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Trail of the White Dragon: Part 3 – The Avebury Egg

September 1, 2009

The Dragon’s Egg: Avebury

In the final part of chasing the dragon’s trail I found myself amongst the most impressive of Wiltshire’s ancient sites – the immense stone circles of Avebury. I arrived at 6pm as the sun was beginning its descent and shadows were growing long and dark across the split village. The occasional traffic still rumbled through, but parking was much easier than previous visits. Avebury can become a bustle on holidays, and even now it was hosting the occasional small family groups and couples admiring the ambience.

I got my dowsing rods out unashamedly – well, if I couldn’t dowse here where could I? All day the rods had drawn interested people over to question their purpose and capabilities. Each enquirer had been polite and genuinely interested. I guess this area attracts inquiring minds. I asked the rods to take me to the place where I could meditate upon the Dragon’s Egg (see previous post: Uffington). I was confident and hopeful as I was clearly guided around the avenues of stones, taking the straightest path to a stone on the south-western side of the village, close to the road and the ditch.

This image, taken from the interesting article on the JS Design web site, shows the south-western sector in which I found the stone I should sit next to:

Avebury-SW-sector(c) John Smout – JS Design

As I dowsed along a line of stones the rods reacted to one, directing me in a spiral around it until both rods touched the stone – this was the exact spot I should meditate at. I looked around – the sun was shining on the side where I should sit, there were very few people near the stone, and there was a perfect path of grass for me to sit on.

Avebury (5)

I took up a comfortable position facing the last rays of the sun and relaxed. I concentrated on feeling the dragon’s egg shaped area that I had in my chest area. Weird, I know. But I could feel it energetically, although it had no physical properties at all. As I cleared my mind of thoughts a flock of crows rushed overhead, cawing gently as they whirled round towards some trees at the edge of the ridge that enclosed the stone circle.

Avebury (1)Despite being in what I felt was an appropriate mood I felt none of the magick that I had felt so far this day. I stood up and looked at the stone. Its pitted marks drew my attention. I picked up my dowsing rods and asked a few questions about whether these holes were relevant at all. I got a positive response. Several minutes later I had worked out that there was a series iin which I should ‘activate’ the stone, by placing my hand in certain holes in a specific order. It was very similar to one of the stones at Nine Stones Close in Derbyshire that I had decoded for myself recently. Now confident that I had the potential to unlock some special energy field I tried to replicate the sequence I had dowsed.

Something was wrong, however. The first few holes had felt warm, but then I put my hand in a cold hole and stepped back. Not what I was expecting. Oh damn, I realised, I had done it in the wrong sequence! Now all the holes felt cold as I tried to repeat the sequence. It wasn’t working now. I had blown it in my impatience! Just a few more moments memorising the sequence and a bit less haste in executing it might have been a different story, but now it seemed I might not get another attempt at this.  As if to answer that silent question the flock of crows flew back from the trees over my head cawing again.

That was the end of my day. I retired to the Seven Stars Inn a few miles away and pondered what I might do the next day. Would I continue this Dragon’s Trail? Would I try to do something with the dragon’s egg again? Would I find a crop circle in the area still? Or would something even more amazing happen. As it turned out, the next day was going to top even this one!

However, in a coinciudence that took the mickey  as I made my way over Windmill Hill late that evening. and parked up scanning the fields below for crop circles, a song came on the stereo – it was British Sea Power’s song “It Ended On An Oily Stage” which contains the lyrics “He found God in a Wiltshire field, whilst you did not.” OK lads – no need to rub it in! I hadn’t found any yet! Maybe next time I would learn to be a bit more focused.

Gwas Myrddyn

Holding on to the dragon’s tail.

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