Birchen Edge 2: Ring cairns and yin/yang energies

July 22, 2008

Kal and I went back to Birchen Edge on 18th July. We felt as though we had only scratched the surface of the energies that flow around the dense heathland that tops the dramatic rocky cliff, but we got more than even we had bargained for, even though we came better prepared this time with equipment to measure the size of the ring cairns which we had come across on our last visit (which we mistakenly identified as stone circle in our excitement).

We climbed onto the ridge the provides the first place to access the heathland and stopped at the top to assess our possible next step: walk along the path alongside the ridge, or head out towards the birch groves behind the heather? We opted for the groves, dowsing our way through the heather to find the easiest path.
As we arrived at the birch trees we both stopped to admire the view: the sun was starting to lower itself towards the horizon, and was sighted between the two trunks of a birch that marked the outer edge of a circle of such trees. How convenient! We paused to admire the view.
There was definitely something…relaxing… about this particular spot, and we both commented on it. So, we prepared to dowse around.
I asked to be led from the stone near to the birch tree (with the view) in a clockwise direction. Off I went, on a route that described a circle not unlike the design of modern “wavy” disk brakes on motorcycles.
Wavy disk brake pattern
Each peak of the circle was marked by a birch tree with two trunks, which I thought was an astounding coincidence. The circle was about 30 feet in diameter, with stones spaced every ten to fifteen feet around the circumference. We pondered the layout, but time was pressing before dark so we dowsed our way back to the main path.

As we headed back to the path we kept finding new stones, new potential ring cairns, but there were so many correspondences that we quickly decided to ingore most of them, or we would have been there for months! Instead we had hours and fading light, so we pressed on.
Then we got another lesson in “asking the right question” when dowsing. Kal headed “off piste” across the heather in search of the cairn we had found when last here. I didn’t know what question he had asked, but I asked “take me to the closest, most-powerful energy centre” presuming that I wasn’t far away from the site, and that it would undoubtedly be the strongest in the area, right? Wrong. Ten minutes later I was in a different ‘faerie ring’ centre, and looking sheepish when Kal remarked “It doesn’t even look anything like it!”.

A minute later he had re-located it, far further up the path than we had remembered. Well, that’s memory for you! Highly unreliable 😉
We got our laser measuring tool out and fifty frustrating “error” readings later we had the dimensions of the ring cairn plotted – diameter, and four cardinal points from the centre. It was 10.5m in diameter, the centre ring being slightly off to one side (as Hamish Miller states is frequently the case). Great! Job done? No. We wanted more. Onwards to new ground beyond where we had been before.

Now was the time to start testing the findings from my Helsby Hill experience, where I had asked to be shown the differences between male and female energies (see previous posting). Once beyond the three impressive rocks (inscribed with inspirational c18th messages) I asked the rods to take me to the nearest most-powerful energy source for ‘sun/male/yang’ energies. The rods started leading Kal and I up the path along the ridge and towards the trigonometry point – a lone white-painted mini-obelisk on the ridge’s edge.
Sure enough, Kal from one side, I from the other, we both ended up at exactly the same edge of the trig.point – rods clashing to pinpoint the exact area! Neat!
“I asked for a sun energy centre”, I beamed. “I asked for a moon energy centre. ” stated Kal. Oh!
“Let’s try again!” said Kal, and we walked off through the heather to try again far enough away from the trig point so as not to be taken straight back to it.

We dowsed around for the next crossing point in the sprawl of heather just off the main ridge track. Again I asked for male/yang/sun energy lines and quickly found one. I dowsed it to the centre of another ring cairn, and looked up to see Kal doing the same from an opposite direction. We met in the centre. “I was doing female.” he said. “I was doing male. ” We dowsed each other’s lines. Opposites again! This was very unsettling.
Then Kal came out with a cryptic comment, “This fits with my theory.” and inscrutibly walked away.
We decided it was getting late and, as the last of the sun’s rays dropped behind the horizon, we walked down the main path back to the car park at the foot of the ridge.
All the way down I badgered Kal to tell me his theory. Eventually he relented. But I will leave him to describe that theory in another post.

Follow your true path.

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