The Pact with Cailleach – Summer 14 P9

Shronebirrane stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

To find this circle you need to follow the brown signs inland from the R571 Beara peninsula coast road after passing through Lauragh village. More information can be found at the Isle of Albion site.

After wending our way along a single track road that snaked along a valley floor for what seemed like an eternity we end up at a small car park next to a long farmhouse. We are surrounded by beautiful and tall hills, yet the valley is wide enough for us to catch the remainder of the solstice day’s rays.

Parking at the floor of the valley for Shonebrane circle

Parking at the floor of the valley for Shronebirrane circle

As we pass the farmhouse we are met by the owner who charges us a nominal fee to enter the site in what is effectively their back garden. Their sheep wander around the circle leaving small black deposits.

I begin my investigations outside of the circle, whilst Kal heads straight inside, as he often does. I dowse firstly for the Spirit of Place for the site and find that the circle has one. Good. I ask to be shown where the spirit is, and I am taken all around the outside of the circle, threading in and out of some of the stones. That’s unusual, but vaguely familiar! I’m sure I found the same energy form at Cerrig Pryfaid near Conwy years ago. After my third perambulation I am back on the same track again, so it would appear that the spirit forms three discernible circles of energy around the stones.

When I ask to connect with the spirit I am taken by the dowsing rods to stand at one of the stones which lie to one side of the circle. Here I can connect with the spirit, and I learn that she is born of the surrounding mountains and that she has been at this circle for thousands of years.

The helpful sign is ten feet away from the circle!

The helpful sign is ten feet away from the circle!

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Faery Kin at Uragh Sacred Circle – p10 Solstice 2014

Ruagh and the Fay

Ruagh and the Fay

The name of the place was Uragh. Cool name right? It was set in an absolutely gorgeous valley that our pictures do no justice at all. With mountains surrounding us on pretty much all of the fronts, we arrived at this final site for the Solstice day.

As I wandered around the place introducing myself to the Genius Loci I got the feeling that Fay were around too. For once the rods agreed with me (they usually can’t detect Fay) and I was led to a portal to their demesne. As had happened before, I had to use three power centres to open the portal. This was done by intentionally placing incense at certain points and then turning the lock.

As seems to be consistently the case, the portal was not near the glen itself. In this instance I was taken to another hillock on the opposite side of the stones. As I approached, I felt that here was a place where I needed to offer an exchange of some kind. As seems popular with such folk, I offered tales and stories. Which was accepted. Browsing through my memories my focus landed on the story of my Knights Quest. The Fay readily accepted this and an exchange occurred.

The path to Ruagh

The path to Ruagh

Something that had been on my mind for a while now had been the notion of ancestral energies. So I put this to the assembled beings (I felt that there were definitely more than one).

  • Can you tell me about Ancestral Energy? I asked, to which the answer was yes.
  • Is it reincarnation energy I asked. To be quite honest, I wanted a No answer to this as it doesn’t fit my belief system. The Fay concurred in that ancestral energy has nothing to do with reincarnation. Wishful thinking? Maybe. I continued…
  • Is it like D.N.A. energy? As you will know, we are connected to our ancestors in a biological sense through our D.N.A. So I wondered if this ancestral energy was somehow equivalent to a kind of Energy D.N.A. To my surprise the answer was a Yes.

If you have been with us (here at Hedge Druid) for a while, you will recall that Gwas had gone in search of (and to collec) his ancestral enegies in this very land of Ireland a couple of years ago.

  • I asked whether it was beneficial to collect this energy. The Fay (and I felt a different one than had been communing with me before) said Yes.
  • Did I have to go to the physical place to gather this energy (as Gwas had)? No.
  • Would they tell me how I could get collect this energy? Through Dreaming they replied.

In my learnings I have come across many forms of dreaming from Native shamans of North America to Aboriginal shamans of Australia (and the vastness between, including some odd notions from supposedly Atlanteans).

  • I listed the ones that I was aware of and the answer settled on a form of Dreaming that Carlos Castaneda talked about in the Art of Dreaming.

