Direction from the River Dee

Needs must when you realise that you’ve forgotten something important and you’re not in the ‘right place’. Through a series of unfortunate events I had come to realise that I was not on “the path” – I wasn’t following my correct course of action in accordance with my spiritual direction. I knew this because I had succumbed to a cold that my wife had been sporting for a few weeks. As she got better I caught the offending cold. Now usually I simply breeze past such things with nary a glance, but this one had my full attention. It was all so unnecessary and I didn’t even feel like I had a proper illness – it was merely a ‘reminder’ that I was off course.

Several other happenings substantiated this condition of malaise, of dis-jointedness. They all culminated in my being offered an interview for a job. I have recently gone independent, as you know (see I wasn’t really wanting to be put straight back where I had just escaped from, but this job was a shoe-in – a complete match for what I had been doing, and with the added attraction of working for a small company in the local area. Dammit – when temptation comes it comes in the form you most admire! I needed help to make a decision – back to where I was or continue on my new course?

In addition I had forgotten to ask for what my quest was for the time between Samhain and Winter Solstice! How could that have happened? Well, because I was seriously “off course”, that’s why! I needed to get back on, and quickly! Hence, with the restrictions I had on time and distance I opted for the nearest large water course – the River Dee. For some reason I felt I needed water. Water would help me decide.

The Cold Harsh Reality

River Dee - Nov 14 (1) (Medium)

The River Dee on a cold day

With some to-ing and fro-ing in Kal’s car we made it to the bank of the River Dee. At this point the river has been cultivated to run straight. The area is called Deeside, and soon the river runs out into the estuary to mingle with The Irish Sea. It felt industrial and unwelcoming, yet there was a certain power emitted from the expanse of water which made me sure it could help me. I considered my questions and prepared for my encounter with the spirit of the River Dee.

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Irresistable Full Moon at the Edge

It was the full moon last night and frankly, it was irresistible. I had to go out and gather in its energy. The wood of the wizards at Alderley Edge seemed to be inviting me so I set off to the sounds and flashes of Fireworks. England was celebrating Guy Fawkes night. As is is usual for this night, the air had a soft haze to it, no doubt from the many fires that were lit across the country.

About an hour and some minutes later I parked up by the wood and grabbed my satchel of tools. I didn’t feel like venturing in too deep as I have the habit of getting lost in this wood. So I let the rods decide where it is that I should go. After a few minutes walk I realised that they were taking me to a place where I had connected with the depths of the Earth and so they did.

Fortunately, here in the woods there was no mist and I could see the beautiful moon in between the branches of the trees. It was quite low on the horizon. Feeling the need to light some incense, I did and placed the three sticks around me as I prepared to connect with the Earth. Or so I thought…

I settled into a comfortable place and opened my mind to what I thought was going to be a journey into the depths of the Earth. Instead I had a vision of a fallen tree. In fact it wasn’t just ‘a fallen tree’ it was the fallen tree that used to be in this wood a few years ago but had now rotted away and had been removed.

Place where I was named

Place where I was named

I recalled how Chris and I used to always begin our walk in these woods with a visit to that tree. I had fond memories of it as it was the place we had deeply explored energetically. Here it was in my vision. What did it mean? Was I to visit the place it used to be? No, was the feeling I got to that question. I wondered about any other significance. I recalled that it was the place where I had been named…

  • Magician who creates his own worlds

Now, that was a long time ago…well, about 6 years ago. Was that why I was shown this vision. There was a definite Yes feel to that so I continued to probe this vision. Why did I need to recall that? Was it relevant to me? To each of these the response came back, Yes. Did I need to create my own world? No, that wasn’t it. Had I created my own world? Yes. That definitely got a good feeling for it. But so what? It wasn’t “world” it was “worlds”. Had I created my own worlds? Yes.

It was then that my intuition finally kicked into gear. Did I need to shift into another world that I had created? Yes. But how do I know which one? Or indeed how do I do it? Alas there was no answers forthcoming. All I had was that I had created a world (or more than one) and that I needed to shift into it. Why? Which? How?

I thought I was done and rather un-impressed. I began walking back towards the road and the car. I didn’t even feel like a gratitude ceremony. As I walked back I kicked the occasional fallen twig. And then another memory flooded into my mind.

…this is where it all began…the wand quest…it was here in Alderley Edge, the Wizards wood that I had first picked up a small branch and had been told to create a wand…oh so many years ago…

It was that world that I had to move into. I was sure of it. That world had been left on the outskirts of possibility, now Caileach had commanded that the wand be made. But to do that I had to shift into another world. A world I had created all them years ago. When the Wand Maker quest had been revealed. Holy Moses!

