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Thank you – 75,500 viewings last year

January 13, 2011
A real life druid thanks you

I took a look at the statistics for the blog for last year (2010) and compared them with the year before. In 2009 we had 12,000 page views in the year. This year we have had an astonishing 75,500 – more than a six-fold increase!

All we can say is thanks to all of you who have found our humble little blog of interest. We hope it has inspired your own quests, whether that be dowsing, druidry, visiting ancient monuments or other esoteric subjects.

We will be bringing you much more of that sort of thing this year too, buiilding on our findings from previous years.

In the near future we will be out celebrating Imbolc at Lindisfarne, and checking whether the energy lines that go there are linked to the Arbor Low stone circle in Derbyshire.

We are beginning to plan the year’s excursions and have decided upon Yorkshire and South Wales this year as places that we would like to visit.

So stay in touch, stay tuned, and listen our for our podcasts as we explore the world of earth energies, ley lines, sacred sites, dowsing and druidry from the ground up and hopefully answer some of life’s mystical, magical and mysterious along the way.

Love and gratitude.

Gwas & Kal.

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