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Arbor Low: Neutrals and Neutralising

April 18, 2010

The evening of Thursday 8th April seemed like as good a time as any for me to venture forth on the second of my investigations into the nature of NEUTRAL subtle energy. The air was relatively warm, the sky was clear, there was barely a breath of wind, and hardly a cloud in the sky – surely we would not fall foul of the curse of Arbor Low this time – a curse which guaranteed that no matter what the weather was like anywhere else on the planet that Arbor Low would somehow manage to minimise our time there by conjuring up the most adverse weather possible, be that wind, rain, sleet, snow or hailstorm? Surely, on a day such as this, such a thing would not be possible, even for Arbor Low?

Ley Lines and Hubs

We arrived with our dowsing rods and a pack full of handy gadgets intent on obtaining some useful information. Kal perhaps even harboured thoughts of having a snooze and a daydream in the late evening Spring sunshine as we arrived, seeing as there was nary a cloud to be seen. We were in high spirits as we walked up, throwing our customary tribute of £1 into the tin laid out to pay for ice cream for the farmer’s kids, or whatever it goes to. We paid our tithe, noticing that now there was an additional purchase available – a pamphlet on the history of the circle –  and strode up to the earthwork ring that contains one of the most fascinating places in Derbyshire. We wondered whether the pamphlet would mention any of the things that we knew about the place – the alleyway entrance, the site guardian and its sigil shape, the three energetic entrances, the power of the central stones to heal and commune, the power centres we knew of, and the fact that it was the hub of six strong and wide ley lines that all joined at this point.

The fact that, for us, Arbor Low is a hub for ley lines was perhaps the primary reason that I was here this evening. If ley lines were neutral energy, as I believed then to be, then perhaps there was more neutral energy here too for me to learn about? I was to find out more than I could have hoped I would!

In the diagram below you will see two cardinal lines passing straight through the site on a North/South axis, and an East/West axis. That makes two lines. Then you will see four more lines emanating from the centre. These lines are individual lines oriented on their own unique courses. These four, plus the two cardinal lines makes six ley lines of neutral energy that we had identified previously.

I began by confirming the orientation of these existing lines. They were all found again, on exactly the same courses as found last time. Nothing had changed in respect of those lines, and that was quite reassuring, because it confirmed my suggestion that these lines are in some way pinned in place by being connectors between particular sacred sites that occur along their direction of travel. The most interesting of these lines is the one that travels SSW and passes through the ancient town of Caerleon, known to be a very special place – a place of Kings, and a seat of Arthur in times long gone and now mythological.

Kal had wandered off on his own course of investigation, as was usual. I wanted to keep moving around now because a slight wind had arisen that was bringing in a very cold stream of air that made standing still feel quite the wrong thing to do if you wanted to stay warm. I decided to find out a good place for me to be within the site, and was expecting to be directed to a particular spot or somewhere that had been identified before. I was quite surprised to be taken on a continuous tour of the inner ring of recumbent stones, walking round and round until I realised that it wasn’t going to stop. I was being told that there was a band of energy that encompassed the inner ring of stones, and it was this energy ring that was beneficial for me this evening. I took that as a good sign to obtain some more information!

View of Arbor Low's inner ditch and stones

I went on to obtain some more information about the nature of neutral energy, some of which was confirmatory, other findings were new to me. Here is what I found out:-

  1. Neutral energy is of the same form as “ley” energy (energy leys are straight lines of neutral energy)
  2. Neutral energy naturally travels in straight lines
  3. It can be formed into other shapes by animals, plants or human activity and interaction
  4. It shares some of its frequency range with male and female radiant energies
  5. It is not compatible with male and female earth energies
  6. It can be a container, but cannot itself be contained
  7. It cannot be attracted or repulsed by any material
  8. Neutral forms of subtle energy can be created by and strengthened by the input of radiant energies

Unwanted attachments

With this information gathered I was feeling like I had done a good day’s work. Kal was back around now and was engaged in his own quest to rid himself of two energetic entities that he had discovered were attached to him. Coincidentally, one of the people we identified as causing the bad energy form actually rang him just as he was about to sit down and rid himself of the energy! A very peculiar coincidence that didn’t go unnoticed. He spent some time thereafter “neutralising” himself to rid himself of their attachment. This seemed to fit into the whole “neutral” concept that we were exploring this evening. I’m sure he’ll tell you about this episode in his own time and way.

Kal neutralises some unwanted attachments

As for me, I decided to embark upon a more detailed investigation of the nature of neutral energy, taking one specific place where some could be identified, and trying to get as much information about it as possible within the parameters of the dowsing paradigm of “yes/no/maybe” answers. That was when things began to take a more esoteric direction for me too. Let me explain what happened.

The Arbor Low Bull

I asked the dowsing rods to locate a nearest form of neutral energy that was not a straight ley line. A few feet away I got the rods crossing at a spot between two of the circle’s recumbent stones that were situated in the circle’s south-south-western edge. Coincidentally, although I couldn’t see it at the time, this turned out to be the point at which the entrance alleyway outside the earthwork would touch the circle if it was extended. I didn’t know that at the time, but realised it later when I was browsing a site map. You will see why this is particularly relevant in my next post about Penmaenmawr’s Druid’s Circle site.