I spent a few minutes confirming that this is what the vision had meant. Yes, yes and yes. Now I knew, why and which. But not the how. Was that going to be revealed on this trip? No. Now I felt that gratitude was to be served up so I presented a gift of burning incense to the night and the wood and left.

Kal Malik – changing worlds.




Samhain at the Summit – Part 2 of 2

In this final part of the story of my ascent of Kilimanjaro we pick up the story as I am standing looking at the most beautiful sunrise that I have ever witnessed, The deep clear colours are something that I can’t do justice to in words or in the photos that we all took. You had to be there to appreciate the beauty, especially as that beauty was allied with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of climbing at altitude through the cold darkness of the early hours. To be greeted by such pure colour was astonishing, but then I had another dimension to add to that equation – The Kilimanjaro Dragon.

Kili Samhain 14 (27)


At Gilman’s Point the temperature began to climb very slowly, but our guides soon moved us on. It was still cold, and sitting still at this altitude – some 5685 metres – was not an option for long. A tough decision was made. Though I was very tired I would struggle on to the summit. You can’t come 95% of the way and then not get to the end. Well, that’s how the reasoning went in my head at that moment. All moments are emotional up at that height. Tears are never far from your eyes. Must be the cold wind, right?

As we walked along the crater rim I realised I was walking the spine of the dragon. Sure enough, the terrain began to match the image. The scales of the dragon went up and down, in and out. Sometimes the path was safe, and at other moments you were facing a long drop into a massive crater below. The distances down were vast and almost incomprehensible, and now that the sun was up the perspective was added to the fear factor. Up and down, on the edge, feeling exhausted and occasionally scared. Tip-toe-ing along the dragon’s spine, trying not to wake a beast from slumber.

Next waypoint was reaching Stella Point. This is a point where two paths meet, but more importantly from my perspective it signified the start of the neck of the dragon. This was the hardest part – very steep and difficult to breathe.  Each step felt like a Herculean task.I was now exhausted, and one of the guides spotted that I was struggling. He offered to carry my pack, but I refused. Either I was going to make it on my terms or the dragon would end up laughing at me. This was my battle with the dragon. I was St George today, and I was going to succeed. The wonderful guide set a pace for me, and I continued with my laborious task. One more step. Just one more. Now another.

Ururu in sight

At the top of the ridge you are climbing along the neck looking for the head of the dragon. Suddenly there is a sign and you know you have arrived! The emotional outpouring, the release, the sense of overcoming adversity if immense – like nothing I have ever experienced. Head to toe emotion. Many tears.

Kili Samhain 14 (32) (Medium)

Small Rewards

At that moment there was no head space, breathing space, or spare time to converse with the dragon. I try to tune in briefly and feel a grudging feeling of respect from this immense Spirit of Place, but I am very quickly forgotten and ignored again. The summit is its own reward if you are a human, Don’t expect anything from the dragon. We are all too small.

The path down is faster, but still very tough. At that altitude every movement is difficult, and it wasn’t until we all got past Gilman’s Point that we began to feel better. We could descend at speed, sliding down the slope’s scree that had seemed so difficult only a few hours before. Now we practically skied down, and in the heat of the mid morning this felt like a huge relief.

On the way down the path from the highest huts to the middle set of huts, after having one hour’s sleep, I thought that perhaps I was dreaming. I saw a cloud over Kili that looked like a dragon. When I turned around a second time a few minutes later the cloud had moved to the other peak – Mawenzi. This time I had the presence of mind to get it photographed as the dragon’s head slowly morphed into the shape of Kilimanjaro itself. It was an astonishing moment!

Kilimanjaro 2014 (21)

The Dragon of Kilimanjaro rises firstly above Kili, then over its neighbour Mawenzi.

Clearly, the dragon spirit of Kilimanjaro was present and communicating with me on this journey. I’ll never forget it,


A sacred life defined part 02

Two weeks had passed since my visit to the Ancient Yew and the advice of “…there is no chasm” which is not something you can pay the rent with is it! The cartoon image was looking quite foretelling now. I was walking into town ready to transfer my remaining few £’s into my current account. It would pay the bills for about a week and then I would be breathing fumes as they say.

It was terrifying. Over the last two weeks my resolve collapsed occasionally and I would frantically hunt the job pages and websites for work. Fire off the odd CV and application. All done to the soft intonation of “…there is no chasm” Chris was awestruck at my ability to trust and frankly so was I. But it was as I said to him. This is where the rubber was meeting the road and if I quit now, what then does all of this mean?