Fortunately I am very familiar with that form since I spent about two years putting the basics together a long time ago. It seems that those practices might have to be resurrected. Gosh! That kind of Dreaming is scary.

Whether because of the interaction or the lateness of the day, I was getting tired. From my end I was done and expecting a No, I asked whether there was anything else to learn here? Surprisingly the answer way Yes. Oh, okay.

I was informed (and again the communicator had switched) that the Fay are powerful healers. Okay, I thought. Why are they telling me this? Out of curiosity, I asked whether they would perform such a healing on me? They replied, Yes. But another exchange was required.

What would you like? I asked, mentally opening my storybook. No, not a story was the reply I received. Something else. What? I couldn’t determine what they wanted, but had the overwhelming (intuition) sense that the price being asked was way beyond what I should pay.

That, in and of itself was an incredible feeling. For once, listening to my intuition, I said, “no thanks, not this time.” I got the sense that the Fay shrugged your loss and we parted commune. As a by the way I hadn’t got any sense of entrapment as I have at other Fay groves.

I was about to close the portal when a thought occurred to me, did the Fay have anything to do with the sacred circle? I got a deep laugh in response. We have been here aeons before that place! It might be said that it is here because of Us! That was telling me!

I closed the portal, as I had opened it and felt that much had been learned.

Kal Malik



Visions of the 3rd Eye – p9 Solstice 2014

Sacred place of no value

Sacred place of no value

We were lost or rather the sacred sites we were looking for were not where the map had indicated. We drove back and forth along several routes to no avail. I was reminded of a spell I had come across long ago.

Turn about – where a person is put into such a confusion that they cannot find their way out of the simplest of places. So it seemed for us. I know what you are thinking… Leprechauns. Well we wernt. One of the abilities of such odd beings is that of concealment. I don’t mean that they hide from you, but rather that they don’t let the thought that it might be them cross your mind. Ireland and Leprechaun energy is something we have come across on other occasions. But the thing is, the very thought that it might be a leprechaun is hidden from you. You just don’t think of it.

In hindsight I suspect that that is what had happened to us. Anyway, we were at a loss. Then we drove past a sign that indicated a sacred place in the woods. Cashelkeelty by name. Not seeing a way forward we decided to take a punt (pun intended).

Dont Follow This

Dont Follow This

So we set off on perhaps the lowest ebb of our whole Irish experience. We walked through the woods in hope, we clambered up half a mountain in faith and finally we trudged across a plain in pure damned determination. Yes, I know, all three of these should have screamed LEPRECHAUN!

Finally, we made it to the two sacred places that the sign had alluded to. We were shattered and frankly couldn’t care less. I left Gwas at the first of the sites and made the extra effort to get to the next one.

To say I was let down when I asked the question, is there anything for me to do here, is an understatement of gross preportions. Both of the places were useless to me. Confounded, I asked whether there was anything I could salvage from the climb. Fortunately the answer was yes.

Many, many questions later led me to the understanding that I would have to create my own temporary sacred place. The rods took me off towards the coast so I could see the sea and the sacred stones behind me.

I found four huge pieces of quartz and laid them in a pattern indicated by the rods. Four incense sticks followed. I wondered what the purpose of this would be and then it came to me. I could see into the depths of my Energy Double. Okay, now we are talking! I sat in the indicated place and looked out at the water in the distance, to connect with the element. I was just about to focus internally and on my double when it (my double) kicked in. I was stopped. Missing something, Of course! Caileach’s words came back to me. “I have to be with you” she had said. I looked around…Well, where are you? I asked out into the world. Then I got the sense of her gratitude energy…ah…use that? It was a rhetorical question.

