piece of knowledge that was given to me, and I simply accept it for my own purposes, as a way of recognising those two spiritual energies when I meet them.

Such is the prelude to my meeting with two of Kal’s Irish friends: Regina and David. Two nicer spiritual people you couldn’t hope to meet. They have that excellent Irish hospitality and local knowledge that often makes us English folks blush at the lack of knowledge about our own island’s history and lore.

Fourknocks - June 15 (5)

We chatted and introduced ourselves, before Regina took her drum inside and various visitors wandered in and out. All the while I was watching the movements of a cat which seemed to have made the site its home, despite the hustle and bustle. The cat was using the mound as a gigantic perch from which to watch all the movement and stay out of the action.

I began to work on the energies. I walked around the outside of the mound, gathering the energies behind me as I went, feeling for them and pulling them along in my “wake”. Soon I could feel that they had gained their own momentum, like swirling a bath full of water. At that point I hoisted myself up onto the mound. The cat had vanished like Macavity. From on top I could see David below, hanging around, In fact, he appeared to be rooted to the spot. I said to him, “Are you alright down there?” to which he responded “I feel like I’m stuck to this spot. There’s such a lot of energy moving around!

I laughed. From the top I began to draw in the energies from the surrounding hills. This was an action that I was learning to do since my experience on top of Moel Y Gaer above Bodfari in Wales. Once they were drawn in and connected then I was sure that the site had the energies I needed to work with – the local connections to place.

Fourknocks - June 15 (2)

Furry Fouknocks – The Site Stalker

As I came to stand by the entrance I hesitated. David had moved now, but he shot me a puzzled look. “I can’t go in until I have acknowledged the yellow flowers.” I stated. I didn’t know why, but I acknowledged the flowers, and their yellowness, and then I felt I was able to step inside. Just as everyone apart from Regina had left. How fortunate! We had the place to ourselves.

Fourknocks - June 15 (6)

Beautiful yellow wildflowers at Fourknocks.

Once inside I can see that Regina has positioned a solitary candle in the centre, and she has taken up residence in the smallest chamber. I dowse my way inside and find that I am taken to the same chamber as before to work – the largest chamber and the one that faces the entrance door.

Fourknocks - June 15 (4)

Greet the Faery Royalty

Inside we have a fabulous meditation. Regina is drumming gently and this adds to the sense of shutting out the other tourists. Happily they leave us be while we have 15 minutes of ritual and meditation. I get into the right state, and suddenly the drumming is helping me get deeper…

Fourknocks - June 15 (1)

During the ritual I feel the presence of the Faery King and Queen: Bel and Titania. There was a bit more to the meeting than just that, though! I found out how the two are “awoken” at different times of the year. I don’t yet know if this is something which could be incorporated into a ritual in order to actually rouse and greet them, but I reprint it here for anyone who works with these spirits.

Bel is woken by birdsong or a flute in Spring. The winds of the winter will wake Tania. As I say, I’m not sure if I am supposed to wake them myself, or whether this is some insight into a natural process, but it makes me want to get a flute! Both the whistling and the fluting are wind instruments, and the winds of the winter – they howl like the banshee!

Fourknocks - June 15 (3)

My final note on this event was “I wonder if this is an air sign’s way of greeting the Faery Royalty?“, but I wasn’t to know what would happen next. In my next post you will see how that becomes especially relevant to my coming work as I discover my next quest from Solstice to Lammas.


Four Knocks: Second Sight p9 Solstice 2015

Four Knocks is an amazing place. I am convinced that there is something TARDISy about it. From the outside a small mound. On the inside a huge chamber. Go figure! It was the summer solstice of 2015 although from a personal point of energetic view I felt it was more like the solstice yesterday (and we’ve mentioned that kind of phenomenon before).

David and Regina

David and Regina

However, the solstice it was and Chris and I were at four knocks for two reasons. To meet two very dear friends of mine David and Regina and of course to connect with this amazing place. Perfect!