I asked to be shown the two-dimensional area covered by this formation and a small circle of several inches was described on one side, then a straight line to another connected small circle just before the second stone. So, I had two stones, and in the gap in between on either side was a small circle and a connecting straight line. I moved to trying to describe the formation in three dimensions. I crouched down a followed the cross of the rods as I stood up slowly. When the rods began to move apart I moved them until they crossed again. In this was, slowly over several minutes, I was able to determine that the straight connection was in fact an arc of energy between the two circles. Imagine that a tube had been bent into a 7-feet high arc and placed between two of the circle’s stones. This was the “bridge” of neutral energy I had dowsed.

I started asking questions about this formation:-

  1. Was there any energy inside the small circles? No – they were hollow.
  2. Did the energy go into the ground at the point where it met the earth? No – this was a surface formation.
  3. Was the formation comprised only of neutral energy? – Yes. Sustained by radiant sun and moon energy.
  4. Had the arc been created by humans, animals or something else? – Something else.
  5. Had the arc been created by the genius loci – the spirit of the  place? – Yes.

OK. Now I had to take a moment to think about this. This neutral energy, which I had previously found out could be shaped by humans, plants and animals could also be shaped by spirit forms of energy. Hmmm…I know the idea of spirit energy being sentient is strange, and that some of you will be questioning my sanity for even raising the possibility, but here was some dowsed evidence that this spirit energy was also manifesting formations using neutral energy. I wonder what for? Nothing came to mind to dowse for at that time that could be formulated to end in a “yes” or “no” answer, and my brain went into fizzing Catherine wheels of random thoughts.

I decided the calm things down by changing tack a little. I wanted to dowse the site guardian and ask that it show me its sigil so that I could dowse for its pattern. Previously I had found a site guardian sigil outside of the earthworks of the site. The post was last November when we were researching the ley lines there. Today I asked for the best place to dowse the pattern and it was only a few feet away on a clear level patch of grass inside the earthwork ditch. I began to walk around following a single dowsing rod and tracing the pattern of the guardian with my footsteps. Moments later I was re-tracing the steps and stepped away to draw the pattern in my mind – it was two linked spirals that went in and out again, then wandered off to one side in a low deep arc. When I rotated the pattern in my mind I could see what it was – it was a bull’s head!

The Bull sigil

This sigil was clearly a different pattern from the one I had traced on my last visit, and in a different place too. The reason for that is something that I am still researching, but what I have discovered so far is that at Arbor Low the site guardian moves from being outside of the earthworks to the inside at particular times of the year. From April to August the guardian is inside the circle, and expressing itself as one sigil, and in the Winter months it moves outside the circle and expresses itself in another shape altogether. This adds more complication to the idea I had of finding sigils for site guardians. Now there is Time and Place to bring into this equation too! Hey ho – this research never simplifies, only gets more complex the deeper you go with it.

I was intrigued. Was this shape significant – did it, for example signify the constellation Taurus? I began to dowse to find out more about it. It didn’t signify Taurus the constellation, but it did signify The Age of Taurus, more specifically it was a sign to show the time when the site was constructed, and when the site guardian became present at the site. The symbol contained so many layers of information in one simple shape! Here’s some more information gleaned from Wikipedia:-

The Age of Taurus (The Taurean Age)

Symbol for Taurus: Taurus.svg

The zodiacal signs:

  • the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere) is occurring in Taurus;


  • Zodiacal 30 degrees:
  • Heindel-Rosicrucian based interpretation: began in ca. 3814 BC and ended in ca. 1658 BC (the orb of influence started in ca. 4534 BC)
  • Neil Mann interpretation: began in ca. 4300 BC and ended in ca. 2150 BC.
  • Constellation boundary year:
  • Shephard Simpson interpretation: began ca. 4525 BC to ca. 1875 BC

As you can see, dating and astrological interpretation can vary enormously, and there are many different ‘systems’. Why choose one or any of them? Perhaps choose all or none! Anyway, academic fiddle-faddle aside, the age can be place some time close to the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, but this rough reckoning. I am, of course, making foolish intellectual jumps. If I really wanted to kn0w exactly in which year the site was created I would dowse for it, and then it would be more accurate! The answer does not really further my studies, though. A rough guide in terms of which Age it was created in is enough for me.

I was more interested in learning what the Bull Guardian’s involvement had been (and may still be) with the neutral energy form of the arc. When had the formation been created? – When the circle had been built. Was the formation as strong now as it was then, or had its energy decayed or had to be renewed? – it was a strong now as then, and was maintained by the energies of the sun and moon. Had the Bull Guardian created other forms at the site? – Yes. Intriguing.

