Protection – The Sword and The Stone

It’s not every day that you get trained in exorcism. Not that I felt I needed that much training. I have recounted some (but by no means all) of the stories of encounters that I have had with both the more troublesome and ill-intentioned spirits that inhabit the subtle and invisible realms. Regular readers and clients will testify to that.

Nevertheless, I was “accompanying a minor”. My wife, M, is learning about energy healing and as a off-shoot, an adjunct and a bolt-on to the course two experienced practitioners, Dan Khan and Mimi McNally, were offering a day’s tuition on Entities, Exorcism and Energetic Protection. It would take place under the banner of The Lightning Path at the Regent’s Park University in London too – a beautiful building next to the park itself. Sold.


Compare and Contrast

I have also recently developed on the same subject, but with a different focus. My course is designed to offer some very practical methods to deal with such issues. There is time in my course to learn, practise and develop techniques over a number of weeks. The Lightning Path course was different – it was a one-day crash course that touched every topic it could in as much depth as possible in the time available.

I have to say – they did an incredible job considering the restrictions! Clearly competent teachers whose approaches blended perfectly, they guided us through gently, carefully, but at breakneck speed into the world of ” unknown intentions“. Their emphasis was mainly on how malevolence, frustration and deceit could be transformed through an energetic shift from dark to light, dense to dispersed, and low to high vibration.

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Beltane 2015 – Three Points of Ancestral Connection

This is the last of my Beltane 2015 posts. I had intended it to be the central point of the ripple effect – the smallest circle, the tiniest of posts. In fact, it is longer than I anticipated, only because it is actually the very centre of everything I’ve been working with since 2011. In this respect, it shows how sometimes our work has long cycles until they resolve themselves, but also that the smallest insignificant episode can often result in profound implications for your spiritual path. Let me explain!

The Returning Circle – Vale Crucis Abbey in Llangollen

For me Vale Crucis will always now be a local reflection of a similar Cistercian abbey in the Irish town of Boyle. Boyle, in the Irish county of Roscommon, is the centre of an area in which my ancestors used to roam (and some still do). When I visited the area a few years ago I had an amazing series of encounters culminating in an energetic battle with one particular ancestor who then became one of my spiritual protectors. I earned the right to inherit the family name that day, and all of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom that came with that inheritance.

Vale Crucis Abbey - Beltane - May 15 (2)

The leaning tower of Vale Crucis – alright, maybe it was me leaning

So, when I step into Vale Crucis it is like being in Ireland, back in my ancestral homeland, and having access to all that information and support. On this Beltane day, having visited many other sites, this was the southern culmination point. For me, I was just here to connect with my ancestors, as I had before. Yet, something much more profound was about to happen.

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Beltane 2015 – The Heart of the Merlin Staff

In the second (and slightly shorter) of the Beltane stories I am following a different ‘ripple’ from the initial ‘splash’ that was recounted previously. In this second part I am concentrating on the nature of a new quest that will run from Beltane to Summer Solstice.

I already knew that the previous quest – Become The Giant – had concluded in Anglesey at Lligwy Chamber (see post). Now I was keen to see what was next in store for my spiritual development. As we were close to Bodfari, on the old Pilgrim Trail from North to Mid-Wales, it seemed fitting to try to get access to a cave that we had previously only seen from a distance: St.Beuno’s Cave.

These days we are older, wiser and bolder. What would have put us off previously was no longer an obstacle, and as we descended into the valley, following a restricted path, we arrived at a house that must surely govern the access to the cave, we thought. I strode up to the door and made our presence known. It was “an inconvenient time” for obtaining the key to the cave itself, but we were allowed to walk up to the entrance. That, the dowsing rods indicated, would be enough for our purposes.

Beunos Well and Cave - Beltane - May 2015 (9)

Beuno’s Cave – did he carve it out himself?

Beuno’s Cave entrance

Having permission to enter we walked carefully up the valley on the “right” side of the fence, avoiding treading on the newly-sown wild flowers, as we had been warned. The cave was up a steep side of the valley commanding wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

We found that we both dowsed the exact same spot as the most energetic place for us to be. Sitting in a small hollow with a shallow shelf upon which to sit, we prepared for a meditation session. Silently, with only the soundtrack of the burgeoning Summer surrounding us, we drifted into connection with Nature.

In this sensitive state I began to ask my key question: what was my new quest for Beltane to Summer Solstice?

