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Five Wells – the returning

December 3, 2010

Chelmorton, Derbyshire – 20.11.10

A pale and wan full moon hung over us as we strode eagerly up to Five Wells chambered cairn. The coming dark forced our pace as we knew that time was scarce, and the eagerness of a new site made us giddy as though short of oxygen up on those windswept Derbyshire hills at the back of Chelmorton village, just off the main A6 road near Priestcliffe (with its huge round barrow). It seemed appropriate to me, one who is so overly concerned with balancing the forces that Nature provides, that the sun and the moon should be both visible and purposeful at that moment, both radiating with equally weak but welcome rays.

As we approached I felt the edge of the site’s aura and stopped. As usual Kal confirmed my feeling that this was the edge of the aura using dowsing rods. He nodded in agreement, so I got my own rods out and dowsed for the ritual path – the most respectful and energetic way of entering into the site. This in itself has become something of a ritual now. It feels right to approach in this way, especially to new sites whose guardians have not yet become accustomed to us, or who haven’t yet accepted our presence. It’s a way of showing them that we “mean business” and know what we’re doing in these sacred spaces. We’re not casual tourists!

I walked a curving female zig-zag path on the right-hand side which led me to a hollow. Little did I realise at the time that this would mimic a similar male zig-zag path on the entrance side of the chamber, which I would dowse days later. We settled in the near-side hollow, at what is the back of the chamber, on the right-hand side of the line of paired stones. We had seen similar stone rows in Merrivale in Devon earlier this year. For some reason only the right-hand side of the chamber’s hill seemed “attractive” to us. I never walked on the other side at all, and I don’t think Kal did either, except perhaps to quickly move back to the right-hand side again.

I lit some opium-scented incense and placed three sticks around the pit where we had settled. This was our sanctuary, should we need one, and I mentally cleared the space. Kal spotted that the Moon was visible in the darkening light and went off to the chamber to meditate. I couldn’t settle, however and mooched around dowsing occasionally as thoughts come into my vacuous mind space….it had been a long and draining day, and despite this being a new and exciting place, I felt that there was little for me to do here today.

Perfectly aligned to the Moon

Kal wrapped himself up in his meagre clothing (doesn’t this man feel the cold?). He did some meditation work, aligning himself with the full moon and having a wonderful experience by all accounts (you usually have to wait a bit for his write-ups, but they usually arrive eventually).

Meanwhile I had found a ley line running through the centre of the chamber and on through the pairs of aligned stones at the ‘back’ of the site closest to the point at which you enter the area via a small gate. The ley line was being marked or guided by the entrance stones, and then the line of stones at the rear of the monument were further indicating its direction. As I looked up I saw that the Moon was perfectly aligned too tonight, and Kal returned soon after excited about the same alignment of astral and earth-based elements.

We left shortly after that because I had a pressing engagement, but I knew that I needed to come back and spend more time here. Luckily, a combination of my increasing myopia and the tiny cooking instructions for some fishcakes resulted in me having to take the first day off sick from work in living memory, and this seemed like a pre-ordained opportunity to recuperate in the bracing air of the Derbyshire hills. Oh, Dame Fortune, how you smiled as I retched brown bile, knowing this would lead to me returning to Five Wells!

The Return of the Ice Man

I was shivering inside and out, but two days later I was driving up to the Derbyshire countryside again, feeling like I had a mission to accomplish. I switched off the computer-aided navigation systems and let intuition take over for a while. ‘Which way should I go to arrive at Five Wells?’, was my only instruction to my guiding forces. I turned off down a road I had never been down before, but which was signposted Chelmorton. Now I was in new territory with only a pigeon’s senses to guide me….

Inside the Five Wells chamber

I turned again, this time down a road that wasn’t signposted but looked…”right”. Soon after, at a nice-looking hawthorn tree I turned again. Now I was going down a muddy farm track, deeply-rutted with limestone boulders and the passage of farm vehicles. My rational brain gave off floods of “impending failure” signals, but I breezily ignored them and shoo-ed them away. I pulled up at a junction that led to a farm one way, and into nowhere another way. Was I anywhere close? I tried to use my phone to pinpoint my location but I was in the middle of nowhere and reception was excruciatingly slow so I gave up. Something inside me said, “You’re close – just walk!” I reasoned that I had all day to find it, and that I couldn’t be more than five miles away from it at the most. I would walk.

I got kitted out and headed off down a track that headed off down the hill towards the valley (I assumed) that we might have walked up a few days before. If I was right then the chambered cairn would be just….there! Two points loomed into view on the edge of the hillside as I walked just moments down the track. I recognised them as the same two  points we had seen sticking up as we approached from the other direction – it was Five Wells!! I had trusted my intuition and it had led me straight to it – no maps, no guidance systems. In fact, there couldn’t be any more direct route! Even the route we took last time was longer and more arduous, involving a long steep climb up a hill. I was ever so grateful to the guiding forces for that, because I was still recuperating from my stomach-and-fishcake juggling.

As I walked toward the chamber I had a chance to clean up after our last visit, because we had left some incense burning in our eagerness, and someone else had removed some of it but then had dropped it on the path. I put it in my bag, annoyed that we had left it in the first place. I began to wonder if I had been called back just to clean up, but then I got a grip. There was important information to obtain from this site – I just knew it.

Five Wells chamber view

On arrival I cleared up any remaining incense sticks and once again stood in the hollow near to the paired row of stones. I noticed that the sun was all on one side today, the right-hand side. I wondered if that was why we had both felt like this was the energised side? I began to dowse – “Take me to the strongest energy point in this site, please!” and off I went.

Moments later I was circling around inside the chamber itself where Kal had been standing. There was a male and female combined power centre in there, but where did those lines go to, I wondered? The only energy I could find was on the right-hand side of the site, and looked like the diagram below:

Five Wells energy diagram

With that work done I paused to admire the views and take some photographs. I was then then I noticed how cold it was – bitter, biting, sharp cold. I hurried into the chamber where it was at least sheltered from the wind. I dowsed again – could I do some work in here? YES. I set about cleaning the space ready for my work – incense lit at the entrance and inside the chamber, then I stood on the power centre and relaxed, doing my usual meditations to connect to the world.

Moments later I was in a quiet head space. I posed the question – “How can I progress with my task of freeing spirits?“. Some phrases began to appear in my mind…”Go see the psychic” they kept saying. It took me a moment to connect the response to the question…oh, you mean my psychic friend Michael who lives an hour away from this place? It had been a few months since I had seen him and I wasn’t sure if he would be around this day…but when I phoned him straight away (most unusual for me to do that!) he was in and available for lunch! That was me surfing the flow of the universe, without a doubt.

The ley line alignment

I said my farewells to Five Wells (do you see what I did there?) and I headed off to visit my psychic friend. It turned out to be a very valuable meeting.


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