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Ireland ~ How the Boyne mounds were made

August 7, 2010

Ok, fair dues, It has been so long since we returned from Ireland that I am not going to give a blow by blow account of the trip, frankly I couldn’t recall it all. However I still want to relate some of the more salient and interesting points and so here goes…


Setting the scene

On this particular day we had arrived at Knowth and were intending to spend an hour there and then tootle of to Douth, which from all the touristy literature sounded the least exciting of the three main sites in the Boyne valley.

We took the bus from the main entrance to Knowth and the sun was truly favouring us as we wandered around the site exploring the marvelous energies and intuitively divining the use and purpose of the mounds you can see surrounding the main dome. These are described by Gwas in this interesting post.

Just about as the hour was up Gwas and I had separated and I was wandering around the opposite site of the mound to the entrance thinking it was time to go when a pile of bowling ball sized quartz rock crystals caught my eye. As I stared at there white shining surfaces in the sun light I felt an odd sensation.

I can’t recall why I had done it, I certainly had no questions in mind, but suddenly felt the urge to take up a few of the crystals and carry them closer to the mound. Intuitively I pulled out the my rods and asked how I should place them. But as soon as I did I got a call of Gwas to say that the bus was due and that we should go. However I had a real “feeling” about this so I asked him to hold fire because I was on to something.

The rods helped me place the crystals in a pentagram shape and I sat cross legged in the centre facing the sun.

As I mentioned it was quite a warm day and the sun was making my forehead really hot as I sat and tried to meditate. At one point I put my hand on my cheek to see if that was as hot as my forehead. It wasn’t, something else was going on.

A few minutes later I had a vision of white beams of energy coming out of the five crystals placed around me and hitting my forehead. It was as if they were focusing the energy from the sun onto my forehead.

One of the conversations that Gwas and I had been having during our visit to the Boyne was how these massive mounds had been built. We had speculated on mans toil and that it must have taken many years to make.

Now, with these streams of energy “opening” my third-eye chakra I could “see” how they had been made.

In my vision I saw people, sitting around the place where the mound was to be built. Like myself they had crystals placed around them and they too had beams of light being focused on their 3rd eye’s. With this focused power, I saw that they lifted stones with the power of their minds and placed them to create the mound. I also “felt” that it took them around 8 months to build each of the three mounds at Boyne.

As the energy continued to burn into my third eye I could feel that I too could possibly levitate a stone so I looked around the floor for a small pebble to try this on. I found one and focused my mind on trying to life it…nothing! A realise came to me that this wasn’t enough, I lacked the mental discipline those old, what would you call them, priests? had had.

This whole vision lasted only for about 15 minutes before I had to “break it off” I was getting burned out, literally. I moved out of the pentagram and lay in the sun until the heat from my brow had faded and went in search of Gwas to reveal this interesting tale. As I did, I dowsed the veracity of my vision and the rods gave there opinion that it was true.

In my next post I will tell of the profound revelation this “3rd eye opening” had on me at Douth.

Kal Malik

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  1. @Gwas, I think it should be possible. Yes, 5 seems prominent at the moment.

    @Rune, That is interesting isn’t it considering that the sun was what it was focusing. Thanks for that extra piece to the puzzle.

  2. We have found previously that quartz was good for focusing. Now we are beginning to put together quartz + focus + sun. Kal also added the number 5 to this equation – a pentacle formation helped to generate the power.
    We should do some more tests specifically with these components to see what we can achieve. Is it possible to levitate anything? Even something small and light?
    Let’s see! Common sense says it is impossible. Let’s see if dowsing can reveal whether it is possible.

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