Reckless isn’t the word I would use. Foolish, stupid, idiotic, insane are much more apt words that I would use to describe my behaviour and indeed all my friends and family, save trusty ol’ Chris, used to describe my behaviour.

But I was ready to be damned for the path I had chosen. So, as I said, I was going into town to transfer the last of my meager savings into my active account. In moments of self-pity I felt the pangs of a lost soul “…there is no chasm” It felt like a useless affirmation.

Flash back to two days ago

crystal elixirI was in my rooms and considering whether there was anything energetic that I could do to help my situation. I know, I know, all that balderdash about not doing magic for self-gain? Seriously, you still believe that charmed nonsense? Not me, I’ve been doing magic as described herein for the last 10 years or so and it has always been beneficial although completely unexpectedly.

As I said, I was pondering energetic assistance and grabbed my rods to see whether such a path was (a) advisable and (b) feasible. The answer to both of these questions was yes. I wasn’t expecting that.

I have of course many tools in box so I spent several minutes dowsing to see which ones were appropriate. I asked the dowsing rods whether any crystals were involved? The answer was Yes and One. I dowsed to find which one and it ended up being a Heart shaped Rose Quartz. I asked what else was involved and was taken around my room until I stopped at a bottle of mineral water. Really!?

Finally there was one other item that made the process clear. The last piece of the puzzle that the rods took me to was a glass. It was immediately clear that I should make a rose quartz elixir and I was to drink it. But come on, seriously? This was going to help me with my financial issues? What had I to lose, right?

I created the elixir and determined that no intention or indeed anything else was required. So I drank it up, refilled the glass to use up all the water and drank it up again. It seemed that this was all that was needed.

Back to the Future

So that was two days ago, let’s jump to today again. As I mentioned above I was transferring the last vestiges of my savings to my current account. I was stood in the queue at the bank when I got a phone call. It was a client of old that wanted to rehire me. Of course I agreed immediately. It was a life line. Then, literally minutes later, another potential client who I had given up hope on, dropped me an email and agreed to take my services on.

It was utterly a shock that in a period of two days, the magic had brought fruition. But that was not the end of it. When I came up, frankly in a daze, I noted an envelope beneath the glass I had used two days ago. I wondered what was in it. It turned out to be some old papers from a trip to the USA. Also in the envelope was a pre-pay travellers credit card. I was about to bin it when I thought, maybe there was a dollar or two left on it. The next day I took it into the bank and to my surprise it had over a thousand dollars on it. I had completely forgotten. But a thought occurred to me…had the rods took me to the glass or the envelope?

And there is more…that evening, I was shopping and decided to check a lottery ticket that I had bought a while ago. Now let me say that over the years I’ve bought a ticket on occasion, however, to this day I have never won so much as a pound. So, when the lady informed me that I had won £25 it was a complete surprise.

To conclude, in literally 2 days since I performed that bit of magic I was solvent again. Now I am not saying that this would work for you. But I have reported here the truth of the matter.

Samhain at the Summit – Part 1 of 2

You may rightfully ask “Where the hell have you been?” A distinct lack of posts from me for a while. The response to such a question would be that I have been out of the country for a while. I spent Samhain in Africa, climbing the largest free-standing mountain in the world – Kilimanjaro. Did that prevent me from having a spiritual experience? Of course not! Here is one small part of that story.

Kili Samhain 14 (24) (Medium)

The summit of Kilimanjaro in the distance

When we reached the second set of huts called Horombo we had an ‘acclimatization’ day. This was a chance for us to relax a bit after two days of lengthy walking in thinning air. I decided to conduct a group meditation session half way up the mountain, and by chance we found that there was a tranquil place next to a stream just seconds away from the huts we had been staying in the for the last day, but which no-one had noticed until now.

Everyone seemed to come away from the session feeling much more relaxed, yet focused on the objective, and connected to the mountain.

Kili Samhain 14 (49) (Medium)

A cheeky meditation session at altitude

The Power of Kili

Using the meditative state I tried to connect to the Spirit of Place for Kilimanjaro mountain. It took a while to get myself into the right vibration, and then my attention was swept up to the white peak that I could only see in the distance at this point. I felt a deep and powerful stirring in the mountain, and suddenly something emerged through my connection.

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Samhain 2014: What about the Tarot?