I have to note here a turning of the spiral. Last December I had visited Egypt on a quest for Amber and a Fire element. On my last day there I had met Regina who was on her first day there. It was a remarkable synchronicity as I’d known Regina via Facebook for a while and yet not met her. However, my point of mentioning it was that whilst in Egypt I had loaned her my dowsing rods and told her that I would meet her in Ireland later that year to collect them. Our Ireland trip had only come about a few days ago so it was definitely worthy of note that those words spoken in Egypt had come true a mere 6 months later. David, who you see in the pic, has also a synchronistic tale behind him. Another day…

I’ve only been to four knocks once before and that was a memorable occasion because I had a deep connective conversation with Caileach. My first in fact although I suspect her hand in previous times too. If you read the previous post to this you’ll know of the momentous smashing of the spiral that occurred last evening at Tara.

Chris and I arrived before our friends and I decided to see if some kind of commune could be had. In fact I knew there was. I had felt it since last night. Preordained is an understatement. I didn’t need to prepare and was taken on top of the mound to an energy spiral just off the center. There I lay down and let myself open to impressions.

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral (source)

Immediately I was (mentally) taken into the mound. It was completely dark inside until the flame that is Caileach came into existence. The light grew into a rainbow of colours and there she was. She gestured at the ground I was stood on and, looking down, I saw a golden spiral there. I was stood in one of the arms of the spiral so that it swirled inwards behind me and outwards in front of me.

Often when communing with Caileach I find that she doesn’t so much communicate with words but with impressions. Not even thoughts. So it was now. I kind of knew that she wanted me to go to ground level (so to speak) and view the path of the spiral. I did so and looked back along it. I saw that it was my past. I had visions of recent events and then, as one would expect, further inwards the events were older. Fascinated, I turned the other way and looked along the growing arm of the spiral. Now that was even more interesting because I got echoes of the future that seemed familiar. Of course! The Oracle at Dowth!

I became of normal size and looked sideways at Caileach (avoiding her eyes) and the memory of the shattered spiral from last night came to mind. Was that what the spiral was? My past and Future? It was a question to myself. Nevertheless Caileach response was to vanish. Terrific!

Energy is aware!

I was about to rise up and out of the darkness when I noticed something sparkling in the spiral that was still on the ground. I did the same again and kind-of sunk into the ground so that my eyes were level with the ground and I could look along the spiral. Was it an event that had sparkled? No, it didn’t seem to be. What then? Even as I thought it I began to shrink. As if in answer to my question, some other part of me was taking me to it!

Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage

I shrunk and shrunk until I was microscopic. Although at first it felt like I was shrinking in size. As the process continued I had a sneeky feeling that more was going on. It wasn’t just size, it was something else too. The journey (voyage) slowed down and I could see the atoms of the earth or indeed the spiral. But it wasn’t atoms. It was the particles (if that is a word I can pinch from physics) that made up the energy of the spiral.

Absolutely fascinating! I love this kind of stuff I have to say, Back many years ago, I had done some study on the nature of energy itself and here I was coming full spiral and being drawn into the depths of energy. At that time, it was a clinical study, with questions such as, what is energy made of? What did it mean when I said “neutral” energy?

This time, it was a more, hmmm, energetic perspective? Words are not in existence to appropriately describe it. Still, I looked at these particles with the eye of (well, whatever kind of being I was in this state) and one truly startling thing emerged. It was aware! The particles of energy that made up the spiral, were aware. Not as a collective thing, but as individual bits!

It was like being in a human body and realising that the cells of the body are aware. More than being alive, actually consciously aware. Oh my God(dess), what the Zarquon did this mean? And why was I being shown it? I couldn’t answer either of those questions, in fact I didn’t really realise those questions at that instant. I was mesmerised by the sheer enormity of what I was experience. The spirals of life were consciously aware!


Summer 2015 – P4 – Tara Celebrations

Hill of Tara – County Louth, Ireland

It was still the first day of our visit, but we had checked into the B&B in order to get freshened up and prepared for an evening at The Hill of Tara. We were staying in Blackrock – quite a way out from the main attractions, but very reachable in our hire car. The travel gave us thinking and preparation time. Talking of preparation – before I left that evening I decided to do a tarot reading for the events that might happen.

