Lammas 2015 P4 The Energy of the Stone Row

We were moving further back down the glen we had traversed when we arrived this Lammas August morning. Somehow, we had managed to drive right past a huge pair of stone rows, and we laughed at how Nature places these things in our attention just when we’re ready for them. Clearly, this was the right order in which to do things. Not the “nearest first” approach, which would be our “logical” sequence.

From Duncraigaig Cairn we followed the footpath through a channel of wild flowers and ferns until we emerged into an open field. Before us were two obvious stone rows: Ballymeanoch Stone Rows.

Balauchraig stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (19)

What was the best way to approach this abundance of megaliths? We had a stone circle and two stone rows to choose from! I opted for following the dowsing rods to help me decide, and they took me on a circuitous route around to the far side of two standing stones which I took to be an “entrance portal”. I needed to stop at the energetic barrier that I could feel between the stones, and which was acting as a form of gateway.

In the portal I got into a connected state. I felt the presence of faery, and it came to mind to acknowledge Bel and Titania – the king and queen of faery. I felt that this was the opposite side of their “opening” time of Beltane. This was the “closing time“. I wasn’t sure what that phrase meant at this point – it was something to do with acknowledging their movement towards being quiet for the Winter months – a sort of “end of the summer” feeling. Energy waning. A thanking them for the fruits of the summer. All those things were packed into this feeling, which made it so complex that I couldn’t’ express it clearly in words if I were given a whole book’s length to do so.

As we passed each other Kal mentioned that he sensed the presence of Faery here. A coincidence.

Ballymeanoch stone row and circle - Lammas 2015 (6)

Ballymeanoch Portal stones

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Gratitude – Lammas 4

Seat of Meditation

Seat of Meditation

Having been birthed into the world at the last cairn we visited, a short drive later and we were at another cairn. Even as I walked into the place I felt that this place had a different energy about it. Or at least for me it did. I followed the rods, in almost a straight line up onto the top of the cairn where there was a tiny entrance into a chamber. It was so small, upon looking at it, I hoped that I didn’t have to go in and was relieved to see (by the rods) that I didn’t.

Center of Gratefulness

Center of Gratefulness

In fact my task was simple. Do a gratitude ceremony. I noted to myself that because we had left the incense in the car at the previous sites, we were unable to perform a fitting gratitude ceremony. It seems that that task had crept upon us here. So I sat with my feet dangling into the depths of the chamber below and lit some incense sticks. As I was surveying the beautiful scenery that surround this cairn I got an overwhelming sense of gratitude being reflected back at me. Surprised, I let my senses open a little to see where and what this feeling was.

Of course I started with myself, was this a reflection that the gratitude ceremony I had performed was insufficient or contained an error. No, that was fine. What then? Exploring the area with my senses revealed a very interesting result. The site was grateful to us (both Chris and I) for visiting. More than that, it was exuding this energy from a perspective of the whole glen. The entire vale was grateful for our visit from far off climes. That gratitude was being focused in our direction through this particular cairn that we were currently visiting. What a surprising gift. I let out a feeling of thankfulness towards the place and let it translate it to the rest of the glen.

With that very emotive exchange I was done and lay down on a grassy knoll in the sun awaiting Chris to complete his journey.

Lammas 2015 P3 Dunchraigaig Cairn and the Ash Tree

The wonderful thing about the Kilmartin Glen area is the density of megalithic sites, and the way the local authority has presented and preserved these important places. Dunchraigaig Cairn [link] is a prime example of this. We flew past it on the way in, but now we were heading back along the road we came in on so that we could access the site. Sometimes we “choose” the order of events, sometimes the order is imposed upon on by “chance”.

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (10)

We parked in the small purpose-built car park and negotiated the surprisingly busy A816 road close to the Dunchraigaig Bed and Breakfast building. Once across we seemed to be in a serene space, surrounded by tall old trees of differing varieties which ringed the main attraction – a low-lying mound of rocks which capped two near-hidden cubby-hole entrances to the cairn .

Approaching Old Trees

The obviously striking spruce trees didn’t draw as much attention as the solitary old ash tree. The ash tree drew my attention and made me go towards it, where I placed all my things and sat down ready to rest. No rest for this druid! The moment I sat down I felt that the tree was trying to communicate. So be it!

