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Knowledge from a forest

December 14, 2009

Waking to a cold and frosty morning. I reckoned that the sun was going to be out before long and so opted for a trip to Delamere forest for a walk and general closeness to nature. Wayne Dyer recommends this kind of stuff as ‘wilderness therapy’ although exactly what I was being therapised for in this instance was unspecified. Perhaps it is like going to the gym and more of a ‘maintenance therapy’? Hmmm!

Delamere Forest
Delamere Forest

So it was that some time in the morning I found myself walking amongst the last of the Autumn leaves and enjoying the sense of treeness that has been my companion throughout this year.

As ever, the clanking of the dowsing rods stuffed in my utility belt – or in this instance the whole in the back pocket of my jeans – suggested that I should do some dowsing.

Gwas and I have done some dowsing in this forest before, concerning tree auras etc. So I didn’t really fancy that kind of investigation.

Tree aura work is interesting exercise however at the moment we have no understanding as to how it relates to anything – for example is a small aura mean the tree is ill or well? What do the aura colours mean? Only once have we encountered an aura that gave us more information and that was when a tree had no aura. So until we know what we can correlate aura information with – it remains interesting knowledge only.

Well, with the winter solstice approaching I thought that it might be good to see if I can garner any information about what to do, where to go, any preparation work etc. On these lines I began walking around following the rods to find a suitable location to ask these questions. After a suitable amount of random wandering the rods swirled and indicated a nice comfortable spot.

I would add a picture of the spot – but since these spots tend to be highly personal what would be the point?

So there I was sitting on the frost harden floor – fortunately way outside of the walkers paths and trying to commune with nature…and failing miserably?

What was going on? Usually I am really good with trees (see all my tree posts) but here I was getting a non sequitur response.

Another shot of Delamere
Another shot of Delamere

Okay… I double checked that I was in a good spot? Yes I was. I checked that it was a good time of the year to meditate and/or ask for answers – it was. I asked whether all conditions were suitable to commune with nature. Yes – go for it came the dowsing response.

Indeed, I am going for it but not getting anywhere I thought! Trickster? Is you about? If the dowsing rods could laugh, they would have. So I had a bite to eat (note to self – get a thermos for hot drinks!) and refreshed had another bash at communing.

Nil Point! Ok, whatever! I got up and said to no one in particular, “fine, be like that” and stomped off! I had got about ten feet when I tripped and fell on my face! Lovely!

As I was pushing myself up, a thought occurred to me…was this the place to meditate, was this a sign? Hmmm…So I sat where I tripped and tried again to commune and lo and behold…Nothing!

Now I was puzzled…why? Why was I getting nothing when the dowsing, the spot, the trees where all in place. O and no it wasn’t because of the season (see the above bit of dowsing).

Shot of the forest
Shot of the forest

More dowsing was required…was i missing some ingredient to todays work? Yes. Ahh now we are getting somewhere…Did I need to ask permission or give some offering? No…You’re a welcome guest…Aw…Aren’t trees nice? Did I need to focus on something? Kind of.

For those who are new to dowsing – or indeed old to it – a “kind-of” response is indicated by a very lame “yes” response.  Perhaps next year we will do some youtube videos of dowsing responses. Then again we’re not here to teach but rather to describe.

So, some kind of focus was needed. What kind though? A question? Yes came the rods response “I needed a question”. This is strange because in previous communes I happily sat with a “I wonder what I’ll get attitude” and now it seemed that things had changed. Or had they? So I asked whether this was a one-off thing where I needed a question? No, well sort of No.

Ok to cut a long session of dowsing short here is how the results mounted up. Before I was semi-directionless and so that was a reflection of the commune. It provided ways in which to find direction rather than direction itself. Now that I had direction it provided knowledge and wisdom based on the questions that I asked.

