Wheel of the Year

Lammas to Autumn Equinox: make magick manifest

August 4, 2010

The purpose of the time between Lammas and Autumn is, for me, to make magick manifest.

Ways that I have been shown to do this are:-

  1. Perform some healing
  2. Energise some water
  3. Create a stronger nemeton using a magick circle
  4. Heal earth energy sites

This is similar to the request at the start of the year in which I had to go around waking up the earth energies at various sacred sites. This time, however, the edict is more personal. I need to learn how to make the energies that I can now draw from nature – from the earth, from space and from the sun and moon, and to practise how to manifest those energies in a form that is useful for me and for others.

The Lammas Gift

That seems to make this part of the year fairly, “open”, in terms of what I need to do, and yet finding the time to practise these skills will be the challenge. I will also now spend a bit of time refining what levels of skill I need to acquire exactly. I know that I can do each of the tasks that I may be asked to do, but to what level of skill do they need to be performed in order to satisfy the requirements for this part of the year? How will I know that I have done enough and done enough well that I will have fulfilled the task?

This is one of the problems of working alone as a Hedge Druid and without a formal system. Only the dowsing rods give me a guide to confirm or deny these things. I feel I should be working towards learning how to detect these things intuitively. Perhaps I will begin to work more with that side of myself too, in order to feel whether I have done enough to progress.

In preparation for these tasks I bought some fire agate crystals. I have no idea why, except that they seemed relevant. Reading about the crystals after buying them I find that they are for protection. well, that has been a recurring theme recently so I am very happy to have this kind of assistance!

Kal now seems to find himself in the same predicament, having been “given” some tasks to perform before the end of the year. Welcome to my world!!


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