I pulled energy from the Earth to anchor myself and knew that it was being dragged out of the sacred site behind me (see note at end). Heavily anchored, I reached out to the depths of the ocean. Taking a Water Element resonance from that, I brought into play the energy of gratitude from Caileach. Again, I felt the awe of that energy filling me. I was fulfilled and prepped. I began to scry my enegy double…

Stars Within

Stars Within

Stars…I thought for a moment that I was looking at the place where my Energy Double existed…Stars. Then I realised that the stars were what my double was made of. Wow! Stars?!? As I looked deeper, another realisation hit me. They were not stars… they were connections, portals, a term from science hit me, wormholes! These were junctures that led to impossible places. I was getting confused…was this my double or was this its playground? I couldn’t discern which or both. Feeling that I was losing my grip and vision. I picked one and looked deeper.

You have to get hold of this knowledge without knowing how concept. I knew that this portal led down a stream of ancestral energy. Asian…Pakistan…are the senses that I got. Along with another…I would have to connect with it to collect it. With that mysterious instruction, I was pulled back to myself and again saw the field of stars. I knew that these possibilities would be open to me when I was whole and after I had practiced seeing into the depth of things.

With a jolt, I was back to normal and my double had ejected itself too. I lay down on the ground and pulled in solstice energy to replenish myself. As my senses returned to normal, I heard my Totem, Bee, fluttering around me constantly…keeping watch?

It was a long time before I recovered. Gwas was patiently waiting when I finally rose and felt able for the journey back to the car. As I walked away from my temporary created sacred place, a whiff of Caileach appeared. Destroy this place!

I dismantled the stones and energy of the place and walked back to Gwas who had been measuring the energy of the stones. He informed me that all the rocks save the middle one were 8. The middle was 5. It had been the rock that I had drawn energy from. I asked him to check it again and he did. It was an 8 again.

Kal Malik – seeing things that few have seen.



A Choice of Quests at Uragh – Summer 14 P8

Uragh stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

The solstice day is picking up in terms of weather. The sun comes out as we pick out way slowly down the narrow track which we hope ends at the picturesque stone circle of Uragh. We park when we can drive no further, and walk to a small rise between two lakes, and suddenly the view becomes amazing in all directions.

Uragh stone circle - June 14 (5)

View of one lake from Uragh circle

As Kal went straight into the circle I walked to the top of the rise to give myself an overview of the area. There was a large recumbent stone on top of the small hill, and this became my base from which to observe. I could see other people milling about in the area admiring the views and visiting the circle. I would wait until the place felt calmer before I descended.

When the coast was clear I came down to visit the circle. I waltzed around it seeing if I could sense the right place to approach it. There was a ritual creation on the grass a few feet away from an opening in the rib-like structure of the smaller set of standing stones. This was the entrance point that I felt was right for me. Clearly, it was right for someone else too, and they had got there before me. I approached the oval of stones, a shape typical of this region, and introduced myself to the site, hoping to catch the attention of the Spirit of Place.

I noticed that my black wings (see previous posts) once again gave me an unhindered access and an immediate welcome to the site. That is so refreshing! It was like having a calling card, or a free pass. I felt the Spirit of Place react to this and to my druid name. It would also seem that my family name has some resonance in these parts too, although not the same power as when I am farther north in this island. As I settled to lie down (the obvious thing to do in the slight depression) I felt comfortable, and the sun shone through breaks in the clouds to light the scene.

The Spirit of Place introduced himself as Igneorl. It sounded like it was based on the word “igneous” – a classification of rock. Now it was time to get to work.

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Caileach the Sun Goddess – p8 Solstice 2014

At the Sheen Valley Heritage Centre I had spotted a sign that had something to do with my favourite hag Caileach and had intimated to Gwas that it should go our itinerary. However after the amazing experiences of integration at that place I plain forgot about it and from the direction we were driving it seemed like we had passed the place before I remembered.

Caileach Beara Bui

Caileach Beara Bui

Rather disappointed with my forgetfulness, I regretfully said to Gwas, “let’s skip it” and we continued to drive. Then, turning a bend in the road we spotted a sign for it. Wonderful! Of course we turned in and were delighted to sample Molly’s home made – pippin hot – apple crumble sans custard.

