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Gop Hill: A lesson from The Lady

April 29, 2010

This is the final part of my series on the nature of neutral energy. This part has built on the first two posts I did (and any ones prior to that in the distant past, I suppose – but who can remember that far back?). In this post I want to share with you a quite esoteric lesson that I learned, so if you’re squeamish about such ‘nonsense’ then I’d consider some of the more, how can I put it, ‘prosaic’ posts instead. If you’ve been journeying with me on these matters then this will be no great shock to you, but here goes with the weirdness/nonsense/madness (delete as appropriate).

I had been shown recently in a vision whilst working at a site that I should learn how to connect to the earth’s neutral energy source, and to learn how to work with that energy,. because that was the theme of this part of the year – this eighth part of the year between Spring Equinox and Beltane. It was nearing the end of that time period now, and I had only a rare few opportunities left to fulfil that requirement – and I did feel as though it was something of a requirement for me to do this.

I saw an opportunity one evening to make my way to a site, providing it was not too far away. The weather was very good for April in England – it was dry and sunny. I dowsed as to which place nearby had most suitable neutral energies for me to learn such things – Gop Hill near to Trelawynd village came out as the only contender. So be it.

Luckily, Kal was free too, so we went together to North Wales in the late evening sun – he had some wonderful stories about his recent life that just blew me away and so we were both in a good mood when we arrived. You may remember he had received some interesting information about sitting out his personal issues, and lo and behold – a minor miracle had occurred!

Greeting The Lady and dropping a clanger

Unlike Kal I entered the site appropriately, as usual introducing myself and asking for permission to partake of an intended learning experience. I found Kal sitting on a male power centre at the back ridge of the hill  – a place that I had identified on my last visit as being the most magical place on the hill – no surprise to find Kal there then!

On the way to the hill we had seen some people ahead of us, heading for the hill as well. These three people were already there when we arrived and the older gentleman commented on the beauty of my staff. How very nice to have it complimented. It was becoming quite special to me now.

I gave Kal a tour of the places I had identified last time I was here. He dowsed them and agreed with everything that he checked of my previous efforts. Nice to have this independently verified. When the three other people left I found an old iron pan that someone had left on the top of the hill and dowsed as to whether it was adversely affecting energies – yes, so I launched it down the back of the hill almost as far as the edge of the forest. It clattered its way down and the birds in the trees were startled, for which I apologised profusely, attempting to spread a vibe of calm all around to help pacify the atmosphere. It took them five minutes to recover! Oops!

Neutral arcs – entrances and exits

We did some work dowsing for the neutral energy places, and found an entry and exit arc. The entry arc was 15′ high and about 10-12 feet wide. The exit arc was about 9′ high and 9′ wide. The entry arc was over what I had previously discovered as being “the entrance” at the back of the mound, whilst the exit arc was located over the male energy scar that I found last time I was there. If I remember, that was the point where male energy was leaking out and flowing down the hill, close to a strong male power centre a few feet behind it, possibly feeding it.

When Kal went off doing his own dowsing I sat on the same ‘magickal’ spot and felt like I was being cleansed and charged up” with the energy of the place. Kal followed the path that the Genius Loci of the hill has recently taken. It went from the entrance to a flinty scar just aside from the central dip in the top of the hill. I mentioned to Kal that this was EXACTLY the place where I intended to do my energy work, because that was the place I had lain the last time when I connected to the Genius Loci – the Lady of the Hill.

Willing to do the work

Then I set to work. I lay down in the flinty body-sized hole in the dip of the hill’s top, and I made myself comfortable whilst Kal sat himself down on the male power centre on the male side of the hill. As I lay there I could see the half moon in the late evening sky, bright, clear, against a backdrop of azure blue. I began to do my usual connection routine which involved connecting to the sun, moon and earth’s core. Instead of visualising a strand or ribbon of energy this time, it turned out to be a pair of fire streams, like something that would come out of a flamethrower. I didn’t argue, but carried on connecting until I was centred and still and calm and in tune with the Hill.

