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A Day in Cowan’s Country: Part 3

July 2, 2009

This is the final part of The Perthshire Trilogy, as I’m now calling it (don’t worry – it won’t stick). This post covers Lundin Farm, a site particularly mentioned by David Cowan as forming a component of an energy formation covering a large area around Loch Tay and Crieff. I then go on to reveal the questions that I posed at the sites, and the accompanying answers that were dowsed, for what they are worth.

Lundin Farm circle

Lundin Farm can be found on a small track just off the main A827 road, about a mile and a half north-east of Aberfeldy, Perthshire. A short walk up the steep track reveals a large King Stone with four stones in a circle some thirty feet further on. Truly a beautiful sight – four stones nestled beneath the protective arms of a spreading oak tree. The site is perched on a hill overlooking a valley that runs East-West following the River Tay. 

Lundin Farm circle (14)

David Cowan uses the term “four poster” to describe the circle, and it is certainly a comfortable and restful place to spend a few hours in quietude, but I think there may have been possibly one more stone in there. I also think there were some around the outside of the tall inner circle, although it’s difficult to distinguish the detritus from the avenue of stones that leads down from the hill behind. Some of this is in place, but much of it has been either purloined and re-used or dumped in one corner of the site next to a wire fence.

I didn’t pay the dumped material much mind until I asked to find the transformer stone and was taken to a large flat rock that sat amidst the general smaller rubble. I was quite surprised that it was still linked into the main circle and was active, although being female/moon oriented the incoming energy felt like a low-level trickle whilst the sun was out. The link was to the two stones nearest the approach road (nearest in the picture above). These two circle stones dowsed for female qualities and were linked by the same kind of nemeton field as I found at Carnac in Brittany for the two mounds at the end of the Kermario field.

Apologies now to David for using an image from his books, but hopefully it will inspire you to go and take a look for yourself like it did me, and to determine for yourself what the purpose of these links between stone and sites may mean for the longevity, the power and the influence of these energies through the land. Here we see that David links Lundin Farm’s circle to others at the “Praying Hands of Mary” split stones near Loch Tay. My dowsing results indicate that the energy link is from the Praying Hands to the Lundin Farm circle. The energy comes in, but doesn’t go out again. Now I need to go back and test some of the others. What is the nature of their energy links to the central point? Does this bolster the idea that the ‘surrounding’ connected circles were drawing energy towards the local constructions – in other words, several places benefited from having a storehouse for earth and radiant energies, much like having your own generator in the back garden! According to my findings (see answers to questions below) there is only energy coming into this circle, and not going back out. If there is a connection with other sites (and I agree there is) then Lundin Farm circle has a parasitical relationship with the energy circuit.

Picture from David Cowan’s book “Ley Lines and Earth Energies

The King Stone

This unassuming stone stands at the edge of an entrance to a field. There is such an entrance on the other side of the track too, so you could say it stands at a crossroads. In terms of its energy patterns I found that it was sites atop a geological fault. I also dowsed for the presence of water crossing that fault line, and I believe this effect is responsible for the energy that this King Stone is placed close to. The stone itself registers for the presence of male and female earth energies. So, next I dowsed for the energy coming up from the earth at this stone – it was female earth energy, as found at many other sites. So, where did the male energy come from?

Lundin Farm King Stone

Where the water crosses the fault ion the rock below an earth energy power centre is created that is a combination of male and female energy. his was difficult to distinguish at first, until I realised that the male energy was coming OUT from the power centre. The King Stone then seems to attract the male energy to itself, absorbing it into the side facing the stone circle. Back at the power centre there is a female energy there too – where does it come from? I dowsed it back along its spiral course until it wove into the King Stone close to the termination point of the male energy. So, the female energy was coming up from the earth, through the stone, out of the stone and into the power centre a few feet away. The male energy was coming out of the power centre (fault + water) and heading for the King Stone. All together the two energies and the two power points produced a neat little circuit of opposing energy polarities.

Dowsing the circle

I dowsed the four or five stones (the recumbent stone next to the tallest stone is not ‘counted’ by Cowan) and found out the gender characteristic of each stone. Three of the stones (the smaller, flatter ones) were FEMALE. The two taller, pointier stones were MALE. It’s almost getting to the stage now that I can tell what gender type stones will align to by their shape and position. Recumbent, flat, or rounded stones are usually female. Pointed, sharp-angled, tall stones are often male. When I say that they “are” male or female, I mean I can’t tell yet whether the stones ARE that gender, or contain earth energy of that polarity, or whether the earth energies of those types simply flow through the stones and they register this polarity. I’m not sure which, yet.

I’m also not sure yet whether the shape of the stones dictates the qualities of the earth energy.  Do the pointed stones have male energy in them because they are shaped like that? Do the female stones give off or attract female earth energies because they are flat or round or recumbent? I don’t know yet.

