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Helsby Hill – A Lesson on Archetypes

November 12, 2010

A few nights ago I got a ‘pull’ to go to Helsby Hill the day before bonfire night. It was late in the evening. Dark, yet with a strange light that allowed everything to be seen easily.

I parked in my usual place and walked up quietly. Something told me to stop part way up just at a bend in the tree line. I thought it was to light some incense, but that didn’t really make sense – that was my rational brain trying to think about why I might have stopped. Second after I pulled some incense sticks out, I saw a torch light coming down the path from above. I walked quickly back down the path being familiar with it I could go quite fast. I moved out of the sight of passers by and waited until they had gone past. I have nothing against people, but I like my own space and peace when I’m wanting to meditate.

When I went to see my favourite oak, the one that has been half cut away by maniac “land management engineers” – or fucking idiots, as I call them, I noticed that the tree had again suffered. One of its smaller inner branches had been snapped (by the wind or by someone swinging on it, I don’t know). I offered some healing and tried to light incense but it was clear that the wind wasn’t going to allow it to stay lit for any useful period of time. I wished I had taken some crystals up too. Must remember that incense and crystals have their usefulness, and that each has their purpose in different conditions.

I wanted to learn how merging with the spirit of Merlin had made any change to me, so I asked the rods to take me to a suitable place to meditate. They took me round behind the line of trees and into a place I had never visited before on the hill, but it was perfect – an oak tree with wonderful spiralling branches and a fantastic sitting place. I spent ten minutes getting to know the oak, and letting it get to know me. I had to get my mind perfectly still and quiet for this to happen, and finally I got my call to come and meditate, having presented my credentials and allowed the tree to verify me.

When I meditated I learned that Merlin’s spirit was simply an archetype within my mind, not the actual spirit of Merlin, whomsoever he may have been. I had been exploring my own mind at Samhain, and recent meditations had been reminding me of that all the time – not to get too carried away with these mythical figures because they were only archetypes that I was working with to unleash powers and thought patterns within my own mind space.

Imagine this but moonlit instead of sunlit

I asked about how the change had affected me I got my answer – hadn’t I noticed how much quicker it was for me to work magic now? Hadn’t I felt that everything of that ilk had become much more innate now? That was the benefit gained by the Underworld journey to recover the spirit of Merlin. My magickal tasks such as energising the land would become much easier to perform.

Something else was revealed to me. When I had completed the linking of various earth energy sites, I should join them up into some form of shape. The shape would reveal a very special sigil that I could use in the future. That was the promise, the enticement, to continue with that particular work, and I was glad that there was at least some end point to it.

As I emerged out of the tree’s canopy I slipped quietly along the tree line. I was in neutral colours and would have been barely visible despite the mysteriously bright moonlight (unexpected because we were practically at new Moon when there should be almost no moonlight! I noticed some lads messing about with what I presumed to be a box of fireworks on the top of the hill. Using my invisibility skills I slipped away unnoticed in the bright clear night, yet I could make them out clearly. Yet again I was thankful for my new-found skills, and so amazed at how easily they could be evoked since my experience with Merlin.


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    1. Hi Steph,

      I haven’t. I haven’t been looking for it, but I haven’t found it either. Is it of some particular energetic interest, this tower? What are its reputed properties? Is it something special – a place of particular local mythology?


  1. I know there used to be an old water tower hidden somewhere on Helsby hill but I’ve not been able to find it for years, do you know if it still exists?

    Email me if so please! thanks!

    1. Hi James,

      I know of the old war bunker on the hill, but not of any water tower. I will ask around – I know some locals who’ve been around for a while. I’ll see if any of them know of it.


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