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Energy exchange, a dangerous game

January 26, 2011

I think that this was my first ever conscious experience with what we now (Winter 2010) call Energetic Shrouds. Inevitably it was in the company and guidance of that majestic The Ancient Yew that this experience or lesson unfolded.

Gwas and I had arrived at the church late one evening and as usual I wandered over to the Yew tree to express my love of this wonderful creature. As I stood under the eaves and communed with it, I got a message straight off the bat.

“There is a lesson for you in the graveyard below, it’s dangerous but worth your while”

My relationship with Yew has been so trusting that I couldn’t refuse a “worthwhile” lesson, so taking up my rods I asked them to guide me to the place where this lesson was in the offing.

See? You just have to appreciate the versatility of dowsing with rods. Consider, if you got that message and had no rods to work with, where would you go?

I followed the rods as they weaved there way down the path and along its side to a point close to the flowing river. They then took a slight left and crossed over a place where there was a bench. Was I to sit on this bench? Yes. So I sat on the bench and wondered what this lesson would be. As I pondered I began to feel as if energy was slipping out of me.

Ever since I was initiated into Reiki, whenever I am exchanging/sending energy out from me my palms start heating up. This is a common feeling amongst healers particularly those who have been Reiki attuned.

As I said, I felt this energy draining from me and wondered what and where it was going, not only that but it felt disconcerting to have it just flowing out. So I grabbed the rods and determined where the energy was going. It was to the nearest grave, some 5 feet away. What a curious thing. Was something taking the energy from me? Yes.

Intrigued, rather than frightened (in a graveyard, at night), I querried as to what was doing this draining? Was it an entity? A energy being? Elemental? Or any other type of sentient creature? No. Some more pondering and intuitive guess-work and I came up with…

A shroud, a memory, a replicant

I further specified this answer with “not the spirit of a person”. A Shroud? The energetic remains of a living person. The concept was entirely new to me. Of course we have the biological remains, buried or burned. But the Energetic remains? I had thought that that passed on and/or was the spirit. Apparently not!

I sat back down on the seat and pondered this truly revolutionary idea. As I looked across the graveyard, I sensed rather than saw little willo-the-wisps, energetic leavings dotted about the place. I wondered why I had come to this one in particular and not any of the others that were floating around? The answer came immediately, there is not enough energy in them.

Didn’t the Yew ground these energies (months ago we had dowsed that a Yew tree grounds the – what at the time we said were spirits – but now might be changing to energies of the dead)? Yes it does, but visitors leave scraps of energy that we use to manifest. I stopped, “we”? It was then that I realised I was communing with this shade. I also felt a nudge from the distant Yew, It’s stealing your energy I came to myself and quickly struck up some protection and as a after thought gave the shade an energetic slap (never done that before).

I felt more solid but could still feel the thing hanging around, it was telling me that it had other knowledge and secrets to impart but I was feeling drained. it had done a good job on me whilst I was sat in the seat. Then I realised that of course, with the seat being there people would be resting on it and thus providing this shade with its meal-ticket.

I got up and walked warily and wearily back up to the Yew for some grounding of my own energies. Fortunately I was able to get back to some semblance of normality before we departed this place of interesting lessons.

Kal Malik – Definitely on the Edge

PS: Here are the original notes of this experience:

  • Yew – you should do it, its dangerous, but it will be a good lesson
  • finding the grave – by a seat
  • letting the energy flow – or seep out – it feeling un-natural
  • “something” accepts the energy
  • what are you? a “shroud”, a memory, a replicant. not the spirit of the person
  • Something interesting, willo-the-wisps dotted across the graveyard, energetic “leavings”
  • why didn’t i go to one of them? there isn’t enough energy in them?
  • doesn’t the Yew ground you all? Yes, but visitors leave scraps of energy and we used that to manifest
  • getting a call from the Yew, “it” stealing energy, giving “it” a slap
  • are you alive? no, we cannot grow, we just fade
  • Why did I come to this grave? A sense of the seat is indicated. because people sit there and i have “picked up” some of their energy
  • Another attempt to steal energy and an insistence to stay and ask more. Time to depart
  • Energetic break, feeling drained

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  1. Very interesting! Confirms some of what John Michael Greer states in Monsters, which you’ve read I would guess. An etheric revenant, or undead creature.

    I don’t suppose you got a look at whose grave it was? That could be interesting in itself, if you were of a mind… not that I know about this stuff really, but to make oneself into such a revenant post-death is not a common deed. 🙂

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