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Llandrillo by Night: Awakening The Circle

March 15, 2010

When I get a call to go to Moel-Ty-Uchaf then I know that I have to go. Sooner or later I have to go. It starts, as Kal has explained in other posts and so have I, as a coincidence, then becomes a niggle, then a constant presence, and finally a nag. For me, I woke up with the words ‘Llandrillo’ going around my head constantly like a stuck record. There’s only so much of this you can take before you do something to appease a plea like that. Let’s face it – it’s always a plea that brings some kind of reward, even if the damned effort of getting to Moel-Ty-Uchaf stone circle should be accompanied by a medal ceremony and full brass band.

As I walked up in the darkness of the night I remembered my last visit – the stars, the Milky Way, the spectacle of the incredibly clear but moonless night…Tonight was the polar opposite – the moon was hidden somewhere behind the veil of clouds and I could feel its presence. There was nary a star to be seen except three bright stars that almost formed a line. Initially I thought they might be Orion’s Belt, but later I realised that they weren’t. It was difficult to orient myself astrally that evening.

As I walked higher up the steep slope I was somewhat surprised to come across the remnants of the previous week’s snowfall. Somehow I hadn’t been expecting to see any, and its appearance reminded me that I was going to be high in the hills of Wales tonight, and that it might get cold. I added gloves and a scarf at this stage, before pressing onwards and upwards towards the circle. Despite the backlit darkness I knew my way by now and picked my path carefully. Clearly, tripping and spraining an ankle alone in the darkness with no phone coverage was not an option. I trusted my welfare to Nature’s guiding hands.

Some questions answered

I reached the top of the hill and spent a few moments recovering my breath. This stone circle always makes you work hard for your rewards, and I was paying in sweat again – a sweat that was congealing quickly in the penetrating cold night air. Hanging about dithering wouldn’t help me tonight, so I quickly took the reins and set about my work. What was my work tonight? I reminded myself that it was to activate the energies of this circle. I confirmed this with some quick dowsing:

  • Was that a suitable thing to be doing this evening – Yes.
  • Was I ready and able to do it? Yes.
  • Did I have permission to do so? Yes.
  • Was that the purpose of why I was here? Yes.

Always worth checking, or I would have been forced to simply sit there and meditate to find another reason for my journey. Of course, I am always fully prepared to do that – but that was last year’s direction – to sit and wait to discover the purpose of such visits. This year I had been forced into a situation where I had to know my purpose before I visited, and it seemed to be working out just great. I was getting good confirmation that this was the correct course of action. Not only were the dowsing rods confirming this for me, but everything that happened was seemingly occurring in just the right way – things were being done easily, and there were confirmatory signs accompanying the work. This is good ‘intel’ that the right methods are being employed, and I am ‘on the path’. The right path.

A slight philosophical diversion at this point. It seems to me that we spend much of our lives wondering why the forces of Nature are against us and why ‘Fate’ is working against our plans. We wonder why we cannot achieve the things we believe we want – why unseen forces work against us, unpicking our plans, making us look and feel stupid and clumsy in our efforts to make progress. We (sometimes literally) stumble around, tripping ourselves up, then looking for the culprit who tripped us. I have found that once one acknowledges one’s place in the flow of the way of being, the flow of the forces of Nature, and takes on the rightful role of making one’s life flow in that same direction, then the walk becomes easy. 

To work in harmony with that flow and acknowledge our own humble place in that all-encompassing scheme of the flow of time and destiny that IS Nature’s movement in the Universe is a right and fitting goal to life. Things click into place. Help is at hand. The struggling is eased. The work is still hard, don’t get me wrong. Harder than ‘normal’ life even. But the rewards are endless, proportionate, useful, purposeful and beneficent. If your life is a struggle for fruitless progress, then perhaps it may do you some good to take yourself out of that flow that you are currently in, take time for yourself to examine your place, and commune with Nature to ask her to show you how you might make some changes to re-align yourself with a truer purpose – your true purpose in this life.