I asked what I should do to learn about how to work with neutral energy, and then stilled my mind waiting for a response. The voice of The Lady, which I now knew, came into my mind after a few minutes. She was telling me to examine the four elements. I did so immediately –  I smelt the earth next to me as I lay on the ground; I felt the small movement of air as what little wind there was moved past my cheek; I felt the fire of the sun’s evening rays touching my face; but where was the water?

A voice behind my own said, “Look to the Moon“. I realised that I had learned recently that the Moon was drawing up the water from the earth, and now I felt this happening below me. That’s what the Moon did – its power as it increased would draw the water upwards through the soil more and more until the full moon at its peak. I felt the breath 0f water vapour against my back and knew that this was happening right now. The Moon was pulling water out. And it was also pulling earth energy out too – neutral earth energy.

As I felt the neutral energy being drawn out of the earth by the Moon’s pull, and as I tuned into its subtle but familiar flow, I tried to pull that flow into my body rather than let it leech through me. I pooled the energy into my two power centres in my body – the navel chakra point and the third-eye chakra, sometimes referred to as the upper and lower ‘dan-tian‘. When I had finished I could feel the energy pools inside me, but I could also “see” that the energy was beginning to dissipate out of me, to evaporate from me even as I watched. What could I do?  That subtle background voice of The Lady said to me “Look to the Sun“. Of course, this evening we were blessed with both the sun and the moon visible at the same time. Now I stood up and went to sit on top of the hill, rather than in the hollow so that I was facing the Sun with its full glare. I was now able to let the sun “bake” my aura – to form a hardened outer edge to it that sealed in the neutral energy pools that I had collected.

Making use of neutral energy

With that done I was walking about glowing like a kid from a Ready Brek advert! Now what? I went back to the flint pit to lie down form more guidance about what I could do with this energy now that I had collected and stored it.  Again, The Lady of Gop Hill came to guide me. She began to show me pictures in very quick succession, pictures of people working with power objects like swords, or precious objects that they cherished. These people were investing their love, their energy, their blood, sweat and tears, their life, their hopes and desires into the objects. Now they needed some way to preserve that energetic input, some way to fix it in the object.

I saw myself drawing a thread of energy out of my storage pool points in my body, and coating these objects in neutral energy. Like lacquering some cherished piece of wood this would seal in the goodness, and keep out the undesirable influences.

I had picked up a small rock earlier that I had been holding. Now was the time to test it out. I invested some love energy into the rock. When we have tried this on many previous occasions this has dissipated in a matter of minutes! Today I drew out some energy from my navel, and then breathed on the stone with some energy fed from my forehead store. I imagined I could see a fuzzy coating of neutral energy over the stone and I rolled it in my hands, coating it all over.

I placed the stone in the sun and let it bake for a few minutes with an intention that the field should be sealed. When I dowsed for how long the neutral energy would remain in place the answer was “a very long duration”. I called Kal over and asked him to dowse the stone. He knew nothing yet of what I had done. He commented that the stone was charged with neutral energy, and no male or female energy at all. Correct!

I asked him to verify how long that charge would last. He said “Days”!! Oh! I got him to dowse again using the question that I had posed, “How long would the neutral energy of this stone remain in place?” Then I asked him to use a sliding scale to answer that question – Days? Yes. Weeks? Yes. Months? Yes. Years? Yes. A very very long time? YES. Ah, it was a question of asking the right question!

With that I was very happy and we packed and left, munching on some out of date chocolate. Well, I had been taught a wonderful lesson here – how to capture and make use of neutral energy. Now I had some idea of what it would take to make a proper stone circle and to keep it charged with subtle energies.

Kal did an extra bit of dowsing. He found that the site was astrologically aligned to Taurus. I checked this with my new gadget (3G phone app) – ‘the sun is in the sign of Taurus.’ it said. Well, confirmation indeed. As we wandered back to the car later that evening Kal said to me, ‘Have you got that star identifying app handy?’ and pointed to a bright star visible plainly and lonely. I identified it as Venus, passing through the constellation of Taurus. There was no escaping the bull tonight!


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