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A call to the forest

January 18, 2010

Alderley Edge forest and I seem to have this charmed relationship. Why this is I have no idea. Perhaps it is because it was there that I was christened an Edge Wizard? Perhaps it was because the Edge was quite possibly my first serious commune with Tree. Who knows?

Last year I was drawn to that forest on a few occasions and each solo visit had attached to it a meaningful event. As mentioned, one was to be named a Magician who creates his own worlds. On another occasion this was clarified to an Edge Wizard ~ one who walks along the edge.

Alderley Edge Caves

This was further built upon by a visit or two to an ancient Yew in Wales.

It didn’t come as a surprise when this Sunday past, I got the call to visit Alderley Edge again. O and how did I receive this call you might ask. Hmmm how to describe it…

Ever been to the cinema and got yourself a huge bucket of popcorn? By the time the film has finished your tongue is sore trying to get at the piece of corn that is stuck between your teeth right? Once and awhile your mind is caught by something else and you forget trying to tease it out. But then as your musing on something or other your tongue goes back to its sanitary job of drilling that redundant piece out. And then finally you hit it just right or your eating something else and that annoying little scrap falls out bringing an odd sense of relief.

Well, that is what it’s like. Something nags at the back of your mind. It’s not conscious enough to be heard but its presence is there nevertheless. Try as you might to try and scratch that itch, it ain’t happening. So you leave it and it gets forgotten or lies dormant or just isn’t on your radar, bigger fish to fry right? Then up it crops again and you start to feel around for it.

Until you say something and it’s as if it resonates with that thing thats been bugging you and you go “Ahhh is that what I’m supposed to be doing? Why didn’t you say so?”

So it was that I had this itch that was desperately wanting to be scratched. I didn’t know what it was or what it meant. Then earlier today I was writing an email to Gwas and wrote in it that I was thinking of going to Alderley Edge this week sometime. Gwas’s response was that he wasn’t up for it at this moment of time.

Then I remembered that I had suggested Alderley Edge for the Imbolc festival this year and Gwas had dowsed for a location and so it seems we are off to Anglesey for Imbolc.

And then today I was supposed to meet Gwas at 7 for a chat and even though the meeting was setup at 4pm he had forgotten. Not only this but I have never taken a book to read with me when I due to meet Gwas, there has never been no time to read it. And yet on this occasion I specifically took a book with me, and even when I was getting out of the car to go to the meeting place, I picked it up, dropped it on the seat and picked it up again.

There I was, engrossed in the book for a good 40 minutes before I realised that Gwas was very late. A phone call confirmed his well-being, and amnesia to boot.

The world is the world…there arre those who see nothing and those who see meaning. I guess there are those who think that “those who see meaning” are nutters. So be it.

On the short drive home I puzzled and the metaphorical piece of corn dislodged. A trip to Alders Edge on my own was what was being asked for. One of the additions that Gwas and I have decided to add into the mix this year is having a why or purpose to are venturing. Dissuaded from turning right and heading towards the forest right at that moment I drove to a park that I sometimes wander in the evening and perambulated its course, wondering and wandering simultaneously with the occasional clank of dowsing rods.

After getting no inspirational joy from these circuits I decided that today might not be the day for intuition so began heading for the car. It was then that I heard something in the distance. I stopped to listen more intently and realised that it was just the soft sound of music from some nearby houses. It was with that that it came to me. Isn’t intuition wonderful!

Earth Song

I would go to Alderley edge and listen for the sound of the earth (universe is too big a thing for me to comprehend). I dowsed to see if this was what I was looking for. The rods burned my hands with the speed of the yes (well they didn’t really burn, that was said for dramatic effect). Why am I going to do this? Don’t know. But it sounds (pardon the pun) like fun.

Soon then, is the feeling I get, soon it’s time to go to listen…


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