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Future expectations – what might come in 2011

January 2, 2011

Although I am a very spontaneous person. I also know the value of setting up expectations. So here are some expectations for 2011:

  • Abbeys and Cathedrals

As you know new religions replace old ones often by taking over the old ones places of worship and ceremony. So it wouldn’t be surprising to find sacred energies at such places. Couple to this the notion that energy and thought are closely tied then such places would have any energies there enhanced. Well lets find out. So in 2011, I (we) hope to visit some newer (from the perspective of Megalithic sites) locations and divine there energetic states and value.

  • House Dowsing and Energy Transformations

Ok, I have experimented with this over the last couple of years and have had a lot of success. Specifically I will be hoping to explore energies in homes and how to transform them to make the places energies more in line with the wishes of those who live there. Whether this be for healing, creativity, prosperity, etc. Gwas, I believe maybe looking at a similar type of thing but from the perspective of spirit/shade/death (we have to get our naming conventions sorted) energies. My area of investigation/work will be more in line with what is called Feng Shui (using intuition and dowsing rather than the – various – laws of Feng Shui).

  • Signs and Synchronicities

This is a difficult one really, because it is not so much doing anything but reading them. Although (at the moment) I don’t believe that there are any hard and fast rules to this, I do want to see if I can get really good at reading omens and determining what they are and why they exist? For example, are they here to show us our destined path? Or to help us avoid certain dangers? I have been interested in Synchronicity for many years through my Paranormal investigation/studies so I know there are any number of reasons (which I will explore later in the year) as to why of these.

  • Energy therapies

Having had my own complementary therapies practice for a few years I know the value of such. Over the past year or two I have done the odd experiment with dowsing and therapies. However I would like to do a lot more with them. The healing modalities I am speaking of are of course, Reiki, Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Blessing Water, Water Crystals. No promises with this one, but it should be fun to explore.

  • Wand making

This has been left, sadly, by the wayside. However I really want to see if I can make some progress with this this year. It is a task that really caught my imagination when I was presented with it at Alderley Edge (The Wizards Forest) at the beginning of 2010. Being given the name of Wand Maker was also a good indicator (and sign?)

  • Tarot

In the background of the last four years or so I have been studying Tarot and it’s uses. Although on several occasions I have been shown that future prediction is a non-sense-ical endeavour. Using the Tarot for getting a perspective on situations is brilliant and since it is a bit of an arm chair activity you can play with it anytime. So expect more of this to be cropping up. And that is just on the Edge Wizardry front. The other fronts of my life are going to be spectacular this coming year too!

Kal Malik – Co-Creating the Future

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement Sparrowhawk. I have been very interested in Tarot these past few years and have quietly been studying (and practcing) there use. Watch this space…Kal

    PS – Gwas – am I going to get an email regarding your reading?

  2. Great to see you announcing more Tarot related content. I’ve been working with it somewhere in the background as well and with great effects. Will be fun to see your attempts in the context of your other blog content.

    Looking forward to that.

    1. I did a tarot reading last year and it was so accurate that I freaked myself out. I don’t want to do any for other people any more – it’s too invasive and nerve-wracking! Over to Kal…

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