Timewave moves on: February 12th, 2009

January 2, 2009

In a previous post I had explained how Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero algorithm, which purports to track the ebb and flow of what he calls “novelty” (or greater inerconnectedness, doing new things, creativity, the breaking of old habits)  had drawn a graph with a huge drop in late 2008 – actually, it was October 7th – the exact day that Gordon Brown publicly pronounced a recession in the UK.

I noticed in today’s blog stats that someone had searched for “february 12,2009,timewave zero” and found this blog. This is the date that the “descent into novelty” as Terence McKenna terms this drop into new territory. Few could doubt that times are quickly changing as we start 2009. So, what does February 12th 2009 signify in the Timewave progress? That is the date when the descent into novelty levels off, and even performs small peaks back into habit beyond that date.


Yet, if the wave is pursued along its historical course into the future the wave shows a definite trend towards the eventual end date of December 22nd 2012. It seems our journey towards the End of History, as McKenna has also claimed that date to be, is somewhat inevitable.

What can we expected from this levelling off on February 12th this year? Some element of recovery from the current plummeting in everyone’s confidence with the financial systems perhaps. Maybe we return briefly to our old ways – we reconstruct our systems to regain confidence in the future. Yet McKenna predicts that such attempts are failing to engender such confidences. February 12th looks like a day to take stock of how we could regain confidence in each other, rather than in the old-guard crumbling institutions that have fed our desire for goods and services to the detriment of our immediate sense of community.

2009 looks like a time to think about how we can all work for each other, instead of working for the very organisations that show no interest in us.


Follow the zig-zag line.

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  1. Feb 11th 23:50 – Wednesday was a bad day for bankers. They were publicly shamed, and one senior figure resigned in the UK after a row about not heeding advice concerning risky investment exposure many months ago.
    If tomorrow is the nadir point in McKenna’s timewave graph then I wonder how much lower it can get, financially speaking? Are we on a rough road towards habit, a move towards cohesion around the “old ways” – a return to normality for a brief spell on our rollercoaster ride towards 2012?

    I’m meeting Kal tomorrow night – the 12th – so I’m sure we’ll have some banter about this. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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