Penmaenmawr: A good site for The Trial?

October 18, 2008

This weekend I did a bit of scouting. In a recent blog post I raised the issue of putting dowsing to the test. I had been baffled by just how wrong dowsers were, who were put to the test by scientists and skeptics in a televised experiment. This weekend I found what I hope is a good spot for our experiments – the circles and stones above the village of Penmaenmawr, near Conwy in North Wales.

Having found the route up to the circles I was fully intent on dowsing the sites for at least an hour or two to get the feel for the place, but bad weather swept in making any attempts impossible as the wind swung the rods and the rain soaked M and I with a cold shower that just got colder.

We had started half way up the steep slope in perfect sunshine, but by the time we were walking along the ridge above the village we were seeing dark clouds whipped in towards us by a bracing sea wind. Dowsing became the least likely thing to be doing in those conditions and I quickly abandoned even the merest readings at The Druid’s Circle – only using it to get us there, and then to quickly find a good place to shelter!

It was obviously not the right conditions to be playing around today. Let’s hope we can find a calmer day. M had been scouting further and reported back that there were avenues of stones and more circles just beyond this one. Coupled with the small circle we had passed on the way to the Druid’s Circle, and the standing stone conveniently placed next to the wide track on the way up, this held a lot of promise for performing our dowsing trials. Easy to get to – varied sites – not too far away – a site neither Kal nor I had dowsed already. It bodes well. We should start at the next clear weather.

All we need now is someone who will be our ‘never-dowsed-before’ participant, and someone else to guess the answers. Oh, and we the obligatory skeptic to pour bad vibes on the whole enterprise. Volunteers?


Hoping we all find a path

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  1. Good day, My fellow traveller was taken sick – and so I didnt get a chance to revisit the nine ladies šŸ™

    I will make enquires concerning the required people


    PS – wasn’t you climbing a mountain this weekend?

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