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Manifestations 2: chakra healing

December 2, 2008

It was friday last and I was looking forward to a packed – like sardines – weekend, when I got an email of Gwas, fancy visiting a stone circle on Sunday? With a flurry of calls and an email, I repacked my whole weekend to include this extra activity – I mention this because it was truly a tremendous feat to do so!

Dowsers what do not dowse

I was round at Gwas’s for 10 am on a frosty – but unusually clear sunday morning and after – secretly – checking out the energies in Gwas’s house (ooops). We were off to Cerrig-y-Drudion. En-route we made the essential, and quite normal I might add, step for us of buying food for the trip.

Forty minutes or so later – we stepped out of the old reliable and wandered off down a path into what seemed quite an unenergetic wood. Although we did find a couple of photogenic moments with the sun streaming in -hopefully pic here- the Wood/forest was quite dreary – which is the natural state of woods when humans come along and indiscriminately chop bits of it down!!!

We meandered down paths following a OS map which told us we had parked some 2k from the stone circle. Eventually we reached our destination and lo! No stone circle? We were by the side of Alwen (Translation Angel {GWAS: “Llanfihangel” translates as archangel, but ‘Alwen’ means ‘Noble friend’ apparently) reservoir knee-deep in undergrowth which was frost covered and wet, scratching our heads – playing my side-kick part to the max – I came up with the appropriate ‘here’s another fine mess you got me into’ reference.

It was at this point that Gwas’s dowsed and returned the result that “Here there be no stone circles”. We trampled through some more of the forest feeling a bit miffed and disappointed – but as the order of the day had already been set in a discussion in the car – If you don’t find anything interesting, you make something yourself, how appropriate is/was that!

We decided to head off to Rhuddlan Castle – a place we had dowsed in the past. It was close and we figured we could do some manifestations there.

Oooops, Actually we decided to go to Saint Bueno’s cave, which we had walked passed once and – quite remarkably for us – didn’t bother visiting. The reason I mention it is that as we walked to the car we were discussing and deciding to go to the caves and then strangely ended up heading towards the castle???

Distant Manifestation

As chief navigator (or the only one) I managed to avoid the sunday driver root to the castle. On the way we decided to try our hand at some distant manifestations. So far we have done plenty at sites but never tried a manifestation from a distance. Although we had it on our list of things to try.

Gwas, who was driving said he would have a go too. So for a few minutes in the car we were both attempting to visualise and manifest a symbol(s). At one point Gwas complained that his visualisation kept transforming. Whether this was because of his dual focus on driving and visualising is a question to ask?

For my part, I wanted to visualise something different, so I ended up with a circle with two spirals attached to opposite sides of it. I pluncked it on the far side of the castle (opposite the entrance).

An important note: on the way to Cerrig-y-Drudion Gwas told me that he had attempted a manifestation the night before and wondered whether I would be able to dowse it…having failed to find the site I asked Gwas what he had visualised, he said that it had been a triangle with a circle in it – but (as seems to be the case for him at the moment) the visualisation didn’t seem to stabilise.

Finding the triangle – with a spiral

We arrived at the castle, only to find the entrance closed. Undeterred we hopped over the small wall and continued on – with if I recall the sound of police sirens in the distance –

Gwas asked to see if I could find the energies that he had manifested from the car. I had a go asking “Show me the boundary of Gwas’s manifestation” – I walked some paces on the dew covered grass and found a boundary. I then followed it around and to my surprise it formed a triangle with a spiral in it.

The pattern was clearly visible in the wet grass and I turned to Gwas to ask whether this was what he had manifested? No, he said. I was a bit disappointed and watched as Gwas dowsed another section of the field before the Castle and laid out a pattern which he said was what he had manifested. We both swapped places and I dowsed and followed his outline exactly whilst he retraced my steps exactly.

At the time we both for some reason ignored the triangle and spiral – hmmm why did we do that – But now that I am writing this post I wonder if this could have been Gwas’s nightly manifestation?

Dowsing a manifestation only after the creator has walked it

Walking around to the back of the castle I took Gwas to the location I had manifested my energy pattern and asked him to try his luck. Alas I thought he had it when he got the first cicle but then wandered off on some other energetic pursuit.

I tried to dowse my own and got it first time including the two spiral offshoots. This had us both wondering…why couldn’t we dowse each others manifestations? If you read through the posts herein you will see that we have dowsed each others manifestations before.