Amazing things can occur on a daily basis. This is what I have found, and since I have, my only goal is to keep making those right and true choices, because life is so much more fulfilling ‘in the flow’ and ‘on the path’.

I stood at the King Stone of the circle, an outlier some forty feet from the main circle. I could see the stone circle of Moel-Ty-Uchaf outlined perfectly, like a set of ragged teeth against the deep blue misty backdrop of the night sky. I decided to do some dowsing first. Where was the aura of the circle tonight – this might indicate the strength of the energy that I would be working with? It was close to the King Stone, some thirty feet from the circle – twice as wide as my last visit, or any other time I had tested that. Was this strength related to the position of the Sun? No. To the Moon? Yes. To the position of Venus? No.

I continued asking about Venus, since I had discovered that this circle was aligned to and energised by Venus when I had read that the circle’s design was based upon the number five, and that it was once dedicated to the goddess Venus. Was this circle influenced by Venus? Yes. Was it designed based on the number five? Yes. Was Venus influencing the energetic state of the circle tonight? No. Was this aura’s size a product of the Moon’s energy alone? Yes.

Well, that was as much as I needed to know at that stage. Something was tugging at my attention trying to make the dowsing stop – a sudden sharp gust of icy wind caught my attention and broke my dowsing concentration (or rather, ‘un-concentration’, a totally different type of focus is required to dowse). Some form of bird made a loud call in the still chill air, and a sheep joined in the noise too. I was aware that I was being ‘told’ to get on with my purpose, so I put the rods away and went back to pick up my staff from the King Stone. Time to go to work.

Flowing and knowing

I stood with my staff and relaxed, attuning myself in a similar way than I would if I were dowsing, but to a much deeper extent. This was more meditation mind than just ‘zoning out’ and not letting rational thoughts bubble up. This meditation involved projecting myself outwards, upwards, downwards and inwards in cycles of shifting attention, moving my energy around and through the earth, the site and the celestial objects around me. Soon I was introducing myself again, stating my name and purpose – preparing myself and the site for the energetic interchange I hoped would take place, although the exact workings of how that would be done are never planned – I just let them occur as they will. They have their own paths, just as I have mine. I am simply working to a directive, but I never insist upon the direction. I am an actor in this play, not its director.

I entered stage right, through the gap in the site’s aura and the gap in the stones of the circle. This I felt for, rather than dowsed. By now I was working with my senses and intuition, feeling the gentle subtle edges and flow of the site’s energy fields, and how they flowed and interacted, ebbed and spun. I have good druid teachers to thank for realising this: every sense should be used to take in and respond to Nature’s information: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. But especially the sixth sense of intuition – that unified sense of knowing.

However, saying that, I still have moments where I need ‘real’ confirmation. I do not yet totally give myself over to intuition, I don’t totally trust it yet. It’s a weakness I feel, and I’m working on it. I needed some guidance about how to proceed: where was the best place to stand? I followed one dowsing rods in a circle as it led me to a place that I recognised – this was the same power centre that I had identified on previous visits. Damn. I should have known that. Right, could I use incense to help me create the right ambiance to awaken the energies? Yes. Was incense a necessary component? No. Would incense help me to do the work? Yes. How many sticks would I need? Six. Hmmm…not five, I noticed. I dowsed for the places to position them, and was led around the inside of the stone circle from my power centre inwards in a male clockwise spiral. As I neared the centre of the circle the incense sticks got closer together until the last one was directly in the middle. I lit them all in the order I had placed them (with my windproof lighter, although there wasn’t a breath of wind to speak of).

I began one final question with the rods, but by this time I already “felt” the answer. Which direction should I face, I asked. The rods moved around until the faced down the valley to the north-east. I already knew this, for some reason. I put the rods away for the final time tonight. They were of no use now. I was attuned and things were becoming known. I could feel a strong connection with the circle and revelled in the sweet smell of the incense as I sat on my female power centre, offset from the middle of the circle. I realised I was facing the powerful female flat stone in the northern side of the stone circle and my attention was drawn to it no matter where I looked. Clearly, this was my starting point.