In a bid to get one up on The Future I did some divination. Let’s call it preparation. I drew three tarot cards that would be my guidance for the events that were to come at Tara – one card for the Past, one for the Present and one for the Future:

Tarot for Saturday June 15

Past,present,future: Summer solstice tarot reading for Tara visit

A Quick Reading

At the time I didn’t know what to make of those cards. On the surface they seemed to suggest to me that Tara – the place where my ancestors may have met – was brought out in the Past card.  The Present card seemed to represent an aggressive attempt to capture something naturally difficult to deal with, and this was leading to frustration. I took this to be my strong desire to make spiritual progress and I wondered whether I was going to end up frustrated if nothing happened? Finally, the King Of Vessels seemed to indicate a Future where the emotional responses were under control. The tarot’s related question is “Where is tolerance needed?” That seemed to chime with the other cards. This is the year of patience.

Now it was time to bring the past, present and future together at the Hill of Tara.

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Tara: Caileach smashes the Spiral p8 Solstice 2015

I knew it was going to be big right from the outset. It’s like seeing the tornado on the horizon and knowing it’s heading your way. You can run but you can’t hide was actually a thought that sprang to mind a few days ago. So here I was, having just been dealt a hand by the Goddess Caileach I wondered what this “big” thing was going to be.

Although the Hill of Tara was well populated the church-yard was empty. Whether this was by design (of Caileach) or otherwise was unclear to me. Still it afforded me the chance to work in peace and solitude. I followed the rods to the road-side side of the church and they stopped by one of the walls. As is often the case, it was an innocuous place.

Knights at the Round Table

Knights at the Round Table

Asking whether there was any preparation needed the rods gave a firm no. Just Be, is the impression I got. So I did. The wind on this side of the church was non-existent and the sun light could not be seen since it was on the far side of the church. I slid down the wall and sat down on a small out-crop. My mind and thoughts faded as I closed my eyes…

I found myself in a noise filled jubilant hall. There was a round table in the center with knights sitting all around it. They looked up and seeing me, ushered me to one of the seats. As I sat and watched them, they regaled each other with tales of their adventures and quests. Soon I was also sharing my tales too. Travel, dragons, elves and quests galore were shared over wine and food. It was a vision that lasted for what seemed hours. But of course was only minutes in real-time.  It is odd that I didn’t notice a throne (pretty much like in the above picture) upon which sat a bemused goddess.

Again I have to interject…is it me seeing her like that or is it actually what she seems like – watch out for a post on such matters later on!

Had she just appeared or had she been all the while was another mystery to me. Also I might add, there was only one throne (unlike the above pic). She was watching me closely, but I had the sense that to each of the knights she appeared differently and that she also appeared to be watching them closely too. I was absolutely convinced that this was for our collective benefit as opposed to just for me. Not only that but another thought occurred to me.

Caileach the Alluring

Caileach the Alluring (source)

The knights in the room seemed to be from different time zones and indeed different races and cultures. Even as I write this a few days after the events, looking at my notes, I see that I have noted…

  • Chinese Samurai – it was funny because he seemed the most boisterous of the bunch
  • Viking
  • A European – Italian I think
  • There were 2 Arabs (one of whom was a very fetching lady)
  • There was a Lady of Albion – with a scar down her cheek

And more besides. The sense of kinship was amazing. I belonged! We continued our tales for a while longer and I occasionally glanced up at the queen on her throne and wondered when she would interject. Each time I glanced, she was watching me…unnerving!

Shattered Spiral

Shattered Spiral

Hours (it seemed) later the talk slowly came to a stop and a silence gently fell across the whole of the hall. We all stood up and Caileach, the resplendent goddess rose and came towards the table.

“Welcome knights all”

Her voice was both quiet and thunderous also – I felt that she was speaking across time and space – odd that because during the feasting I had wanted to ask where the knights were (from their vision point of view) but the question itself seemed to be wrapped in an SEP field. I felt that they were not only in different times but in different places too.