Beunos Well and Cave - Beltane - May 2015 (7)

The View toward Bodfari from Beuno’s Cave entrance

The answer took a few silent minutes to weave itself into a song that spoke inside my head:

Find the essence of Merlin’s staff

Merlin’s Staff? Was this referring to the oak staff that I had obtained from Sherwood Forest recently and which I was seasoning in the sunshine in order to dry it out in preparation for carving? Indeed it was. So the new oak staff is Merlin’s staff? Interesting, but not surprising.

My final question was an attempt to get more information about how such information could be obtained. How could I find the essence of the staff? An image revealed itself to me, and again once I saw it then it was obvious – I was to use the new crystal orb that I had recently bought from a highly aware lady at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair in Bury. I needed to scry with the orb to get the information. When I chose the orb the lady had told me that it was made of “Merlinite“. Sold!

“Merlinite is a potent catalyst for shamanic journeying and past-life recall.” says Crystalpedia.

I’m sure that buying such a stone is just a coincidence at this time. I’m sure the fact that it was made of something called Merlinite was also another curious yet meaningless coincidence. A cascade of coincidences.

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Beltane 2015 – Reparations and the Four Stone Circle

We begin this year’s Beltane celebrations with a set of tales that are like ripples in life’s pond. They form concentric circles within each other, being made of the same substance, and affecting each other. So, I start my set of stories with the largest of the ripples – a ripple going back through time to loop around to the very beginning of our questing.

This first story is the longest, and the rest get progressively shorter. Strap yourselves in!

Beltane Bashing Background

Long ago, when we were young and the world seemed idealistic, we had a notion that we could create a stone circle. Surely, all that would be required is for us to gather some stones together, maybe put them on a hill, enchant them, and then we would be Circle Makers? That, dear readers, is what we did many years ago.

The action was full of difficulty – which should have been our clue, but we were less aware in those days. We hauled some rocks around up a steep hill in Wales on a hot day which then turned cold on us. The rocks cracked as we attempted to “tap” them into place in our makeshift circle. The energetic imprint we created has ever more been a source of slight guilt for us, as we came to learn more about what we were doing. We always said that one day we would return and right our wrong. This was that day.

The way this story works out is astonishing. My intention was to start the afternoon at St.Winifrede’s Well in Holywell. It was the head of an old pilgrim route from the North coast down into the heart of eastern Wales. My idea was to start with a cleansing, and then move on to somewhere that we could energise, and finally end up at Moel Y Gaer above Bodfari where we could harmonize our work, right our wrong, and find out what was next on our quest. Three simple steps, if somewhat vaguely defined.

Three simple steps that were immediately shifted away from MY plans, and instead worked themselves out in a completely different and most magickal way.

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The Axis of Time

This is a post related to the quest “Become The Giant” that I was given at Spring Equinox.

As the weather was fantastic for April, and Kal was eager to go out, I was easily persuaded to venture forth into Wales. Having no destination I suggested Gop Hill. Within half an hour (through heavy commuter traffic) we were zooming down the A55 towards the special hill.

Then, out of the blue, I thought we’d gone past the junction. We’d been chatting and it suddenly occurred to me that I had already gone wrong. Kal suggested a new destination: what about Bryn Celli Ddu on Anglesey? We had time, petrol and inclination. Let’s go!

As we approached the Jubilee Bridge over the Menai Straits I got a different feeling – I should visit Lligwy Chamber – the one part of the “Follow The Bear” (a Great Bear Landscape Zodiac quest) that I hadn’t managed to visit this year. Now was the time, I felt. And for some reason, I knew that the two quests would come together in that location – one to be fulfilled, the other to be expanded.


The Chamber of Secrets – Lligwy on Anglesey

Feeling The Movement of the Universe

I was shown a cleansing place – one of the lumps of stone outside of the iron-clad fencing around the huge cap-stoned chamber itself. I used the dowsing rods to find the correct alignment for myself – which direction to face whilst cleansing. The detritus of the modern world sloughed off me like a snake’s skin shedding.

Next I was shown to stand on another of the lumpy stones. This time I felt inclined to discover the whereabouts of the Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major). It was directly above me! Perfect, I felt. I closed my eyes and felt something that I have never felt before. I felt that inside my head was a three-dimensional representation of the panorama of stars and galaxies. I could see and feel the gently rotation of the Earth in relation to the backdrop of other energy sources – the stars, moons, planets, asteroids – the whole constellational tapestry, sliding… shifting… swirling.

