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The Table of Elements – Part 1: common energetic formations at stone circles

November 9, 2008

Here is a list of phenomena that Kal and I keep experiencing when we visit sacred sites. It is the first of a series of posts to try to catalogue the formations and phenomena found at sacred sites when we dowse them.

List of energy formations at stone circles

  • Male energy coming out of circle stones in a short spiral – often on the outside of the circle, but not necessarily.
  • Female energy coming out of circle stones in a short spiral – often on the inside of the circle, but not necessarily.
  • Two stones of the circles that don’t have spirals, but have a circular energy path (or arc) that has one hemisphere that goes underground and the other goes through the air as it flows between them. The one that goes underground can sometimes lead to a different stone. The place where the energy goes upwards has a female signature, the place where it enters the earth again has a female signature. It is speculated that the energy rises in a spiral formation as seen in one of Hamish Miller’s presentation slides. The actual arcing energy has a neutral signature. Such arcing – 3D – energies were first discovered at Arbow Low.
  • An outlying stone (outlier or King Stone) that interacts with the energies of the circle, often connected by both a male and female energy line that together form a double helix pattern.
  • An ‘entrance’ to the circle. This can often be a gap in the stones, or at the side of a particularly large or unusually shaped stone. Such a stone often dowses for female energies.
  • A tree or bush that is connected by a male energy line that flows through an outlying stone before coming into the circle and forming a spiral. This energy always enters a circle through its designated ‘entrance’.
  • A neutral alignment ley running through the site, and along which particular stones are positioned so as to be in perfect cardinal alignment. Powerful leys run in the primary cardinal directions, but less powerful lines often cross-cross the site with less-obvious alignments.
  • Power centres. Some circles have many, others have one. The power centres have a dowsable gender, and suit particular types of people (i.e. some people feel more comfortable on particular types). They seem to form a connection point between human and energy formation. Also the energy centres are rarely in the center of the circle – usually they are off to one one side.
  • Rainbow-coloured bands in concentric spheres approaching the centre of a circle. The colours usually dowse in the order that they are found as constituents of light (ie red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. and we have found that their position is unique to each dowser. As the dowsers become more ‘in tune’ with each other the positions of the bands becomes more synchronous.
  • A nemeton, or auric extent is always dowsable at stone circles for us. Each stone circle seems to be encircled by a sphere of energy whose radius is dynamic. The nemeton can contract to the exact radius of the circle, or extend out from the circle by up to about twelve feet, possibly more. The nemeton’s energies are often made up of multiple lines of energy, all flowing in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. A clockwise direction feels more positive and healthy than the opposite.
  • Nemetons can be composed of three concentric circuits of the circle stones before entering the circle and spiralling to a point.
  • Circle stones can be linked together by neutral straight lines of energy. The lines are dowsable the full height of the stones.
  • Outlying stones are often linked to the site by lines that terminate in a connection to one of the stones in the circle.
  • It is possible for particular stones in the circle not to register for any energy being connected to it, or inherent in it.
  • A draining stone is sometimes discovered amongst either the circle stones or one of the outlying stones that are connected to the site. This stone draws out energies (beneficial or malign) to leave the person touching it ‘neutralised’, ‘cleansed’ or ‘drained’.
  • Radials are neutral energy spokes that come out of the center of some circles like the spokes of a wheel. This formation was first discovered at Arbow Low and needs to be confirmed at other sites. The StoneDowser’s site displays many diagrams of radial energies at stone circles.
  • Shifting male and female energies – there is a possibility of energy lines that shift from male to female as you traverse them – but it might be that they are so close that there is no distinguishable difference between the two. We first saw this effect at Bryn Celli Ddu burial mound in Anglesey.
  • Energies can be felt as bad, negative or malignant and can be found in the stone circles themselves, or in the surrounding area.

I will post more lists of common features of dowsing at sites soon. Next up – The Dolmen (or Cromlech).


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