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Darkness at the Wizards Wood

January 18, 2011
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Well, Here we are 2011 and we’re off! From my records I noted that my first visit out in 2010 was to Alderley Edge and so without much ado I was email Gwas and suggesting a January the 2nd trip to that magical (well it is called the Wizards forest) wood.

With other commitments to consider Gwas re-scheduled what was going to be a daytime visit to an early evening one. That was fine with me, Alderley Edge and I are well acquainted for nightly visits (as I spent the night there last year).

When we stopped at the edge of the forest Gwas announced that there were no torches to be had and since my night vision is totally gone to pot. I was left wondering whether this was going to end in injury. Undaunted however I rallied my reserve strength and my belief that the wood and I were on good terms.

As we walked through the wood I recalled reading the Shamen Carlos Castaneda’s work. In particular a time when he was out in the dead of night in the brush of the wilds and was practicing power walking or the gait of power. From memory I tried this myself and it worked a treat. The whole visit was fall and trip free.


Curiously Gwas stopped at one point in the path and we looked up to see that we had come to the fake stone circle that is a mere hop away from the father of the forest. Being the forward-scout I jumped up the path and wandered around the non energised stones. Hmmm still no energy i’m afraid.

Then it was down the slope to the Father of the Forest. I have a weird experience with Oaks, the one at Nine Ladies is rather a cantankerous old smudgeon who has twice nearly had my eye out. The one at Nine Stones Close however is a wonderful being who has afforded me much attention and learning. The gigantic father of the forest (as Gwas has named him) is somewhere in between.

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I approached cautiously but felt that he was amenable this evening (It is Alderley Edge after all, though). I wandered through his aura with comfort and ease. After moments of meditation I felt the urge to leave his side and so, virtually with eyes closed I wandered off further down the slope. For a moment I had a fear of losing Gwas, but it was only an instant. Again, this is the wizards forest where I was first named, The magician who creates his own worlds. Nothing bad was going to happen here.

Although I had my rods in hand I was navigating by feeling alone. Eventually I came to a stop some fifty metres from the Father, though I couldn’t see it. I was no-where in particular as fas as I could tell, but this seemed to be the place. I asked whether this was a good place to seek answers? Yes.

As an exercise (laugh) I asked to be taken to the best place to ask questions. The rods took me in a sharp circle exactly to where I was standing.

On my mind of late had been the exodus of Energetic Shrouds to Woodhenge (via me!) I asked whether I should do anything about this and via yes/no responses came to the conclusion that

Whats done is done, leave it, let it go.

Quite un-equivocally.

Along with Gwas I lit some incense as a sign of thanks and we departed.

Kal Malik

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