Four Types of Subtle Energy

January 7, 2010

This is a short and simple post explaining the sources of four of the types of subtle energy that can be dowsed.

  1. Male Radiant – from the radiant energies of The Sun
  2. Male Earth – from the action of primal underground water over rock
  3. Female Radiant – from the reflection of the energy from The Sun on The Moon, the Planets, and from other Stars (in descending order of strength)
  4. Female Earth – from living or dying organic material (animals and plants)

There is an additional energy, which we call “Neutral“, and we will spend more time this year uncovering the properties and qualities of this particular energy, because we feel we don’t yet know enough about it to write authoritatively or from deep experience. Stay tuned for that post coming later this year.

In subsequent posts I will also discuss the ways in which some of these energies can combine to produce subtle energies with different qualities.


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  1. Hi, I was not sure exactly where to post this enquiry, Just examining the various sketches of energy lines I’ve seen so far on this website, it is extremely interesting to me, that they resemble the motifs of the “La Tene styles” of Iron Age Art. Could there be any correlation ???
    I realise that I’m dealing with two complete areas of time, those of the Bronze and Iron Ages, where one culture discerned the patterns of energy, and another sought to sanctify them in their art motifs.

    1. Hi Condros,

      I have had only a passing interest in the La Tene culture, having seen it mentioned infrequently in historical texts related to the druid culture and early Celtic tribes. However, when i did a Google Image search and found some pictures showing the shapes of the La Tene art I was also struck by the similarity. I have no doubt that Celtic and pre-Celtic civilisations had several influences that were more ‘energy-oriented’ than ours:-
      1. They probably still had an oral history of the megalithic cultures who built the ancient stone monuments
      2. They were closer to the land, the cycles of the seasons and Nature generally and this woudl have influenced their art, if only in an inspirational sense
      3. There was undoubtedly more rock art in existence at the time to copy
      4. Shamanic practises were still being used at that time, and so ‘getting in touch’ with Nature and her energies was a more regular practise than it is nowadays. Purely from a psychadelic standpoint this would bring forth such patterns through the visualisation of energy flows.

      Very interesting point. I will do some more research and do a post about it. I think you have highlighted an interesting connection!
      Thank you,

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