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Coincidence and recognising signs

July 30, 2008

A few minutes ago I published my last post which contained a riddle posed by the oak tree that I had communed with: “The Sun is the Key, the Moon is the Door.”

I had mentioned that I would ponder this. Anyway, I picked up my “Sacred Geography” book (see book recommendations on this blog site), and opened the page where I had last left off a few days ago. The first paragraph talked about attuning to a place. The second paragraph made me stop and made my eyes boggle. Marko says:

“Sometimes the first step (grounding yourself, etc.) is sufficient to attune. In other cases, a second preparatory step maybe needed. We need to ask for the key. Why? Places are coded to protect their identity and their proper place within the given holon. Sometimes the pristine flame of the perceiver’s heart is sufficient to open the door of perception. In other occasions, especially if we wish to enter more intimate layers of the place, we need to ask for the key. The key may be given in the form of a specific quality, a vision, an intuition, or in some other way. The image or quality given can be later used during the geomantic exploration of the place.”

Apt? Pertinent? Timely? Coincidental? All these. What I failed to explain in the blog post was how difficult I found it to attune to the place. I didn’t feel the same level of connection that I had previously with the birch trees. In some ways the oak was “harder” to get to know. One time around Delamere I had tried to attune to an oak tree and it had sent me on a wild goose chase to some of the most horrible parts of the forest! I knew then I wasn’t quite ready for that particular relationship.

Just one of those coincidences, I suppose? 😉 Just another to add to the massive pile that has been created since I started this journey several months ago.

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