Around the back of this establishment was the place we were looking for. A well signposted walkway led us up to the place I was looking for Caileach Bui. At the top of the walk was a ridge that I was directed to walk by the rods. I clambered up the rough edge and began the rather precarious climb/walk back (along the ridge) as directed by the rods. I came to the end of it and the rods turned towards empty space and the view across the valley.

Caileach Beara Bui is the range that I was staring at. Since day one I have proclaimed that for me Caileach is a Sun Goddess and here was a sign proclaiming or at least pointing in that direction, Caileach Sun!

I love it when that happens! I mean, come on, how long have I been saying it?! After some minutes spent in awe of the beautiful mountains I turned and lifted the rods to follow them back. No, they turned back towards the mountain range. I was puzzled, obviously I was missing something, but what?

Kal points at Cailleach

Kal points at Cailleach

Was there something that I needed to do here? A ceremony, a commune, a gratitude gift? No, no and no. What was I missing? Again I turned and started to head back along the ridge only to be taken back to the same point. I looked down but could not spot a safe way down. Surely the rods didn’t want me to scrabble down the side of the minor cliff? Yes they did! What! That was NOT going to happen I said to the world at large. Thing is though, inside I knew it had to. Madness!

With Gwas busy with his work, I had no recourse but to listen to my internal voice. So, with a huge degree of trepidation, I began the climb down. A few minutes I had reached the bottom, with no bones broken but blood had been spilt.

Feeling that a goddess had had my back, I prepped to do a gratitude ceremony when I felt her appear…and wow! Have you ever felt the gratitude of a Goddess? Neither have I until that moment. Caileach was sending/blessing me with gratitude energy. It was a big thing. I instinctively knew it. It was bigger than I could comprehend. Words are lost…

I had been touched by that which spans the unknown and the unknowable. A touch that had the flavour of gratitude infused in it. Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever have that feeling again.

…sigh! I walked back in a stupour of awe and emotion. What had just happened?

Kal Malik and Caileach Bui



Cailleach Gives Birth – Summer 14 P6

Dromagorteen stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

Dammit! I’ve missed a post and now they’re slightly out of order. This is the sixth post of my Ireland summer solstice story. Sorry that I have posted it after the seventh! I don’t know how I missed it because this is a really important post, full of magical happenings and some astonishing recovered knowledge.

We are the first to park in the wide car park at the Bonane Heritage Park site. We head for the information hut nearby to buy tickets. As I buy the tickets the old man behind the counter says, in a thick Irish accent, that it is a shame we ave missed the solstice sunrise at the circle. The conditions were perfect today, he says. I make a note to check when I’m up there whether that was the most energetic time to be in the circle. First, we have to get there!

There are a few common features of stone circles – they are usually in a beautiful setting, and they are usually near the top of a hill. Such was the case  of the Dromagorteen circle, which is perched half way up the mountains which lie directly East of the circle. The setting affords an incredibly encompassing view across the Sheehy Valley. Of course, it was a hot and humid summer day, and so the climb was slow, steady and exhausting, but this was all rewarded by the beauty of the site and its views. Beauty seems a strong factor in the placement of stone circles, I feel.

Dromagorteen stone circle - June 14 (2) (Medium)

Kal rests after a long hot climb to Dromagorteen stone circle

Although attracted by the circle I was firstly drawn strongly to an area which had an information sign in front of it. The area was described as a “cooking pit(Fulachta Fiadh) – presumably based on some archaeological findings in that area.

Other theories suggest that the sites may have been used for bathing, the washing and dyeing of cloth, and leather working. Supporters of these theories point to the fact that no remains of foodstuffs have been found at the fulacht fiadh sites.” (source: Wikipedia)

I felt that it had a slightly different purpose than cooking meat, however, unless that was a metaphor. As I walk into the circle of small stones with its raised earthwork I feel like this is a place to meditate in, to prepare. I feel it is like a sweat lodge. As I sit in the cooking pit I feel like I’m actually in a cooking pot! The sun is nearly directly overhead and the day is already hot. I get sensations of overwhelming heat and dizziness beyond the direct physical sensations of the heat of the sun.

