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Intuitive energy work or sleep walking

January 20, 2011

Ok, This is one of those weird ones, well weirder than our other exploits. Last night (being the 10/01/2011) I went to bed at my normal time, around midnight, without much being different to a normal evening. I awoke, for some reason at about 3a.m. and had the urge to get out of bed. I fought it for a few minutes, the warmth of the covers was too enticing. However, each time I relaxed, the urge to get up returned. Until after this occured a few times I got up and paced around my largish room ruminating on what I was feeling and why.

In the darkness, I found myself feeling around in my bag for my lighter and when I found it I took a candle and lit it. As I walked around the room candle in hand I began to move the bits of furniture that I have. Again, it was like this. If I stopped to think about what I was doing, then I stopped doing things. But as soon as I stopped thinking (so to speak) I began to be urged to move stuff.

I spent about 30 minutes moving things around, even to the point of taking down three pictures and moving two others. After I had done this, I felt sleepy instantly and went back to my moved bed.

This morning I awoke and was in a strange world indeed. I had completely forgotten the nights escapades and was totally taken aback by the state of the room. It had a strange feeling to it, but nothing in the room was placed in an nonfunctional way. The couple of oddities were that:-

  • My computer was in a completely different location (and on a different table for that matter)
  • My bed was away from the wall and kind of floating just off centre of the room.

Notably I had dowsed my room before and found that it had only one power-center which was where my feet would be in the new positioning of the bed. Of course after my initial (in the light of day) examination of my room and its furnishing I grabbed my dowsing rods to ask some pertinent questions.

  • Had my room been in a bad energy state for me before? No
  • Was the room in an optimal energetic state now? Yes

As you know, you can’t ask a ‘Why’ question. Which was something I sorely wanted to do. So I asked whether it was an energy that was beneficial in the physical, emotional or mental domains? All three, but mental seemed to be the strongest response.

  • Had there been any new energy created? Yes.

I dowsed for the starting point and found it to be the power center. It flowed from here in a wavy (female) line to where my computer was now located. Notably it bounced off the place where 2 pictures had been placed. It also felt very weak, I kept losing the line and having to reconnect with it.

  • Were there any new power centers? Yes there were two new ones.

One by my computer seat – which again was facing in a different direction because the table had moved. Curiously I couldn’t find the other one. I kept dowsing out from the power centre but it kept fizzling out before it twirled (i.e. reached the place). I asked whether it was too weak to be found? Yes. But there was definitely a second? Yes. Weird! I don’t think we have encountered such a thing before.

Finally, as I was walking about my new intuitively laid out room I noted four crystals on the floor. Not only on the floor, but blue-tacked to the floor so they wouldn’t move. This brought me to a shocking halt! I can’t recall taking any crystals out of my case, nor sticking them on the floor (one of which was under my bed and the other under the computer table, where the power center was). I sat and stared at them for many moments, trying to recall placing them, nothing.

My crystal box is packed at the bottom of the wardrobe and the Blue-Tack is at the bottom of a drawer. Both were still there.

Kal Malik – puzzled

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