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The Hedge Druid : One Year On

July 25, 2009

Friends, acquaintances, keen obersvers and passers-by – it has been just over a year since I started this blog. I started posting on 7th July 2008. The incentive to record the experiences that I had back then as I was introducing myself to the Way of the Druid , and finding my own path, was so strong that I embarked upon putting together an online space to record everything.

My intention back then was to record it for myself and for Kal, so that we would have an accurate record of our true experiences, which were even then startling us both. Right from the outset I phrased the posts as though someone out there would read it, although honestly, I never expected that anyone would excepting Kal and myself. We intended to use the material to chart our observations of earth energies whilst dowsing ancient sites and additionally, for me alone I think, to record my progress along what was shaping up to be a rather interesting sideline in experiences with nature.

Even then I knew something was going on, and I wanted to see how far it would go. I was very skeptical of the interactions with nature, thinking that it was primarily my own imagination that was shaping the results. Now, with a year of such experiences I can categorically state: it IS me, but not ONLY me who is producing these fantastic stories. It is me when I interact with nature. It is me when I open up to Nature, and it is me when I feel the forces of the earth and the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars. No-one else is doing that – it’s me. For those who see this as a form of delusion, well, this year has shown me that such people will always think that. But that’s because such people rarely allow themselves to FEEL. If this makes you angry just reading that statement then go find a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Do you know who you are?

If you have at any time followed my progress you will know that some things have definitely changed. Gone is the doubt. Gone is the rational argument against the evidence of my whole being. Gone is the lost little soul wandering around this planet without a purpose, a reason and a way. All that in a year! I invite you now to go back and read some of the earlier posts, and any others that catch your eye, or draw your attention. Those are the ones you should read. There are literally hundreds to choose from!

I could list the way things have changed but no-one other than myself would care. I could offer rational arguments against all that I have done, seen, heard and felt; but I would be denying my very essence. I could ask you to believe me; but you have your own mind, your own being, and though we are connected, I am not you. I am persuaded, and that has brought me to a very solid point on the path towards a greater understanding of this universe and my place within it.

As a self-classified HEDGE DRUID I have recognised over this past year that I have gone from being a shy, bewildered absolute beginner in the birch woods of Birchen Edge, to a confident energy worker sitting in public between the yew trees of Glastonbury’s Chalice Well. Those who know the traditional druid levels will recognise that this is a progression from a beginner to an adept. From a ‘bard’ to an ‘ovate’. I do not recognise those labels and I do not submit myself to the examination of other druids. I don’t mean this as an insult to anyone, let alone those to whom I am indebted for preaching their wisdom, but I have my own way and it works for me. That’s what Hedge Druidry is all about. In the delightful words of Fleetwood Mac, “You can go your own way“. 

I have gone from knowing and accepting nothing, to realising and learning much more about the world and myself. With each major turn on the labyrinthine path up the Tor I have stopped to admire the view, to recollect and absorb the experience, and this has helped me to understand my place, and to place my understanding. I know how little I know!

That is how a year of dowsing and druidry has opened up my heart. Here it is – on the page for all to see. Should I care what you make of it? Should you care? I only remain true to the original purpose of this blog: to record my experiences with a core of truth, and the best recollection that I can. However, let me thank you for going with me, at least some of the way. All paths cross, even those that veer wildly in differing directions. Dowsing has taught me that. As Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan Matus might say, only the path with a heart is worth following.

I have many authors and peers to thank, but I hope my own writings will do that. I have many words of wisdom that I draw from. I hope you may include this blog amongst the words that you draw upon to motivate you to find your ‘path with a heart’. Stay with me! It gets stranger as it gets deeper. Thank you for being here now.


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