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Arbor Low Part 1 – Bands of energy

September 11, 2008

Good Day,

Gwas and I have visited Arbor Low on a few occasions and I visited it on my own a few times too. Firstly I have to say that, personally speaking its the best site I have visited up to date – even though I find the weather there somewhat disagreeable.

These series of posts will speak of different aspects of the energies that I (and we) found there.

Arbow Low can be described as a stone circle with a couple of large stones in the centre and ditch or moat going around the outside of the circle with a ridge on the other side of the ‘moat’. Although this would suggest a place that is sheltered from the wind and elements – trust me it ain’t!

I will begin with a finding that I first came across back in the days when our understanding of energies consisted of: Neutral, Male and Female Energies. At this time (and to some extent still) I favour and look for bands of energy. With this in mind here is the energetic structure I found during my earlier visits.

Around the central stones was a band of male energy, surrounding this and also encompassing the stones that formed the circle was a band of female energy, then surrounding this and encompassing the ditch was male energy and finally the ridge formed a circular band of female energy.

I tested these from all sides of the ring and confirmed that the same results were found in each case. As a note, there was neither male or female energies beyond the ridge.

It seems then that there are four bands of energy at Arbor Low. Male, female(1), male, female. With the (1) being the widest in diameter – some 2 metres.

I also found many (26 possibly) ‘spokes’ of neutral energy at Arbor Low. These began at the centre of the circle and radiated outwards in a straight line. I followed several of these and can conclude that they go (in a straight line) out across the circle, over the ridge and well into the surrounding fields – indeed – I did not reach a place where they stopped.

As I said, Arbor Low to me is a place that I feel particularly attuned with and the other posts on the site will reveal loads more.


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