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The Shining Ones: re-acquiring ancient knowledge

January 13, 2010

There have been many wild and fantastic suggestions and theories about the coming of the group known enigmatically as The Shining Ones. Some “theorists” have said that they were so called because they gave off an unearthly light, or that they were extra-terrestrial visitors who came down to give knowledge to the human race to move them out of savagery and into civilisation, and that they established the concept of kingship because the savages they encountered viewed them as gods from another world. Maybe this was actually what the people believed, but we can never know this from archaeology or any written source. Instead, their influence is only fleetingly spoken of, and the last remaining scant written evidence is from the Irish myths of the Tuatha De Danaan.

This group of people are known by many names: The Shining Ones, The Tuatha De Danaan, The Annunaki, The Great White Brotherhood, or The Ascended Masters. Of course, each of those who is a devotee of these subjects will argue that they are subtly different, but the idea of ancient hidden knowledge being carried through to our own time is the essence of each of those designated groups, irrespective of their supposed sources or incarnations.


My quest has been to get back beyond the time of the Druids to the source of the megalithic structures, or certainly the inspiration for their design. To do this the only tool I have available is dowsing – no amount of scholarly research is going to reveal anything that isn’t utterly without a duality of meaning and a massive degree of interpretation. Besides – we simply do not have any written knowledge from those times, and I am talking about before 3000 B.C.E.

I am interested in understanding stone circles and other megalithic structures – how they work who made them, why they were made, and for what purposes they were built. The only method I have available is a blend of gnosis, intuition, and the application of rationality after a collection of knowledge has been obtained.

It may strike you as a completely illegitimate and unreliable means to recreate this lost knowledge, but the tool of dowsing is capable of allowing us to tune into the flow of the universal consciousness and retrieve knowledge. Using these tools I have re-constructed the following pieces of knowledge concerning this shadowy group known to us as The Shining Ones. Take from it what you wish – discard anything you do not trust, or cannot verify for yourself. Dismiss anything you don’t instinctively apprehend as having a high probability of being true. How can you tell? You can’t – it’s all guesswork, but over the years I have developed a sense of trust in my dowsing responses, and that’s all I can offer in terms of validation.

After having established a degree of trust in my dowsing work with whatever the source of this knowledge might be, I felt it was time to try to work out who the Shining Ones might be, or at least to try to get some pointers on their influence in the process of megalith building. So Kal and I visited the Nine Stones Close circle, as it seemed to have the right kind of character to acquire knowledge from.

Information source!

Here is what I found out after having “unlocked” the power centres at Nine Stones Close stone circle, and then dowsed about the Shining Ones:

  1. Shining Ones were human, they lived before Druids, and there are none around today
  2. Although they discovered the way to harness the properties of the earth, they did so not for its worship, but for the benefits they could extract from doing so. They supplied the knowledge of how to build the megalithic structures – the template, the basic mathematics, the sacred geometry, the planetary alignments – but they used the cover story of worship in order to motivate the populous to help them to build these structures.
  3. They installed the concept of kingship in human society
  4. The Druid Orders, then The Knights Templar, and finally the Freemasons were the inheritors and protectors of their secrets. This is against Nature, as no knowledge should be denied to those who may comprehend it. Those who cannot understand will be shielded from it, if not its consequence.
  5. Our paths are not their paths, although there may be many crossing points. We can learn their lore, but we should not follow their teachings.
  6. The Shining Ones understood the workings of Nature.
  7. These people were influential from the period of 5500 bce up until 150 bce. The Druids came after them and inherited much of their knowledge and status.
  8. They were not in any way connected with extra-terrestrial beings– they were learned human beings who received their knowledge from Nature through processes of Gnosis and meditation and the use of their megalithic structures to induce connectivity and trance.

The Matthews categorise any being within the Otherworld as being “Shining Ones”. Does that take the shine off their special status? Not if we examine the myths surrounding the appearance of this group of people – in these myths their status is exemplary: they are the bringers of truth, wisdom, knowledge, law, and skills. All of these are brought to the uncivilised groups living in the northern hemisphere spanning from Ireland across the Celtic landscape and into the Indes.

That is about it for the information we have about them. As one might expect from a time when written records were minimal, and considering all of the great literary losses our race has endured over the centuries (e.g. The Library of Alexandria), coupled with the sense that the written medium was only beginning to be introduced when this supposed race of people appeared, then we are unlikely to be able to verify any of this with factual material. What we are left with is more questions than answers. I only hope that through my dowsing work I can at least begin to scratch the surface of the intentions and origins of these historically and mythologically important people.

References to Shining Ones:

img_bookofleinsterExcerpts from The Book of Leinster about the Tuatha De Danaan


  1. “The Shining Ones” – by Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien [buy]
  2. “The Ancient and Shining Ones” – by Deanna J. Conway [buy]
  3. The Shining Ones: The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society” – by Philip Gardiner [buy or view in Google Books]


  • Learning from History – Part 1 [link]


  • A typically vague description provide here.



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  1. I too have just come across the shining ones while visiting sacred sites and doing research about the fae (I also dowse). I saw the shining ones in a vision on Loch Maree even though I’d never heard of them before that. Have a look at my blog pages about Loch Maree and Iona to see where this stuff is leading me…

    1. Hi Rob,

      I read you account and was pleased to see that we share a great deal in terms of our approaches to working with the other intelligences. I think you are on a similar path to Kal and I will return to read more of your blog. I hope you don’t mind if I link to it from our own pages too? I’m sure others would like to read more of your tales.

      As for the Shining Ones, they seem to be the originators of the intelligence behind the megalithic remains, and possibly other things besides. From my own work I have found that they left their knowledge to the early Celtic cultures, and possibly others too. However, they are difficult to glean information from today. We only have fragmentary remains and reconstructions of their concepts to work with. I believe paths such as ours may reveal more of their work over time.


  2. Thanks for your research! I, too, am fascinated by the Shining Ones, eversince I read “The Spiral of Memory and Belonging” by Frank MacEowen, a shamanic teacher specialized in Celtic wisdom. If you don’t know it, then I highly recommend it!

    1. Thanks Seeker. I have ordered the book and look forward to reading it. Your comment has come at just the right time. I am currently reading “The Green Stone” by Graham Philips and Martin Keatman. This tale has references to The Nine, who are the supposed retainers of the legendary knowledge of the megalith builders. This has brought me full circle back to the idea of the Shining Ones, so your comment and recommendation couldn’t be better timed. Watch out for more posts on the subject as my research goes back into this area once more.

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