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Juniper: How Not To Fit In

April 22, 2010

I used to get embarrassed by how clever some people who are younger than I am can be. They probably know a better way of formulating that last sentence, for example. Then I learned just to respect their gifts. Below is a link to an amusing poem by a wonderfully spirited and individual young girl called Juniper – that’s her blog in the corner there – in the links section, under “Walking The Hedge”.

I highly recommend that you read her latest poem, which made me laugh out loud, as it’s a fitting lesson on how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, especially when we are trying to conform to other people’s expectations of us. The further along this spiritual path I go, the more inclined I am to wear red and pink together. They’re in the same family of colours, aren’t they? A great line! Go read!


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