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Weather control: The Druid’s Circle

December 12, 2008

23rd November 2008


This may be the last site visit report of 2008, and probably the most startling to date. If I had been listening to my sensible side I would never have obeyed the urge to go climbing up the very steep hills around Penmaenmawr in late November on what must have been the windiest day of the year! Luckily, I have developed an ability to ignore common sense. 😉

Although I do not pay any attention to modern astrology, certainly not the hackneyed nonsense spewed out onto the tabloid newspapers in Britain, there are certain fundamental elements that make me think twice – and these are the types of signs: Air, Water, Earth, Fire. It seems to me that these classifications may have derived from the druidical four elements. in that context they make sense to me.

I am an Aquarius – an air sign. Not very surprising, then, that I should be so enamoured of the wind. For me, standing in a strong blustery wind is totally empowering – I feel charged and strong. At home, almost. It’s very strange. Perhaps other druids of other signs (Water, Earth or Fire) might be more attuned to sun or rain. For me it is the wind.

So, when the urge came to travel to Penmaenmawr’s Druid’s Circle again on a windy day I couldn’t resist. It would be a good opportunity to validate all this stuff about double-helix formations and the alternating flows of male and female around stone circles.

I journeyed down the A55, not really knowing why I was being called out on such a day as this when the clouds hung brooding and bruised like purple velvet curtain holding snow, sleet and rain to come soon. Very dramatic indeed. As I arrived out of the third tunnel past Conwy I saw the petrol station that was my cue to turn left. I went into the village of Penmaenmawr, left up the steep hill, and did the tortuously tricky route that tested the limits of my car’s pulling potential. We made it together and in one piece, arriving at the twin stone columns that so incongruously stand overlooking the spectacular West Wales coastline below.

As I walked up to the circle I only saw one other person out in the storm, and he was heading down, sensibly. We passed wind-swept comments and his dogs looked happy to be descending. Our paths crossed at the lone standing stone opposite the lonely farmhouse half way up, and as the man walked on there was a cacophony of noise from the line of tall battered trees that howled in the high winds. I stopped in admiration of this curious choir.

Commanding views: commanding weather

As I passed out of the cover of the hills to catch sight of the roaring white horses below me on the coastline it became difficult to walk. I was being blown backwards by the force of the winds now, as they reared over the top of the hillside to catch me full on. I could see shapes of the stones in the Druid’s Circle now so I pushed onwards, struggling to get my breath.

As I approached some hail stung my cheek and battered my coat hood. I asked if the rain and hail could be held off until I had finished. This request came out in an almost sing-song phrase: “Keep the rains at bay – I have some work to do.” Da-dee-da-dee-da. Di-da-dee-da-dee-da. I repeated this in my head and started singing it to a tune. As a rhythm emerged the hail stopped and the rain too! It was uncanny. I kept that up untilI reached the circle itself.

This was not the first time I had held the weather off. On previous visits to Bryn Celli Ddu I managed to keep the rain at bay while I visited. Also BCD was another site where I felt the power of a strong wind and got energised by it. There was something about Wales that made me feel….connected to the power of the Druids. That’s the only way I can put it. Just more connected to their way of life, their work, their powers. Here I was, rain and snow all around me, and somehow managing to keep it all at bay with a small song and a little willpower. I was quietly shocked that it was working, but I never felt like it was at my command, just that it was being kind to me because I had asked it the right way and for a good cause.

Hold back the rain
Hold back the rain

This was a big moment for me. It was an incidental aspect to the purpose of my visit today, but here I was utilising an ancient druid power of weather control, and it was working, here, in the 21st Century, for real. I could go home now! Job done! Life complete. 😉 I had gone from being as much of an unbeliever as anyone else only a year ago – yet here I was, with the application of belief and study, turning all that on its head and working natural magick. If you had told me this a year ago I would have laughed at you, square in the face, and secretly made an appointment for a psychiatrist to visit you – it’s for your own good.

As I reached the very edge of the plateau upon which The Druid’s Circle rests I took a moment to survey the impending blizzard. On all sides there were charcoal-grey clouds, and against the backdrop of Tal-Y-Fan hill I could make out sheets of driving snow coating the ground with an icing sugar layer. Surely I was only moments away from this too? I seemed to have arrived in an impossibly rare break in the clouds which shone a pale but bright sunlight onto the stones of the circle. All around were heavy snow-laden clouds dashing to and fro in the monstrous winds. The circle stood in a lone break of weak sunlight. I looked up to see a tiny blue tear in the clouds above me that let the light through, spotlighting the plateau that the circle and I stood upon. Impossible! This was simply impossible, my rational mind attempted to scream, but even it was drowned out in the roaring winds.

Dowsing in High Winds: A test of testosterone

I decided to move quickly. I had no idea how long the worst of the weather would hold off for. I quickly located best place to sit – the place I had found to be my power centre last time I was here. It was a flat pointed rock (banjo is the term, I’m informed) laying down in perfect North-South alignment with small pool of water under its tip.


