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Year’s End in Delamere

January 11, 2010

Tuesday 29th December, 2009

At the end of what had been a fabulous year for dowsing I made what is arguably the most important dowsing discovery to date. Kal had persuaded me to go out on one last dowsing trip for the year, and I had rather grudgingly said yes, not quite seeing what we could achieve in the freezing cold.

I decided to show Kal a local treasure that he hadn’t visited yet – Frodsham Caves, perched behind Overton Hill above Frodsham, frequented by teen rebels with cider fixations, firework testers, litter louts and cattle with upset stomachs, it’s not exactly a beauty spot! However, for some reason it came to mind to visit first before we headed off to Delamere Forest which is nearby.

Frodsham Caves

Once in the caves I was able to re-affirm the positions of the power centres and energy flows I had found previously (most of which I had forgotten about) – Kal’s sit-down spot just inside the cave, the female energies hugging the walls, the weak male energy, the ‘eye holes’ and associated power centre, the male centre at the mouth of the cave.

I associated the weak male energy with the time of year – the sun had only just begun to turn the corner from the darkest day at the end of December. That was an interesting discovery, but nothing compared to the patterns that I traced when I dowsed the power centre that was linked to the two curious holes in the cave front that seemed to form eyes. The power centre linked to these features was particularly revealing. I dowsed the formation: it was a pair of opposing spirals that seemed to form a recognisable shape – a simple shape that I recognised. It was a pair of ram’s horns! I saw the shape clearly in my mind as I traced it over the ground.

I then had a revelation that the formation of the dual opposing spirals may have inspired mankind to associate the symbol with the astrological zodiacal constellation prevalent at the time, e.g. Ram’s horns = Aries = 21st March-20th April = the most energetic time at this location. I dowsed again to determine the dates when these caves were most energetically active: between 3rd – 6th April 2010– which falls within the constellation of…ARIES! Specifically, this ram’s horn formation is most energetic when the sun is setting and can be seen through one of the eyeholes in the cave, and the light falls upon the power centre within. An interesting coincidence.

The eyes! The eyes! Those staring eyes!

Only one of the “eyes” seemed connected to this formation, however. What about the other eye – was it aligned tom a different astrologial time of the year? The eye affecting power centre was aligned to the Summer Solstice sunset position, we determined, on June 21st. It felt like I had stumbled across something here, and it has become my mission for the next 12 months to determine exactly what this may mean, and whether other sites have similar links to astrological signs in the same way. At the time it felt very significant indeed – like my next year’s mission had been given to me.

Delamere Forest

After Frodsham we ventured on towards Delamere Forest. Again, I had no idea what we could achieve at this time of year in the forest – it all seemed a bit pointless, because the energies were going to be at a very low ebb this far into Winter. Nevertheless, again on a whim, I decided to show Kal the bent-over tree that was one of my favourite places in the forest, and which I was sure he would not have found himself yet.

As we walked through a section that in Summer was quite dark and bleak I noticed that the recent rain and snow had actually made the stream running alongside the path forge in tumults of white lively water – how lovely! The water was clearing the stream of sticks, leaves and other assorted blockages and hopefully it would flow better this year. Just the other side of this we got to a place where the dourness lightened. At this spot we both stopped and Kal turned to me with a strained face: “Do you feel that?” he asked. I did – it was that horrible stomach-turning feel of “bad energy”. We looked up to see some telegraph wires and poles cutting through the forest and turning at an angle just above our heads.

A quick dowse from Kal confirmed his suspicions – something was wrong and we had the ability to rectify it – or rather, Kal had the ability to persuade me that I should do something about it by placing my crystals roundabouts to create an energetic barrier to deflect the electrostatic energy and protect the nearby trees. I placed some crystals around the telegraph poles and struts to form an energy barrier to stop the energy from leaking out of the kink in the cable line and into the nearby stream, and affecting the trees that grow at the junction point. Kal dowsed for the location to place crystals and I placed them – that was enough, it seems. I have to leave the crystals there until the Summer for the change to really take effect!

We moved on. We made a brief stop at the bent over tree that is one of the most powerful places in the forest. Since I discovered this spot last year I have been drawn to it many times. In the warmer half of the year this place is heaven, when the sun sets across the field and the light twinkles through the trees. In Winter it becomes a barrier for only those with a brave heart or sturdy boots to pass!

The Bent-Over Birch

Beyond this there is a special place that I was led to by the dowsing rods last year.At the time I didn’t know why I had been taken there, but suddenly, this day, I could see a reason to go – I would try out a ritual that I had been ‘shown’ a few months earlier in a vision when communicating with a Fire Spirit. More about such things to be posted in the near future – I’m kind of building up to that! I feel like I’ve stretched your credulity levels enough for one year, and this year I may have to stretch them a little further, but as I say – we’ll come to that soon. I did a quick ritual using nine teal-light candles. [NOTE: I’m not a big fan of rituals, but I was willing to try]. During the ritual I was given a means to call upon the power of a fire spirit by means of a creative visualisation. It was so subtly simple that I knew I had been given something valuable. Most good information is easily absorbed. I felt that something meaningful had occurred and was pleased.

The moment that my little ritual ended the rain began to come down and hasn’t stopped since – that’s balance, I guess? Or the water spirit making her presence felt? This had turned out to be a rather interesting day after all.


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