Interesting isn’t it. As Gwas indicates its a two way street. Here is another set of interesting responses that I got – don’t know what put me on this track of questioning but…

Nature is nature…sounds weird at first but here is a thing…if you have bad energies in an environment and someone with no intent in mind puts a plant into that environment the negative energies will flourish and/or the plant will die. Life grows and intends other things to grow too. A tsunami swept away hundreds of people a few years ago on the coast of Sri Lanka and India. Earthquakes happen and kill humans, animals and plants. Nature is what it is. Sometimes if all the conditions (or enough of them) are favourable then the interaction proves fruitful.

Pardon that little interlude, once you get into this questioning and dowsing spiral you can end up in really strange places (and thought proving as above).

Getting back to the forest. Now I was casting about for a question and came up with the one I had gone there in the first place with Doh!


In a end of year post that I will be putting up I named the upcoming Winter Solstice as the twilight of the year and so I sat there in the spot asking whether there was any preparation required for the coming twilight of the year? It was quite a while before images and sensations crept into my thoughts. The first was…

It isn’t the twilight of the year. More accurately this time is the sunrise of the year when those that have slept begin to yawn and stir. For you who have tried to buck this trend by keeping active, the preparation will be to still yourself up to this time and so you will see some benefit.

Otherwise it will be like you going into a warm place and not taking your coat off, and so you will not feel the benefit of the coat when you return to the cold. So if you choose to stop for this short period of time you will see the rewards of starting again after the solstice. But if you don’t the rewards will still come but you they just won’t be so obvious (or seen). Just like the coat will keep you warm when you return to the cold but you don’t notice that it does.

Wow! what a piece of wisdom! Sunrise of the year! How is it that it makes sense after you see it? “So will there be anything in particular that I need to do on the Solstice itself” is the question I put out there…

The solstice is inevitable (I knew that!) it is a doorway that you can use to connect with spirit should you choose (ok…not spirit again). You’re best times is in the summer sun. You should work towards that time being the peak of your activities then they will be most fruitful. The Solstice marks the turning point. For all, it is the time of the New. It all begins then. Or rather the spiral starts its new orbit then. The energy that is released on that day is that…of beginnings…of starts…of rebirths. Use it to that effect.

Ok useful, but not as directed as ‘go here and do that’ which I was rather hoping for. The doorway to spirit stuff…I wasn’t to sure about. Note to the universe or its local representative…please refrain from all this spirit malarkey.

Next bit of meandering thought I had in mind was, what would the after effects of the Solstice be?

None, I got this in mind…before the solstice – work and eat – after the solstice – work and eat

OK, I guess GIGO applies to this kind of query too…Garbage In Garbage Out although I felt that the ‘work’ part wasn’t referring to work work.

Was all this of value? Value is a strange concept in this world and can only be defined from a personal perspective. I found the above knowledge to be profound in some instances, valuable in others. But that is me.

I did do a lot of other little bits of dowsing after to clarify a few things and search for the meanings behind others. But that information was personal to me and it’s not that I don’t want to share it here – there would be no point…

It’s like me saying I like vanilla flavoured ice-cream. Why would you want to know that?

O and I will leave you with this juicy note…Often Gwas and I have wondered why we don’t dowse more often at home…surely distance doesn’t matter? Surely I should be able to connect with the spirit of tree from anywhere? Why do we need to go out to sacred places for such communes…Here is an answer…

When communing with places or ‘things at places’ we still have to go there. We can connect to these places/trees/whatever from another location. But that connection still means that we go there in a non physical way.

If we go there in a non-physical way we lose that part of the commune. My dowsing around this area tells me that we are and we are not a trinity. The trinity is Mind, Body and Energy. The bit that makes us not a trinity is our Spirit. I’m not going to go into what I think each of these are here – because its only my view. But in terms of visiting a place here is what dowsing tells me happens…

When we visit a place our mind, body and energy are interacting with the place/tree/whatever. However when we distance connect it is only our energy that connects with the place – our mind gets a secondary input and our body a tertiary one. So when we go out there and visit sacred places we get a holistic experience. When we distant connect we get a translated experience.

Does that sound kooky? Again, my caring gene seems to be faulty on that score. However I dowsed the truth and for me that is what it came up with.

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