I nearly fell off the stone several times! With my eyes open the movement became the usual imperceptible shift, but once my eyes closed while standing on this stone then I felt the Universe’s subtle movement in three glorious dimensions.

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Immortality and Mad Jacks Tomb

I often feel that people put too much emphasis on ley lines. These invisible subtle energy pathways seem to hold an endless fascination with some people. For me, the more interesting energies are their constituent energies – the male and female earth and celestial energies that ley lines transport from point to point in the landscape.

Nevertheless, on a sunny Spring evening, just as the sun was beginning to set, I found myself at one of Sussex’s most odd structures called Mad Jack Fuller’s Tomb – an over-sized pyramid tomb in the very small village of Brightling. I was therefore quite surprised to discover that the most interesting thing about this structure was its ley line connection, and how that connected with the idea of immortality.

Mad Jack Fullers Tomb - April 2015 (6)

Mad Jack’s Tomb: Over-inflated ego construction actually serves a special purpose

The tomb is in the grounds of a beautiful church building – again slightly larger than one would expect for a tiny village. Squire Fuller seems to have invested quite a bit of money in this area!

Feeding a ley line

I began my dowsing work. I had very soon identified four strong spots where earth energy was rising to the surface of the earth in a strong vortex. There were two male energy spots and two female ones. They seemed to be balanced and positioned on either side of the tomb.

When I traced the flow of these energies they were being drawn from the central vortex where they emerged and then were being attracted into the side of the pyramid. The pyramid shape was key to this. It’s flat sides meant that it was perfectly aligned with a ley line. It was sitting right in the middle of the line. The point on the top was acting as a focal point for the celestial energies coming in from the top. The pyramid was therefore a balance of earthly and celestial forms of energy which were being directed into the stone structure. But why?

Mad Jack's energy map

The subtle energies around Mad Jack’s Tomb

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Testing the Universe part 2 of 2

In the previous post (testing the universe part 1) you saw me leaving the Ancient Yew tree at 4am in the morning, heading into a day that it had promised, I would get a lesson and an opportunity.

Well, it is still that same day and only a few hours later I was at work and feeling both annoyed and puzzled. As it happens I was helping a friend with a website. I had fixed what he wanted me to fix but the fix had left a small defect in the way that the site was looking. I had been trying to fix this (it shouldn’t be there) bug for twenty minutes and was at a loss as to what to do next.



I took a deep breath and decided to step back from the situation for a moment. My focus drifted away from the problem and to the music that was playing in th background…You know how sometimes your eyes glaze over and you are not seeing what you are looking at? That kind of zoning out occurred for me and I was lost in time and space. My thoughts drifted to the mornings experience at the Yew. When would the lesson come? Would I recognise it? Was the lesson itself the sign? For a few moments I was not in this world. Then when I returned I looked again at the offending issue on my screen. I looked closer and closer. And with one of them dreaded self-deprecating moments I realised…I reached out with my hand and rubbed at the screen. The mark, which I had assumed was on the website was actually a fleck of dirt on my computer screen.


That whole fifteen minute or so experience wrapped itself into a box and presented itself to my thoughts. That’s how I saw it straight away. It was the lesson. Without question. I had seen a sign, I had tried to deal with it, I stood back from it and I came back, saw it again and…tested it. It wasn’t the universe I was testing, or as the Yew had said, not directly. I was testing my view of the sign.

I know, it might not make sense here, as I write it, but I’m telling you an epiphany of some magnitude had occurred. It wasn’t about not trusting the universe or yourself, it was about testing the process between the two.

Are you seeing the sign for what it is?

Test your perception was what the Yew was saying. How could I do this? What can I draw from the lesson that would answer that? I pondered the lesson and my considerations from earlier that morning. Without taking you through a blow-by-blow account the conclusion I reached was this.

You have to stop the world, become still, get as close to becoming the observer rather than the interacter. So you can see imperceptible movements, movements that are as little to do with you as possible. Then have patience and wait. See what happens. The universe will continue on its way and you will get a glimpse into its working.

A question that got asked is why was I so concerned with signs anyway and the potential misinterpreting of them? I realised it was because I thought that time might be wasted if I missed them or get them wrong and indeed I might follow an erroneous sign to a bad end.

What I learned was that the secret was in slowness and inaction. Does that sound like a definition of patience to you? You’re damned right it does.

And the tale doesn’t end there…

As the Yew tree had said, I would get an opportunity to try out this lesson. A couple of hours later I did and indeed am now practicing slowness and in-action. That tale is a private one I have to say and may be told at a later date.

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