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Samhain – transformational energies of the elements

November 3, 2009

The complexities of life often catch me by surprise. The mix is so varied, meaningful and relevant that it is difficult to describe where a particular chapter (of your life) begins. For me it seems quite common that the web of life interweaves multiple phenomena, experience and whatever was left over from last night’s cooking into the mix to create a new day that seems unique and individual and yet if one takes but a single thread and follows it (down the rabbit hole) it leads to truly unexpected and to what I original thought of as unrelated phenomena.

Humbling is a word that begs for deeper meaning when I traverse such tunnels of thought and speculation. I am not going to enter the debate of intelligent design, god, gods or indeed evolution. I am certain of one thing, if you think you know anything (and I mean anything) think again!

Today, being the third day in the trinity (for me) of Samhain, the festival of fire (see Gwas’s post here) traditionally marks the end of harvesting and the beginning of a period quietude and reflection. Alas, as is my wont I am going to have to differ somewhat with the traditional view of this dividing day. This leap of (semi) rationality can be forgiven I hope since we (most of us) do not reside in the world of harvesting (fantastic though it may have seemed a hundred years ago) technology has given us the ability to have any harvested product at any time of the year.

A new interpretation of Samhain may be that it is a period of flux (I love that word). A time that can be utilised by any who have the means, belief, understanding and (the essential ingredient) desire or intent.

For me (please note that ‘for me’ bit) Samhain festival was divided into three components. You may ask, why three? I can only answer that it was a mix of intuition and divine (by this I mean divination using the rods) answers. So it was an event(s) that encompassed three days Saturday 31st, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd. Furthermore – an indication of each days activities was that it would follow the pattern of:

  1. Preparation
  2. Transformation
  3. Confirmation

The promise (or result) was that should I not mess it up (the divine indication was that it was highly likely that I would – cheers!) Anyway the promise was of invisible blocks to be released and pathways cleared of obstructions.

A strange promise to honest, because at this present time in my life I am feeling that anything and everything is possible. Indeed and therein lies (or rather lay) the rub!


Gwas and I had planned to be out together on Sunday and so I was left in the preparation phase to my own devices. Now, very recently my dear mum passed away, and whether it is real or a method of comforting myself (what does it matter which?) I have been in commune with her of and on as the days have waned into weeks and months. Strange it seems to me that such energetic commune seems more effective and solid(?) when at her graveside.

As an aside, you must realise that my belief in life after death wanders from believing to not believing constantly – this paradox doesn’t really bother me – in fact it’s refreshing.

Prior to my visiting my mum’s graveside I had no notions of the above trinity or anything else on the matter of Samhain.  However whilst in meditation at the graveside (I’m not really a prayer-for-the-dead kind of person, and frankly on the days that I believe in life-after-death I don’t really think the departed need it). I digress. So there I was meditating with some incense burning away. When I got the message that the following two days could be utilised to great effect should I not dawdle and make a mess of it.

Okay, you may be asking where this message came from – I will be honest, it was my mum. Now, you may think it was just my imagination – and if it helps you any, I will think that too. Again, who cares what and where it came from? Surely its reality is only defined by whether you do anything about it? And since I did, the message was real, even if the originator is unknown or suspect.

The day this occurred was Saturday, A nice, warm and pleasant early afternoon. After receiving it I consulted the oracle of the divine i.e. the rods for further information and was given to understand that a visit to the sea would be of great advantage as the Preparation phase of the Trinity.

Water and Wind

A random point along the coast of Wales had me sat in between some boulders watching and listening to the music of the waves rolling in. A few months ago I had an very humbling experience with, what I am going to call Poseidon, but you may as well call it the sea, ocean or water, I guess.

Poseidon conjures up a nice vision for me and perhaps we create our reality based on our beliefs and thus my containing whatever I was connected with into that image, that is what it became.

On this particular occasion I was very humbled by Poseidon, it is something that is not to be messed with – I guess one might say the traditional view of the sea as being a tempestuous spirit was coming to truth for me. Or…tempestuous is wrong, it was…”beyond approachable”. My attempts at being recognised where in vain.

After a while, the wind slowly rose and I pondered whether there was any significance to the winds change?

How does intuitive knowledge come to you? One particular means for me is just a gentle pondering, answers come when beckoned. To trust or act on these answers is the prerogative of the listener I fancy.

My answer was that it was the element of Air combining with that of Water. I sent out a thought to the Sea “Will you come with me tomorrow and help?” I got back an echo of the question. I had to laugh – I was so far down the scale of things that I wasn’t even something that would (or indeed could) be acknowledged. Still I felt from the combined wind/water a sense of…yes.

Divine (this word is going to get popular) knowledge said that preparations were complete for part one of Trinity. It also added an addendum – that my Solar plexus and Crown chakra energies would be worked on in the coming day.

Wind and Water Companions

Sundays arrival was marked with rain and wind. As I went for milk in the morning I remarked to myself that a sliver of Poseidon was in that air. I arrived at Gwas’s in the early afternoon with a gentle breeze and a few raindrops in tow.

A long drive filled with discussions about Gwas’s adventures in gathering spirit forms had us arrive at Nine Stones Close. As we walked through the fields Gwas’s intuition decided on a different path than normal and we found ourselves climbing up a rocky hill. As id often the case we split up and followed our own energetic paths through this new territory.

I am often surprised at our ability to go-off and do different activities at these sites and then return with individua tales to tell.

My path led to a place where the boulders had fallen in such a way as to create a cave like structure. I sat in it for a while feeling its shape before pointing it out to Gwas. Once we moved away from the cave we walked further around the hill only to have to come back on ourselves a little so as to find a path to the Stone circle.

