‘The Spirit of the Serpent’ & Terence McKenna’s ‘Crisis in consciousness’

July 18, 2008

I wanted to share some of the recent media that I have been absorbing.

The first offering is a recommendation to purchase a DVD which is practically the only DVD I can find about dowsing. It is called “The Spirt of the Serpent” and it comes in two parts: the first is a series of interviews with the “team”, including Hamish Miller (he of ‘The Sun and the Serpent‘ book fame). The second half is what appears to be a pilot for a show where a selection of mystics + token sympathetic scientist work their magic on the Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall.

The quality of the pilot is quite low, and you can see why it never got realised, but nevertheless it’s good fun to watch Hamish at work, and to see other ‘mystics’ (for want of a better collective term) doing their stuff to reach similar (if not startling) conclusions about the site.

My second offering is a YouTube treat from that guru of the Archaic Revival movement, Terence McKenna. For many years I have read his books, and tried to absorb his philosophy, as it always seems current and relevant, whilst firmly rooted in ancient wisdom. This latest piece is entitled “Crisis in Consciousness“.

The main thrust of the talk, from a druidical perspective, is how Terence states the case for closer interaction with Nature, for a closer interaction with plants, and how we must all work together to reverse the dead-end path of the ‘Dominator Culture’, as he calls modern “progress”.

I can’t recommend Terence McKenna highly enough. If you’ve never encountered him before, you’re in for a bumpy ride, as he shakes your brain out of its lethargy and makes it work to follow his notions, but he’s easy on the ear, is intensely humorous at times, and speak eloquently and in detail, all without notes, cue cards, prompting or Powerpoint presentations.

Truly, a genius to be listened to if you value wisdom.

Gwas Myrddyn.

Follow your true path.

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