Lundin Farm circle (4)

The Transformer Stone

Another often-overlooked aspect of these circles is the Transformer Stone. Such a stone serves the purpose of transforming radiant energies from bodies such as The Sun, The Moon and the ‘stars’ (in this I include other planets that predominate the sky at particular times of the year, as was the case earlier this year when I was transfixed by Venus). As the study of Astrology suggests there may be some very subtle energetic influences radiating from such stellar bodies, and their relative proximity and aspect seems to form part of the matrix of radiant energy that Transformer Stones can draw upon to perpetuate the energy flows within sacred sites.

Lundin Farm circle (2)

In the picture above you can see the Transformer Stone, which is now nestled amongst some stones strewn around one corner of the small hill upon which the main stones stand. This transformer is still active and supplying female radiant energy (moon) to two of the circle’s stones that are closest to the road. These two circle stones have a female field around them that has the same shape as the two small mounds that I dowsed at the end of the Kermario field of standing stones at Carnac. The nemeton even forms the same kidney-bean shape! This energy field dowses as having female and neutral qualities.

A demolished avenue and a collection of boulders

The Lundin Farm site is surrounded by strewn rocks of various sizes. As you walk up the hill at the ‘back’ of the circle you will see slight raised earth ‘tramlines’ forming a rough avenue, and occasionally there are some small stones demarcating this narrow channel. I wonder if this once formed an approach avenue, much like the avenues close to Stonehenge or Avebury, but on a much more intimate scale?

Lundin Farm circle (12)

In the field next to the stone circle is a collection of larger boulders. At first I thought this would be the site of the cup-marked stone that Cowan refers to in his books when he talks of this site, but I couldn’t actually find anything that looked cup-marked, and I had a ruddy good look! The boulder site looks similar to some destroyed “preparation” enclosures that I’ve seen (such as the one at Stanton Drew). I can only speculate, as there was nothing energetically significant about the stones here, so I left it to the sheep to continue to use as a wind-proof toilet facility!

Lundin Farm circle (3)

Question Corner

During my visit I asked a series of prepared questions, some sensible, some far-out and superficially ludicrous, just to test what the responses would be, and perhaps to reveal some surprises. Just to remind you of the questions I was asking:-

Q1. Was this site created…

  1. …before the time of the Druids?
  2. …by The Shining Ones?
  3. …according to principles established by The Shining Ones?

Q2. Was the purpose of the sites….

  1. …to generate subtle energies?
  2. …to collect and store such energies?
  3. …to disperse such energies into the land?

Q3. Where does the energy at the site…

  1. …come in?
  2. …leave?
  3. …get generated?

Q4. Were there any burials at the site, and if so, did such burials imprint the person’s energies into the site?

Q5. Is this site part of a larger energy system?

Q6. Was this larger system created to…

  1. …generate energy?
  2. …act as protection?
  3. …harness the energy for some other use?


Here are the results for Lundin Farm:-

Q1. Who created it?

  • Built on the principles established by The Shining Ones. Also responded to the idea of The Annunaki. A confirmation from the earlier Monzie Circle site.

Q2. What is its purpose?

  • Healing and human fertility (as opposed to the fertility of the land). Given that the energies don’t seem to emerge from the site this fits with the dowsing results, as I guess that all activity (ceremony, ritual, magic) would have taken place within the energy field of the stone circle.

Q3. Where does energy come in and go out?

  • Comes in through the Transformer Stone, and does not emerge again. The energy is contained in the circle.

Q4. Is there anyone buried in this circle?

  • No.

Q5. Is this site part of a larger system?

  • Yes.

Q6. What was the purpose of the larger system?

  • Could not be identified, perhaps because the question was too vague or had multiple answers.



You know it’s funny. You can’t make out in these pictures the telegraph poles that run alongside and very close to the stone circle. I spent a couple of hours there and didn’t notice them either until I walked away up the hill from the circle and turned around to watch the darkening clouds looming over the high hills to the south. I jogged back to dowse for their influence on the circle – they were affecting the circle’s energies – perhaps this was why the circle wasn’t outputting anything? Maybe. There was also an irrigation channel dug alongside the site and I think that the unnaturally straight flow of water also had some energetically-draining qualities about it too. I’ll have to go back with more time. But then I had to head off in search of the cup-marked stone that was somewhere nearby. I didn’t find it and now I was really pressed for time and had to leave.

Still – things learned, some things verified, and a delightfully peaceful timewas had sitting under the oak tree, listening to the beck babbling, the birds singing, the lambs bleating. Not even the cloudburst that appeared next could dampen that moment. Just before I go – here’s a thing I’ve begun to take notice of. I know we have changeable weather on this island, but it seems like every time I do energy work at a site the weather changes. If it’s sunny it will cause wind and rain to arrive, and if it’s cloudy a small break appears and the sun shines through. Just like the effects of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster. Just noted, that’s all. I read that, according to New Scientist magazine, our brains are hard-wired to detect patterns in just about anything. Must be useful for something then, eh? I wonder if the Druids who are doing a ritual to keep the rains away from the Green Man Festival this year are doing something more than ‘praying’?


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