Often we have foundthat recapitulating upon experiences results in little connections that were at the time missed. For example – upon reflection – it seems to me that the deviation in our path was to find that cave and for me to sit in it, Gwas didn’t. Which becomes meaningful in a moment.

As we approached Nine Stones Close the wind was a surprising gust and my spirits rose. I am really connected to that site because of a beautiful Oak tree that is there. Fortune had a particular smile for us today as the neighbouring field was devoid of its usual cows. Cows are the bane of dowsers! This absence allowed me to climb into the next field and become more acquainted with the Oak tree.

Divine knowledge guided me to the best place to stand and I stood with my back to the tree, my hands were positioned with palms facing the tree and behind me. As I stood there for many moments the wind whipped up into a strong breeze continually changing direction. Even though it was quite cold, I found my hands warming up behind me. It was as if the tree was warm.


After a while I felt myself filling up with warmth from the tree. But it was more than just inside of me, it seemed that it was my aura filling with orange flame. Communing with the tree gave me to understand that the winds frenzy was necessary to ensure that my aura would contain the flame otherwise it would be released. It was also at this time that two other realisations dawned on me.

First, was that the Solar plexus chakra is associated with Fire and second, that my understanding of the use of cave structures is to shape the aura. Thus only a few minutes ago I was shaping my aura and now it was being filled with flame. Of course these are all coincidences right?

Upon completion of this filling, I was given a small seedling from the tree, which I transferred to my pocket and minutes later we were done and moving off upon our normal path back to the car (completing ‘the’ circle). Upon the return walk to the car I found a white feather which I also pocketed. White feathers are rare – I’m usually a Crow feather man.

Addition: Just to note that Gwas’s and I checked the trees aura and found it to be a healthy size. And again – why do I do this? I decided to follow the shape of the aura around the tree and found that it had some strange shape and twist to it. Further divination revealed that several head sized rocks had fallen of the wall and were interfering with the aura of the tree. Gwas and I quickly divined that this was not a good state for the tree and returned the rocks to the wall.

A ten minute drive later we arrived at the Nine Ladies circle just as dusk was approaching. Clouds were ominously covering the full moon. Again as we approached the circle we divided off into our own little projects. I went and greeted the Oak whilst Gwas meditated on the circle.

With the wind howling away and Gwas’s news that he had to wait until complete darkness before his work could begin. We spent a leisurely hour or so watching the moon rise.


When the time came Gwas and I entered the circle and began to do our individual work. I was only moments in when it became clear that the power-center in the circle was Gwas’s area. I was told to embrace the wind. Who am I to argue? So I was up and off, following the wind to its source. I was led to the King-stone and sat down upon it. I’ve never actually sat on it before and found that it has a comfortable little niche in it.

A few minutes of quite reflection and the wind quieted down followed a few seconds later by the clouds clearing and the full-moon’s spotlight felt like it was falling directly on me and the King-stone. As I sat there wondering what would happen next I felt the Orange flame seep out of me into the King-stone and follow the energy tracks down to the stone circle, flow around it once and dissipate into the ground. I felt deflated and was wondering whether the activities of the night were completed when I felt that a blue flame was filling me up, but not from the ground up at before but from the top down. It was coming from the Moon! Blue moon energy?

The blue flame filled me up and again it filled my aura to the brim (my aura was about 2 feet outside of the physical me – or so it seemed).

The right way

I knew then that it was complete and stood up from the stone. As I looked down to the circle I knew I had to come down and walk once around the circle (widdershins as Gwas had divined earlier). So I walked back to the circle and completely forgot to walk around it!! Instead I headed for the Oak tree and a second later – Wham! a branch had hit me straight in the right eye!

Funny isn’t it, as Gwas noted later “I didn’t hear you cry out” – it’s because I didn’t. As soon as my senses returned I stepped back andheaded around the circle! Point – literally taken! The funny thing is that I didn’t have the usual “kicking the tree” reaction that one might expect – instead I thought “Hey how lucky is that – I could have had my eye out!”

Thanking the Genius Loci of the place we both felt that the nights adventures were complete and I wondered whether Monday’s divination would reveal success/failure.

Sunny kinda guy!

It is unquestionable that I am a “sun” aligned guy! Although I love the moon and its creative juices. I just love the sun energies. Which I have to say doesn’t have anything to do with lying on a beach any place – definitely not!

As an aside I have to say that I am a star person too – which kind-of makes sense to me because they after all are suns too!

Upon returning home on Sunday night I was shattered! I came in and went straight to sleep, which is definitely unlike me, I am a midnight at least person.

Monday, I awoke and wow! The sun was shining and the sky was blue and the wind was gone. There was only one element around this day. Sun.

I got up and changed and hit the outside – I just walked and walked taking in all that sun energy. I sat in my garden in the lunch time sun meditating upon the Trinity. What puzzled me was why I was filled with Blue – the colour for the Crown which is what I would have expected – if I had expected anything is Violet.

But divination revealed that I had it right. I was filled with blue flame. Now my intuition took me in this direction:

  • Blue -> Throat Chakra -> Understanding and Communication

Then in my meditation I got the urge to go and write something on my computer and before I knew it the words were flowing like – well – like they used to before I lost my muse when my mum passed away. I wondered…was that the block that had been removed? The divine answer…one of the smaller ones. Just wait til you re-alise (re-align) one of the bigger ones that is gone! I’m still figuring out what that one is!

And so it is that that the following was also released into the world today!


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