Dromagorteen stone circle (7) (Medium)

The remains of the cooking pit at Dromagorteen

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A Bedroom, Faery and Goddess – p5 Solstice 2014

Okay, this post just shows the dedication with which we report our experiences. Read it quickly because this post will self-destruct in five seconds…

Gwas and I had just visited four sacred places on our first afternoon/evening in Ireland. It was the eve of the Summer Solstice (2014) and already we had had enough brilliant experiences to make the trip worth while. I was looking forward to what tomorrow had to bring. From a message today, I knew that it involved my Energy Double which always brings exciting adventures.

I was tired, really tired. It had been a long day and I was ready for one of those deep dreamless sleeps. Alas it was not going to be. Just to let you know, I am feeling a bit uncomfortable and have a tinge of a blush as I write this. Type fast, type fast is what my mind is saying…

Getting Hot in Here

Getting Hot in Here

I dropped into a deep sleep as soon as I hit the sack, however a couple of hours later I awoke to that place that is between awake and asleep. My mind was wandering a bit and frankly for some reason my dream was of a semi erotic nature. Now I am as human as the next guy so this wasn’t unusual.

However in mere minutes the dream/experience took on a more deeper and real experience. Talk about erotic! This was unbelievable. I’ve got a good imagination, but this, I was putting 9 and a half weeks to shame. Not only “not like me” but more of “never like me”.

I wasn’t going to complain though. I can appreciate it. So – honestly – I revelled in the experience. For quite some time too (smile). Then I felt another presence in the room and with a shock I realised that I wasn’t dreaming. It was Caileach! With a voice that was like the cracking of a whip (pardon the pun) she said,

“Stop It!”

Surprised with my own reaction I did, but at the same moment, I wondered whether she meant me or the woman in my bed. In any case we both did and the woman slid out of my bed and over to the corner of my room. I had the feeling that she had been chastised, like a child is. Although of course she looked nothing like a child.

My gaze went back and forth from the two women that were in my bedroom. Caileach’s presence in the room brought the temperature down to a mist breathing coolness. I knew she was doing it on purpose to cool me down. Minutes later when my senses had returned to sanity, a thought occurred to me…


A demon! Scary thoughts rushed into my imagination until Caileach uttered her command again…

“Stop It!”

But, I said, A succubus? How had she got in through my protection? Was it that powerful?

Note: As a standard practice, I set up a considerable amount of protection when I am sleeping away from home, particularly when on sacred journeys and even more particularly in Ireland – see our Leprechaun experiences from the last time we were here.

All these thoughts were flooding in to my mind, I wasn’t scared of course. It had been a good, no great, experience. I hadn’t felt that it was bad. But maybe that was her trick?

She is not a demon, Caileach informed me, she is Fay kin.

A faery? What? Really? But? What? Were the questions that popped into my head.

She wouldn’t do you any serious harm, but you will need your energy for tomorrow and you do not have time for, Caileach paused and looked at the faery, this dalience.

How can I keep her away? I asked and even as I did so, I saw a vision of myself turning an old-fashioned radio tuning knob until the frequency of my protection changed. Interesting I thought. I connected with my protective barrier, visualising a knob that would change its vibration I slowly turned it and watched the fay as she shimmered out of existence (or rather I think that I moved out of her frame of reference).

You know, I am always pushing the envelope. It gets me into no end of trouble, but like the cat, I just can’t resist the curiosity. So with just me and Caileach in the room, I continued to turn the frequency knob and looked at her. I was trying to tune her out too and of course she knew it.

I swear to the stars she gave me such disdainful look. For a minute she began to fade as I tuned. Then she shimmered slightly and reappeared brighter than before. She raised an eyebrow at me, as if saying “Really?” I stopped, feeling totally stupid. Caileach nodded as if agreeing with my assessment and vanished.

I have to confess, I did have a look around for that particular kind of fay the next couple of days. I am telling you, that was an experience alas though, I think she must have moved on.

Kal Malik


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