“Today will mark a change in your lives forever”

Hang on, I thought, “forever”? What did that mean? I looked around and saw that a few others were concerned with that wording but the majority seemed to be in a state of awe…which made me wonder…where they seeing Caileach like I was? Particularly the female knights. In a cryptic way that only Caileach can muster she continued…

“It begins and ends here!”

As she spoke she grew in size. Another Caileach feat! With one step she closed on the table and with a fist raised high she struck the table and it shattered. The noise was ear-splitting. Not only that but it was the first time I realised that the table was made out of glass and that it had a spiral carved into it. Not anymore, now there was a huge crack in it and like a windscreen shatter, it had scattered smaller cracks and shatter. Everyone in the hall, without exception were stunned.

“The spiral is broken!”

Caileach proclaimed as she returned to normal size.  I knew something of huge magnitude had occurred for us all. Even as I stepped away from the table and looked up at Caileach (who was staring at me) the sights and sounds faded and I was in the church yard, listening to sound of a multitude of crows screeching…Caileach…Caileach…Caileach…


Tara: Blessings, the Moon, Tarot and a Goddess p7 Solstice 2015

Blessings at Tara

The previous six posts will confirm that today had been an amazingly experiential day. So we arrived at Tara, where Chris and I both had appointments. Mine was with a Goddess named Caileach. A being that I had first encountered here at this very spot some years ago and who had since dogged my life. Most of the times in a good way and on a few occasions in a trickier way. I guess it’s her nature as far as I could understand her nature.

Blessings at Tara

Blessings at Tara

As I walked up to the mounds I wondered where to go and what to do. An intuitive thought came to me immediately. Just be. Really? Sounds a bit boring, but having learned patience I took it on board and followed Chris across the hill as he began his work.

After several minutes, I felt his energy shift and knew that I would be in the way so I wandered away…aimless it seemed…then my aim took a target and I began to walk towards the western embankment, towards the setting sun. As I continued my walk along the embankment, I saw a tree covered in blessings. I was tempted for a moment to add my own, but resisted…not here. So I continued on to another and then a third. The third (hmmm three’s) had the most blessings of all and this one I felt was the one I had to add mine too. Which I did.

Sun and the Moon

After a simple and quick blessing ceremony, I was heading back towards the central mound again. It took a while as the rods were making huge sweeping movements on the way. Eventually though I found myself over by the standing stone and looking off to the south-west. As I lay there looking out at basically nothing, I wondered why the rods hadn’t placed me facing the sun. That would have been a cool vista. But no, here I was looking out onto the fields.

Tara and the Sun

Tara and the Sun

As I relaxed, lying down on the grass, the goddess appeared on the horizon. I’ve never seen her in this shape before. She was a giant eagle that eclipsed the horizon and with an amazing speed she flew at me. But as she got closer she shrunk and transformed into a crow. I’m sure I checked my hallucinogenic at the airport.

Caileach did this back and to thing a few times, Giant eagle, small crow and then just as she flew into the horizon again, I saw it. A sliver of the moon, directly facing me. Had it always been there or had Caileach made it appear. Okay, that thought made me feel queasy. But the moon was definitely there, perhaps in its first quarter. Also as soon as my attention focused on the Moon, Caileach disappeared. I knew thought that this was only the beginning of the evenings adventure.

Caileach deals the Cards

I watched the moon, pretty sure that most people, focusing on the sun were oblivious to it. Later on I had to point it out to Chris too, who is a moon aligned person! Caileach is an odd being as far as my experience goes. She shifts shape at the drop of a hat and her input into my life is as cryptic as anything, but I have to say, leads to adventures galore.

As I lay there and the cold gathered in around me she appeared in her huge form. This time, in her absolute stunning visage. And to my surprise began dealing these huge sky high tarot cards…

Caileach Deals the Tarot

Caileach Deals the Tarot

For several moments, the Magician, the World and the Fool all lay on the grass before me. What did it mean? I asked myself and the Goddess. To which she responded with another three cards…

Tarot by Caileach

Tarot by Caileach

No words, no indications about what they meant. Almost as if she was saying you should know by now! And then she was gone…a crow flying over to the church. I made a mental note of the cards and got up to follow her.