I decided I needed a “proper approach” to the tree, and so I dowsed for a way in. The way was provided, and as I approached the rods stopped me. I looked down to discover tow mostly-buried stones forming a portal entrance way. I recognised the feature, connected to the presence of the tree, and then waited to see if my introduction would be accepted. It was, and now I could sit  down and got into a meditative state at the base of this fine ash tree.

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (14)

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Lammas 2015 P2 Nether Largie by day

Geographically we had only travelled about a quarter of a mile through Kilmartin Glen, yet we had seen many fascinating and energetic megaliths. Now back together, Kal and I approached the Nether Largie South Cairn together. The sun was out as we approached, and all the dire predictions of doom-laden skies were dispersing as quickly as the dark clouds around us. Summer was making itself felt on this early August day.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (5)

Nether Largie South cairn with added Kal for scale

Another “dispersal” of rock debris around the base, as though this preserved the interior better. I dowsed an entrance barrier that was a full 4ft deep. Further dowsing telemetry revealed that the structure was created 5,635 years ago. This would make the construction date 3620 BCE. Undiscovered Scotland put the date between 5,500-5,600 years ago. Good old dowsing! Right again. And more accurate.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (4)

Protected by stone – Nether Largie South

Kal clambered inside after a quick dowse, and I was taken to sit on top, directly above where he was sitting inside. Seemed like we were working apart, but together on this one. I was acting as a kind of sentry for Kal, protecting the space. Now the work could begin…

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Caileach as a Butterfly Lammas 3

Continuing on from the previous post and indeed from the previous location of the Singular Stone. As I walked away from the stone, closing the portal to the Fay. I approached a site that I was really looking forward to…The Moon Temple. I could already see that Chris was busy inside the circle and as I opened the door to the place I was stopped.

Temple Wood aka The Moon Temple

Temple Wood aka The Moon Temple

Apparently this wasn’t the time for me to go into this place. I queried the rods and they agreed, tonight, in the light of the near full moon was the time for me to work at this sacred place. I hung around outside the place until Chris was done and we both continued the walk to a nearby chambered cairn.

We arrived at the cairn and walking around it noted that there was an entrance and an exit or birthing exit as we like to call them. I followed the rods into the chamber and sat down on a ledge to commune with the place. Chris, I heard, had climbed atop of the chamber and you can read what he was doing in his post.

Caileach appears as a butterfly

Caileach appears as a butterfly

There had no need to prepare for this place or so the rods had told me so I was sat quite still, letting the muse take where it would. A butterfly floated into the chamber (or a vision of one did) and with a brilliant flash transformed into the Goddess known hereabouts as Caileach. I had never seen her appear as a butterfly before so that was a surprise in and of itself. That nagging question of why such a being was interested in me, came back to haunt me for a moment before I brushed it aside and paid attention to my erstwhile mentor(ess).

Let go of the process, she said, the outcome is determined. You are holding onto the process. Let it go and you will be the flow.

It was a familiar message and had been for the last 5 months, however it seems that I needed to hear it again. So be it. I acknowledged the message and the Goddess became transparent. I was done. Simple and straightforward I thought, until I clambered out of the birthing hole. It was as I stepped out that I felt that this whole experience had been a preparation for this evening and the Temple Moon.

Being birthed into a new experience

Being birthed into a new experience

Ancestral knowledge – Lammas 2

A singular Stone Portal

A singular Stone Portal

In the previous post I talked about my experiences in Nether Largie. Well, in the field next to that stands a singular stone. As I watched Chris leave I noted that he hadn’t needed to go that stone. I was of the same mind, however as I walked by the gate into the field it was in, the rods twitched. Fortunately the gate to the field was openable and I didn’t have to climb it, this area being very public and all.

The rods led me towards it in a very feminine way, gentle and smooth wavy path with many a spiral along the way. Visually it didn’t look very spectacular and I presumed that that was why there were no tourists in this field. Regardless, I continued my walk towards it. I was about a quarter of the way, when a bee fluttered by. Since my experience in Ireland a couple of years ago, every time a bee goes by I begin a count.

