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Hawarden village dowsing – 7th July 2008

July 10, 2008

Had an interesting evening tracing the straight ley which extends from Frodsham Overton Hill, the front edge of Helsby Hill, and through to Hawarden, Mold, and beyond. It was my first experience of communicating purposefully with a tree in relation to dowsing activities.

I decided to check Hawarden, as it was fairly close. Went there with a Google road map with my dodgy lines on it, determined to work out which line was correct and where it went. Parked at the first place I could find, which was just outside St.Deiniol’s Church. Went inside the churchyard and started looking for anything. Straight away found a line while walking around. Asked if it was the straight ley – it was! Amazing coincidence to find it so quickly! Interestingly it passed right through an old slabbed tomb which was parked right next to the side of the church – not in the graveyard, but right next to the wall of the church!! Strange, thought I!

Followed it down to some council offices and through two very large beech trees. Found a nice spot in a little hollow of the largest tree, and sat down. Meditated under the tree and happened to catch the last rays of the setting sun as it sparkled through the tree’s leaves. Conversation went:

Me: “Is this on a ley energy line?”
Tree: “Yes – you found it, so you know it is.”
Me: “How do I connect with the energy system?”
Tree: “You already are connecting. When you meditate like this you join to the system, and your energy becomes its energy. You and the system are one.”
Me: “How can I feed my positive energies into the system?”
Tree: “If you are feeling positive, and are connected to the system, then you and the system become one – your energy feeds the system: the system’s energy feeds you.”
Me: “OK. Thanks!”

At that moment, the sun dropped below the horizon, and the light on my eyes faded, and I came back to reality!!!

I was really smiling hard at that point, and felt like I wanted to verify some more stuff, so I re-checked the lines around the church – two lines were found. The first was the one I was looking for – the second went through a doorway at the back and to one side of the church, at the exact spot where the first line passed through the tomb. The tomb marked a crossing point. The door marked the almost North-South alignment of another ley. I haven’t traced that one too far yet, but it does align perfectly with the churchyard to the north, which is perfectly North-South aligned too.

I then went off to the other side of the village to mark the other crossing point for my first ley line and found that correlated exactly too. Nice.
Then I went home and found out that the tomb was Prime Minister Gladstone’s tomb. He was born in the village. Found I had parked within 2 feet of the ley line when I arrived!!! Found that the council offices used to be the site of the Old Rectory building of the original church (hence why lines went through their grounds?). Found that St.Deiniol was one of the original three Welsh saints, and that his lineage goes back to the Council of the Oak, which was a druid council!!!

So – interesting points:-

  • had a communication with the tree about energy systems
  • confirmed my line line in two places in Hawarden
  • tomb of great leader marks focal point of ley energies
  • both lines were completely straight, indicating straight leys, rather than serpent energies
  • original site of buildings retains ley energies – not affected by new building
  • church door marks exact alignment – other side of church is a large window at exact same point
  • again, trees on alignments and directing or propelling energies

Wow – what a night!

Gwas Myrddyn
Follow your true path.

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