Awakening the energies

I traced a path of energy coming out of the female stone, and spiralling clockwise around the inside of the circle, following the line of incense sticks glowing in the darkness. Their inwards spiral drew the energy down into a sink-hole in the centre, down into the earth. My eyes moved to the outlying King Stone. Here I felt the energies re-emerge, to re-join the outside of the stone circle, again clockwise, and travel around and into the ‘entrance’ gap in the stones. The trail of energy then went through me, and joined to inward spiral again to form a complete circuit. Around and around I traced this path, over and over, each time it became more definite, more self-propelled, needing my input less and less. This energy path was being defined for itself. These energies were now awake, I felt, working for themselves.

As I detached slightly from the process, simply sitting in their flow now, a thought struck me. These energies had emerged from the female stone. Why were they then flowing clockwise? Shouldn’t they be flowing anti-clockwise, I wondered? I decided to see what would happen if I tried to get an anti-clockwise flow going. I concentrated again on the female stone and drew out more energy, trying to trace a counter flow to the existing circuit. My eyes traced only a few feet when it all felt wrong – and the energy got swept up into the clockwise flow again. How odd! Clearly, this was not the right thing to be doing! I got the dowsing rods out again. I walked from the outside of the circle dowsing the ‘flavour’ of the energy – it was male as it came out of the King Stone and flowed around the circle, then as it crossed the entrance it changed to female energy inside the circle, disappearing into the centre. How odd! Something similar to this had been found at Bryn Celli Ddu one time, when the flow went male-female-male-female all around that ancient mound, much to our puzzlement. Something similar was at work here – male then female as it flowed around, then inside the circle.

I felt I needed to do one last thing. I walked around the outside of the circle, pushing the energy along as I went. With each circumperambulation of the stones I felt the flow’s speed increase, and with it the strength of the cold night air increase from a whisper to a roar! Yes, the wind was increasing in proportion to my walking! This was truly astonishing. On my third time around the energy had a flow all of its own and I stepped out of the subtle energy flow knowing that I could do no more. I listened to the increasing sound of the wind blowing across my ears, and watched it begin to bend the grass and blow my coat with more and more strength. Amazing! Literally a minute before there had been utter stillness and silence.

The circle has been woken – the energies were alive! As I stopped walking something caught my attention. I could clearly see every blade of grass – why? I looked up and saw that The Moon, close to full, was shining through a tiny gap in the blanket of clouds illuminating the site. I couldn’t help a huge smile and sigh at that point. Job well done!

 In this time between Imbolc and the Spring Equinox I had now awoken several sites – stone circles, mounds, trees, all sorts. This felt like the most right thing to be doing at this time. What I still didn’t know was – how many more would I have to do before I moved into the next phase of the year, and what would the purpose of the next phase be? All in good time. The Spring was rapidly approaching, even if the snow still lay on the higher ground.


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  1. Hi..

    Just wondered if you had been to Kilmartin in Argyll, Scotland? It’s a long valley several miles long, positively littered with cairns, standing stones and circles and is so active with energy that every hair on my body stood on end and my dogs wouldn’t even get out of the car which, given that we’d driven for 4 1/2 hours is quite amazing!..

    If you haven’t, you must go!!


    1. Hi Lindsey,

      I have just read about Kilmartin in Peter Marshall’s book “Europe’s Lost Civilisation”, and I was planning to go as soon as I could. It does sound amazing. So many sites crammed into such a small space. However, Argyll is such a long way that it would take a very long weekend for me to contemplate a visit any time soon. I already have Devon, Cornwall and Ireland down for visits this year. Possibly next year, along with the Orkney Islands, I reckon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. That quote you have about “flow” is excellent. I’m learning to let go, but I still frequently get caught in how I think things “should” be.

    You also remind me to slow down with rituals and to continue to listen to intuition (another challenge). I think you have a good grasp on which questions to ask and to listen to whatever answers are given, making adjustments as needed.

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