I decided to see another form for comparison, and asked the rods to take me to the strongest neutral energy formation at the site. I now moved across the circle to the other (north-eastern) side from my previous position at the south-western edge. Looking at the diagram of radial ley lines I can see that I moved from the SSW ley line to the NE ley line, but my dowsing was not for ley lines on this visit, it was for neutral energy forms on and around those lines.

The Flower of Arbor Low

I found the strongest neutral energy form to be around a stone on the north-eastern edge. Here the rods cross quite definitely over a single recumbent stone. I asked the rods to show me the two-dimensional outline of the energy form and was led through and then away from the stone out towards the surrounding ditch, only to circle around a stone that was lying close to the edge. Then I was taken southwards slightly into the centre of the circle to swoop around another point (which I marked with a stone to remember where it was) and then back to the ‘fallen’ stone of the circle itself. In the photograph below this shape is represented by the yellow line.

Disrupted neutral formation

The yellow line crosses itself. This is highly uncommon in earth energy terms – energy goes out of its way not to cross itself, and I was intrigued by this finding. I knew that I was dealing with a form of energy that I didn’t often dowse in any depth, so I knew that it might actually be more common than I thought, but the doubt lingered and led me to think that there might be something ‘wrong’ with this line. I started to ask questions about the stone that seemed to be the centre point for this formation of neutral energy. Was it in its original position? No. Would the energy be a different shape if the stone was not there? Yes. I decided to dowse to see what shape the energy would be if there stone was not there at all – an interesting move into hypothetica, there!

The shape that I traced for there being no stone at all was much wider than the current shape, and it didn’t cross itself. It was also much less….contained than the current formation, looser. This led me further – was the stone in its original position? NO! Aha! Then was the neutral energy in its original form either? No. So, what would the neutral energy form look like if the stone was in its original place and orientation (i.e. upright)? You can see the results of this dowsing in the orange line that I drew on the photograph. The shape that emerged was a petalled flower shape – regular, simple, geometric, lovely. And it was all around the stone.

I had to know why this shape was there in the first place. Was this formation also created by the site guardian, I dowsed? Yes. Right, so clearly there must have been a reason why it was created. Did the humans who built this get involved in the creation of this flower-shaped energy form at all? No. Did the human builders who placed the stone create any energy by doing so? Yes. Which energy types did they create? Male and female combined. A flavour that I call ‘white’ energy because it seems to be particularly beneficial to humans. OK, so did the genius loci create this neutral energy form after the placement of the stone? Yes. Some thoughts came together. I had seen what happened when the stone wasn’t that at all – the energy kind of blobbed out like taking the belt off a fat man’s jeans. So, one last question – did the genius loci create the energy form to contain the energies created by the humans? Yes. Now I understood.

As a protector of the site the site guardian had been involved in creating some of these protective neutral energy forms in response to the work that the humans were doing to create positive energies for themselves. In order to protect the land the spiritual energy form worked to protect the balance of the energies in and around the site (and possibly beyond too) by fencing in the energy that the humans were creating by placing their stones upon the site of earth energies in order to release them in a beneficial way for themselves. I really felt that something had clicked into place in my head, and that I understood neutral energy a lot better after only this one visit, than I had every done before. I reconvened with Kal to tell him all about it and to learn about his own energetic escapades. Certainly another post worth of info in that tale, I can tell you!

Dowsing for bombs

As a footnote, you meet all sorts of interesting people at stone circles. Many are politely inquisitive, but wholly skeptical of what we are doing. Of course they are, and they have every right to be. Not everyone would find what we find, because that’s the nature of dowsing – it’s quite particular to the individual and not everyone can do it, or do all aspects of it. We have proved this practically many many times when we have challenged skeptics to try it for themselves. Some have been able to do it and have been flabbergasted, whilst others have confirmed the flakiness of the activity to their own satisfaction as the rods fail to move at all under their guidance. That is the nature of the activity.

So it was a poignant episode when a rather well-maintained gentlemen with a confident air and a twinkle in his eye approached me cautiously to enquire about what I was up to. I took him to be a military man from his bearing and style. He said that he was inspired to visit out of curiosity when he had seen the brown sign that indicated the site’s proximity. I reported that he had picked possibly the best conditions to see the site – sun, blue skies and only a mildly irritating and freezing wind.

As we chatted he mentioned a story that I had heard about dowsing rods being sold to Iraq to detect explosives and the fact that they were heavily discredited. I pointed out that this was a ludicrous way of using the skill, and one with which I wholly disagreed It was clearly a sick scam well sold. [Original BBC news item link]. Whilst it may be possible for someone who has years of experience with dowsing to detect something like a bomb, the odds are not wholly in their favour, and if there is even a slight possibility (and there certainly is) that you wouldn’t be able to detect it, even if you were experienced and confident…well, would YOU try it? I wouldn’t! And I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone should. The story reminded me that there are always some people out there who want to take something that people feel has some grain of truth (like dowsing) and exploit it for profit.

You can be confident that this site is giving you the information for free, and encouraging you to become the arbiter of your own information-gathering exercises, not just believe what I say about mine.


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