Summer 2015 – P3 – A Sting at Dowth

This is a short post. It’s also a sad post (for me) and a humorous post (for you). It concerns an object lesson in following one’s intuition.

We were in Ireland and were visiting the Boyne Valley sites again. We had bought tickets for both Knowth and Newgrange, but as we left Knowth Kal wanted to go directly to Dowth. He reckoned that there was nothing there for him at Newgrange, and although I actually did want to go, my brain kicked in and added several reasonable reasons not to visit: it would be busy, we would have to get the hot stuffy bus back and wait for another one going back out, Dowth was just a lovely walk down the road.

Dowth - June 15 (2)

We went to Dowth. It was a lovely walk, but as we approached I had mixed emotions. My thwarted intuition was giving out warning signs, but my rational ego-driven mind was tweeting to all and sundry that I was about to enter one of the most interesting and energetic site sin the area. I don’t know if I was trying to convince myself or what, but as soon as I approached the site I knew I had made the wrong decision.

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Stalking or Tethering p6 Solstice 2015


If you pop over to Chris’s post you will learn that he had gained an interesting insight into my, what I am now going to call, Magician Quest. Although it might be good to have it under the banner of ancestral quest too. As I learned, it was about this ancient magician, who was in my ancestral line, summoning up the energies (spirit?) of dragons from Albion to use to tame the Djinn in an effort to gain an artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. Talk about a mouthful of Arabian Nights!

What Chris had learned was that should I embark on this quest then I would be tempted to call on Dragon Energies myself. To avoid that scenario he had learned that I had to tether the dragons here, in Albion. I have to confess, had the need arose I would have done it, call the dragons I mean. Probably to my detriment at some point. But tethering them, didn’t seem in my style either.

We had walked from Knowth to Dowth discussing this dilemma of temptation, with no resolution coming to hand. Upon reaching Dowth and communing with the spirits therein, I had had the experience of future seeing (see last post). But as I mentioned there, the Oracle had not finished…

Genius Loci of Dowth

Genius Loci of Dowth

The Genius of the Loci

The oracle had just placed a finger on my lips thereby sealing off the knowledge of the future. Why show it me? Also, I might add, sealing off the hundred questions I had too! But she wasn’t done. There in the envisioned halls beneath Dowth she took my hand and led me deeper into (the) space. Although where I had been was dark, as she led me deeper, it got brighter. Until I was facing a brilliant sparkling lightning. It was the Genius Loci of Dowth. I’ve never really seen one in the flesh so to speak. But here, in this dark place, it was dazzlingly bright.

Now before I continue, I have the same question that you might have…why? why do the beings we meet tell us things about ourselves, about what we should do, about the answers we seek? It’s almost like a computer game isn’t it? We come here and collect a piece of the puzzle then we go on to the next place and collect the next. Almost always personal. Why do these beings know what they know and why do the tell us such. Almost as if they are sat waiting for us to arrive so they can impart the next piece. Why? Why? Why? It is a question that troubles me on occasion. And here again it caught up with me. Why had the Oracle shown me what it did? Why was this bright spirit before me going to do the same? It is a truly healthy question to ask and I will explore it specifically in a post later. But for now, you and me, we’re thinking the same things.

I kind of bowed to the Genius and expressed my awe at its appearance. After all, it was something I had never seen before (the image is the best I could find). As with the Oracle, the Genius seemed in a hurry. Why? Nevermind. Again (see above rant) the Genius knew what was in my mind and answered a question…

Yes there is another way. You won’t have to tether the dragons…if…if…you learn stalking.

My thoughts vanished from this time and were back some 25 years ago…Chris and I had been fascinated by the work of Carlos Castaneda and hist Shaman apprenticeship. One of the Arts he had been taught was the Art of Stalking. Ideas and memories from those books returned to me. Hmmm…Stalking. Not an easy thing to learn. It would be easier by far to figure a way to the tether the dragons. But stalking…

I was lost in thought before the Genius, but it didn’t seem to mind and in fact had nothing more to impart. Why!!!??!!!

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