Another few steps later and a second bee made an appearance and I said out loud “Two” and continued on. Mere moments later a crow squawked and I added that to my count. Suffice to say that by the time I had reached the stone I had fulfilled the requirements of opening a portal to the Fay in Ireland, namely 3 crows and 3 bees. But there was still the four elements.

Coin Crystal and Portal

Coin Crystal and Portal

The stone provided Earth, there was a breeze in the air which of course provided Air, in the distance I could see a rainbow and thus there must be Water and the sun for Fire was abundant. I was ready and about to open the portal when an intuitive nudge told me to use the Crystal and Fay gifted coin too.

Done, and in moments the portal opened and I was in commune, with honestly, the most open Fay I have encountered. They were very chatty indeed. I asked about more information regarding my Magician Quest and they obliged.

The magician isn’t my ancestor, they told me. Knights of this realm had traveled to the land he occupied to reclaim something that the magician had stole from the Fay. One of those knights was my ancestor. 

What? Seriously? This was turning into a story of Arabian Nights stature and what concerned me more was, how could I tell whether it was real? Records didn’t span that far back in time, almost a thousand years. How could a Knight of Albion be an ancestor of mine. This had to be fiction.

It doesn’t matter what you believe. It only matters what you do.

Was the comment from the Fay on my musings. Interesting knowledge I thought and with it came a suspicion (always count your fingers and toes when shaking hands with the Fay) Why are you telling me this? I asked and my vision was directed at the rainbow in the distance beyond the stone I was stood next to and it came to me…the king stone with a rainbow it is what the Fay at LoughCrew had said! What a synchronicity!

I was to learn more about this later in the day…

Lammas 2015 P1 Kilmartin Glen

In this blog post I will begin describing our visit to the Scotland for Lammas. I outline a general procedure for approaching megalithic sites, and then go on to discuss my specific findings.

Lammas started with a thorough cleansing. It seems that I feel impelled to have a good long shower before I go out on a sacred day. Maybe this harks back to ancient traditions, but I don’t think it’s something that I consciously started to do, just that I noticed my behaviour over time.

Our destination today was the last place on our “We should really go there” list – Kilmartin Glen in Scotland. By the accounts of other megalith hunters it was a “field day” opportunity to see several sites in close proximity. Finally, we were getting to go, although it was a long drive to get there. It was raining most of the way. As we got past Glasgow the heavens really opened up and began to make us think we were in for a very wet weekend. As usual, Kal was optimistic and assured me that everything would be fine by the time we arrived. Ten miles from the glen I was less certain. Then, literally as we approached the glen the rain stopped. By the time we had parked a few minutes later, the sun was out! All around was a dark swathe of purple rainclouds. Astonishing! Kal beamed his usual broad smile and sported his “I told you so” eyebrow and wide eye combination.

How to approach a megalithic site

Within a minute of surveying our first site we knew that we were going to be fully occupied this weekend. The information boards at the Kilmartin Glen car park were packed with images of standing stones and circles. We drooled. “Nether Largie” – sounded exotic and enticing.

Over the narrow road we walked onto a bridge over a small free-flowing river, stopping to acknowledge the subtle energy barrier which acted like a bouncer – changing the way the spirit of place would interact with the entrants depending on how they approached the site. We knew to wait, ask respectfully for entrance, and then determine the response. We rarely were pushed away. So it was this time – we got the “pull” to say “Come on in!”. As I passed over the river I left my “worldly energies” behind, asking the river to take them with it on its journey. I was now entering a different “world”.

Stage One is cleansing. Done. Stage Two is energising with a new energy. For that I needed my dowsing rods to show me the correct lace to stand. When face with a megalithic site the temptation is to rush to touch it, or move closer to look at it. We knew to use our dowsing rods to find a preparation place.

The preparation place was just to one side – about six feet away from a pair of standing stones which looked like a gateway or doorway. This, I surmised, would be my entrance to the complex of sites and my start point for subtle energy work at these sites. Every door leads to an adventure!

Nether Largie standing stones - Lammas 2015 (4)

Kilmartin Glen portal stones – see how they line up with the hill?

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