It was then that I had a kind of eureka moment, what if we could only dowse them after the creator had dowsed them?…what if the other dowser walked in the energy wake of the manifester? This seems like a feasible answer for the moment – of course more investigation will blow or tether it.

More things to consider:

  • are we just dowsing what we believe to be there?
  • are our manifestations too weak for the other to dowse?
  • maybe we could pin them down somehow (crystals come to mind)
  • we could try local (non distant) manifestations and see how we go

What kind of energy are we manifesting?

Here are some of the questions we asked:

  • Is it Reiki energy? Yes
  • Is it Chi energy? Yes (Gwas asked this – my assumption would be that reiki/chi are the same)
  • Is it related to any of the chakras? No
  • Is it neutral Chi then? (this was a daft question and got a Trickster response)
  • Er…exactly – see how hard it is to form questions!!!

Chakra manifestation

Taking a more pragmatic stance I wanted to see what useful energies I could manifest and this is the first time I(we) did this so – please bare with the rawness of the experiment.

What I wanted to do was combine known knowledge with unknown or perhaps subconscious knowledge. Thus I decided to create a manifestation that would be of energetic benefit to me…“An energy manifestation that would align/frequency/vibrational to a chakra that was beneficial to me”

I visualised a energy spiral – why not – it seems the most prevalent form, embuing it – dont ask how – its a doing thing – with a chakra energy that would be healing for me. Now I didn’t consider which chakra energy would be healing to me – this is where the subconscious or whatever you want to call it comes in.

After a few minutes visualisation I dowsed for the spiral and found it straight away – a triple spin one – short and sweet. I then checked to see which chakra it was vibrationally aligned with and got an immediate response from Earth – the first one? I thought – with a thoughtful air I dowsed for any other frequency matches… Earth, Sacral and Throat were indicated. I reflected on this result for some moments – If I would have wondered at what I thought I would need I wouldn’t have come up with these…or would I? Hmmm.

Gwas came over from his own experiments and asked what I was up to and after a quick recap he had manifested a what? which indicated the following colours yellow and indigo. i.e. Solar plexus and Brow chakras.

We both stood in our power centers and let the energies do there work after which – Gwas dragged me away from the site – I still had a pocket full of questions – and he pulled me away whilst my rods were still spinning!

Reflections on the chakras manifestation

On our return trip as always – ruminations, puzzles and wonder were abound. I expounded a little on the nature and reflection of each chakra and Gwas determined why he got yellow and indigo. I also explained that I could understand the Earth and Sacral energy alignments – but am still puzzled over the throat chakra.

I was exploring this very reason when I got a Trickster response of the rods. left rod staying fixed forward right one twirling inwards…what does that mean?

What answers and the many (as per) questions that go with it

As is always and endlessly the case – each exploration lends to many questions:

  1. for me an important exploration is what I am going to call the Trickster response – how can I explore it tho?
  2. why cant we dowse each others manifestations – until they have been dowsed?
  3. we tested to see how long the manifestation would last and got 30mins – how to make them longer? Gwas determined that we could make them permanent – but how?
  4. there is so much more chakra oriented manifestations we can do – for healing ourselves and others. this is going to be a big area for me.
  5. dowsing each others chakras to detect imbalances and seeing if these match a healing manifestation

Everytime I think we have scratched the surface – the Trickster reminds me that I haven’t.


PS – If you’re wondering about the Trickster, a post or two on this matter will be materialising soon.

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  1. As you say – one session leads to more questions than answers and further sessions suggest themselves.
    I too will be posting about The Trickster. I have two posts lined up – one on ‘Dealing with the Logos: Rules of the Game’ and ‘The Slap: a guide to understanding when you’re breaking the rules’. They may be the same post yet!
    Remember also that when we scanned our lives for why these chakra energies were shown to be “required” to balance us that I managed to come up with reasons about why I might need Yellow and Indigo energies. However, I’m not sure if ANY response might have found such an explanation – we humans do like to make patterns fit, even if they don’t!
    The big question that came out of this for me was, why can’t we find each others manifestations?
    It is a big quandry inasmuchas it would appear to be a quite objective “proof” that we are being prevented from realising. Why so? Can it be done without being walked first? And if not, why not?
    We must discuss this and come up with a good experiment to nail it down.

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