Notice proximity to water and heights

another journey begins

Okay, in all the excitement of my Samhain outing, I completely forgot that I had taken my Tarot cards with me until I took them out of my pouch at home. With some shock at my lack of presence I quickly grabbed the rods and asked whether I could still do some work with them? Fortunately the answer was Yes. A quick check told me that if I had waited another day then the answer would have been No. Phew!

I asked how many cards needed to be drawn. One! Just one? I was disappointed. How can you get much information from just one card? Nevertheless, I decided to split the cards in a binary fashion and eventually got to about 8 cards, at which point I asked. Is it card…1, 2, 3 etc until I got to one card.

With a good dose of curiosity I turned the card over, it was the Fool. I had to laugh as given the content of my vision earlier that day (see here) I wasn’t surprised at all. and of course the resounding cry goes out, doesn’t it? Come on, say it…Coincidence!

Kal Malik – playing the fool once again!

Samhain, Nine Ladies, Fay, Goddess and a Wand

Nine Ladies

Nine Ladies

It began with me dowsing for what needed to be taken on an outing. My destination was the Nine Ladies sacred site in Derbyshire. It has to be said that it draws both Chris and I every samhain. This time however it was to be a lone trip as Chris was leaping up the slopes of Kilimanjaro. My dowsing created an unusual bundle of items.

  • Tarot cards (their first outing)
  • Candles (with glass case – for wind resistance)
  • Incense
  • A heart-shaped quartz crystal
  • Gold coin (which was imbued with heart opening energy in Carnac by The Fay)

An impressive list, usually it is just incense. Still with this kit in tow, I set off for the fabled Nine Ladies. Even with the days drawing to a close, I arrived in the daylight. Which is another rarity for this site as we are often here in the dark. Another fortune that was bestowed on me was a beautiful day. I suppose the fact that it was daylight and a weekday that gave me the site to myself. Afterall it was All Hallows Eve. Within moments, I got to preparing the items that I had brought with me.

All, with the directions of the Rods. I used 4 stones on the left of the circle (viewed from the Oak). On one the Cards were placed, on another the candle and incense and on a third the Rose Quartz and finally the Gold coin was on the transformer stone.

I noted with interest that the coin had to be placed on the transformer stone by the way. So with the tools laid out. I was directed to stand inside the circle and facing the gold coin. I let my senses drift and was immediately filled with music. It was a strange awry sound, almost as if the instruments that were playing were out of tune.

  • It isn’t that they are out of tune, it is your ears

Ah…that old and rather beautiful crone, Caileach had appeared behind my left ear. It is interesting that I think back on it now. She always appeared to my left, just behind my ear. Is that significant? What do you mean I asked.

  • The sound is attuned for Fay ears, look…
nine fay dancing

nine fay dancing

I looked around and my normal vision was overlayed with sight of the unseen. From each of the stones a faerie was pulling itself out. I was captivated by the shapes of being that were appearing. Of course there were nine of them. However when I turned to the stone in front of me I saw something more. Light from the sun was reflecting off the Gold Coin, almost as if it was pouring energy into the coin.

  • Out of the stone into the sun

Caileach whispered, almost in awe. Her tone was so surprising that I turned to look directly at her. A mistake that I don’t make too often these days, because as soon as I did I was captivated by her eyes. Nothing save her eyes existed and for a few moments, I realised my mistake. She let me lose myself in that vision for many minutes and I suspect that she was rebuking me for my mistake. Then she let me go and I took a step back.

The music that had faded into the background returned as the Fay danced a slow and jittering dance across the sacred site. I wondered about it and was given an answer immediately…

  • It isn’t them, it is your sight that is not attuned…

I was kind of getting the picture. Was there any purpose to this I asked and was shocked to my core with the roaring laugh that came from the Goddess.

  • Yes, yes and thrice yes

The “thrice” is probably my poetic licence. But I have to say, that laugh, you don’t want to hear Caileach laugh, I am telling you. Talk about passionate sex and finger nails screeching on a blackboard…yes, that was what it felt like.

Caileach waved an arm and the dancing Fay all danced into line. They were carrying something in their hands and as they approached me they all held up their hand until they were bunched together. From their hands a sparkling light was rose a few feet into the air and came together in front of me…it was a wand. Caileach nodded as understanding dawned. It didn’t need to be said, but she did anyway…for effect I guess…

  • Next year, you create THE wand…

It was guidance wrapped into a command. Everything faded, the fay, the light to the sun from the coin, even Caileach. I knew my visit to this sacred place was done and man, what a destination it had set up.



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A 360 panaorama view from Uhuru peak on top of Kilimanjaro mountain.
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