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Auras – what is going on?

October 20, 2009


Splattered throughout this blog is the word aura, in this post I am going to have a go at collating our experiences of this phenomena in the hope that I can peg it down – or at least corral the darned thing! Here is to hope…

Oldfield Filter
Oldfield Filter

The aura-less tree

Early on this (2009) year Gwas and I were visiting nine stones close.  It was at this site that I found/discovered a tree with no aura. Since healing this tree my commune with trees and plants has improved to unbelievable degrees. This is the only time I have discovered a living thing with no aura.

Intention and the Aura size

In this post we see that auras can be increased in size and it seems that one can shrink the auras of others. Since then both Gwas and I have done experiments many times to increase and decrease auras. A current speculation is that the size of the aura might relate to our personal space size. Also see the sciency bit below – where auras collide!

Famous Kirlian leaf
Famous Kirlian leaf

Pulling and pushing via the Aura

You should all check out Chris Crudelli’s adventures in esoteric lands, namely Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves/Miracles. If you have seen these you will often see him do the energy pushing/pulling experiment. I have tried this successfully on several occasions. Only failing once so far as I can remember when the person who I was pushing was not paying attention.

As far as current experiments go, I believe that the point at which one can feel a connection between yourself and the one being pushed is at the edge of the aura. It’s almost as if you feel for the edge of the aura and then grab something and pull/push.

Does size matter? (Ooo er madam!)

As far as we can tell at the time of writing the size doesn’t seem to matter. We (i.e. people) have the ability to increase/decrease their aura by intention. I wonder if we should control the size in different energetic areas e.g.

  • countryside = make aura bigger
  • busy shopping centre = make aura small

Perhaps we intuitively do this already?

Layers and colours

This is a fascinating area and we should do more work on this really. Many moons ago a we did this a lot – i.e. checking out the aura colours of living things = trees and of power centres – the first time I think we did this was at Runcorn hill. Which I think we should visit again. Again though the question arises what do these colours mean i.e. what can we do with the knowledge – information for the sake of it is interesting but both Gwas and I have gone beyond that stage – see recent posts.

Still – I have a feeling that there is something in this colour stuff!

The science(ish) of auras

I am currently in the middle of reading a book called Infinite Mind by Valerie Hunt. The book is dated (1989) to be honest but has a lot of stuff to do with energies and auras. In particular it starts by attempting to (find) and examine the human aura using equipment that was initially designed to monitor NASA astronauts, you know what I mean. When you see astronaut’s vital signs at Houston (we have a problem!!)

human aura using aura photography
human aura using aura photography

Anyway, Val used these telemetry capturing probes to see if anything was occurring on the electrical front when things like shamanic healing, altered states, healing, meditation and a host of other things where going on.

What she found was quite amazing (to me) in that there was a correlation between aura/chakra energy and EM in the body. Not only that but she brought in Aura readers and correlated there seeing with what was happening on the oscilloscope so to speak. Clearly, and perhaps obviously now, there is a link between EM (Electro Magnetic) Fields and the so-called subtle energies of Chi/Prana/Grace or whatever other descriptive term you want to use.

Some of the interesting things that Val discovered was that…

  • The aura had a size and that this size fluctuated.
  • That healing occurred through a transaction between healer and patient aura.
  • That the aura had colour associated with it and that these colours had a corresponding EM frequency, the following is in frequency order. Green was 100Hz and White I think was 1000Hz ..
  1. Green
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Orange
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. White
  • That when two auras collided they either…
  1. reshaped to avoid collision
  2. one became dominant (this was a requirement for healing)
  3. both altered to become a third frequency
  • That certain illnesses where helped by the healer giving out energy of a particular colour/frequency.

Furthermore she found correlations between EM and its affect on the aura frequency/colour and thus health.

Aura images

As far as i’m aware there are four ways of seeing the aura.

  1. To literally see them – an aura reader
  2. Kirlian photography – which is actually a picture of corona discharge
  3. Aura photography (this isn’t actually kirlian photography)
  4. Oldfield filter

Where am I (we) going with this aura lark?

Intuition, it’s a bit of a annoyance when you know something means something but can’t figure out what or indeed how to figure out what.

Dowsing, though a wonderful tool has, by its very nature, to be inextricably entwined with creativity. This is because it can only answer yes/no (occasionally a maybe). So it is up to the dowser to be able to create a question that can be answered with a yes/no.

And there is my dilemma. I know that there is a significance in the aura and dowsing it – but I don’t know what it is and can’t – at the moment – conceive of a question that I can ask.

Still, I suspect that the aura is intimately related to our well-being and our protection from external energy sources.

To conclude (for the moment) – this article becomes a self-note to remind me and Gwas that we need to revisit this area!

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