I dowsed for the location of a double helix – two stones registered for this: a large flat-backed standing circle stone due East that had an outlier, and the other stone was near a slight gap about North-East. The source of the helix was a stone two feet behind one of the large flat stones of the circle that was due East. This source stone registered for both male and female energies as a mixture. A confirmation of what we had found at Nine Ladies.

I wanted to study this relationship between the outlier and the tall flat-backed stone. A male line emanated from the right side of the outlier, going past the tall stone, inside the circle to the right, going inside of my “home” stone, out of the western edge to the outside, back in at another stone that registered for “double helix” properties, and into the flat inside of the large stone at the east. Phew! Complex route, but essentially a circle around that sometimes came inside the circle, and outside at other points.


It was incredible that I could dowse at all in these high winds, but there’s nothing more confirmatory that when the rods both swing simultaneously into the full force path of the wind as you walk trying to keep them straight. That truly is “something else” moving those rods. No better validation than that!

Now for the female line from the source outlier stone. Which way did that go? The female line emanated from the left side of the outlier, going left inside the circle, going all way round to the flat fallen stone, then outside to go into the large flat stone again due East. Almost a mirror image of the path of the male line, but not quite.

These were the directions of flow of the two energies, and together they formed a circuit of contra-rotating energies.

Contra-rotating energies
Contra-rotating energies

Winding the Winds

Now for the fun bit! As I walked around the male and female lines again to check the validity of the paths I felt the wind either slightly rise or fall depending on which direction I was walking. Was this something to do with chance, or where I was shielded from the wind…or was it something else?

As I was having luck controlling the weather I decided to try an experiment. I would walk the energy paths three times in each direction and see what happened! I started off in the male direction. Each time around I found myself walking faster than the one before, and with each rotation the winds rose in strength until on the last rotation I had to shelter against the flat-backed tall stone because the wind was HOWLING, roaring, screaming, tearing every blade of grass at its roots! I was absolutely stunned, mesmerised and slightly scared! How….? But….! Surely not? I laughed loudly and forcefully and the wind swallowed the sound instantly, flinging it into the wilds of the moorlands around.

I reversed the direction, following the female path. With each rotation the wind eased, until on the last rotation there was almost no wind at all – a gentle breeze flowing over the site, rustling the grass like a hand stroking hair. I laughed again, but this time the laugh didn’t disappear, instead it resonated against the stones and they felt like they were laughing with me.

I stopped and sat on my home stone with the power centre at its base. Immediately the winds picked up again and resumed their bluster and barrage of the hillside. Well. What the deuce had happened there? I made a mental note to think long and deeply about that as I marvelled at the weather.

I have seen diagrams in Tom Graves’ “Needles of Stone” book which show how a standing stone may act as an attractor for precipitation through some kind of electrical conductivity property, but…this was quite different.

My final task was to discover how the circle was powered. I meditated on the flat stone to try to discover this through a visualisation or other sensory message. As I closed my eyes slowly I felt a connection with the stone, and in my mind’s eye I saw the energies circling the stones – male going one way, female the other, along the paths I had traced. In me, I saw male energy circling anti-clockwise on my right side and female energy in me circling clockwise on my left side.

I knew I had to connect my rotating energies to those of the circle and that the trick was to keep all the energies flowing bi-directionally to achieve perfect integration with the site. Well, I tried this for a few minutes, but I couldn’t hold it all in my head at once – like mentally patting your head while rubbing your tummy!

Suddenly the light dipped and the energetic thought forms died away. I knew it was time to go. For a giggle (and I did giggle) I went to the top of the hill just above circle to see hwo strong the wind was without any protective slope. I got wind-blasted straight away as I rose to the summit. I lifted my staff above head with both arms and streched to my full height. I was blown backwards every time, and once nearly flew off my feet, rolling back down the small hill towards the stone circle, which made me laugh hysterically. Oh, too much fun, the wind. My sides were acheing with the amount I was laughing.


I descended quickly, getting into a really quick pace using my staff as a metronome, ticking and tocking all the way down to the car along the wide tracks. As soon as I got into the village the sleet started in earnest – an almost blizzard, and it was terrible then all the way until Chester. The blizzard of dancing snowflakes was hypnotic in the car lights and I had to draw my focus back onto the road several times. I narrowly missed two smashed cars that were sideways across the A55 near Holywell, which made me breathe quickly to recover! Lucky escape!

This was the finest visit with which to end what has been a truly amazing, life-changing year of dowsing and druidry. By hard work, much reading and studying, careful attention to coincidence, signs and possibilities I have learned that there Nature is the most incredible teacher, who can be cleverly amusing, then kindly scolding, but always interesting and fulfilling.

Next year promises much. Thank you all for reading about our journey, and we wish you all a miraculous Yule. May your devas guide you on your way.


Getting a battering while following the path!

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