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Boleigh Fogou and the closed energies

February 28, 2011


Beyond the walls of the old house and buried in a tangled mound of short tufted shrubs and undergrowth, is the mouth of a cave – or fogou as it is known in Cornish. The entrance, lipped with pillars of granite, nestles between two mossy banks, sucking life into its womb…

…You want to cling to reality and block the voices out. But they are insistent, and you listen because although you hear them with your mind, they speak with a voice that is not your own. And locked in here for centuries, they want to be heard… Jo May – A journey into the underworld


Saturday morning had arrived and I was feeling a little apprehensive. A couple of weeks ago I had set out with the same destination in mind (but with signs saying not to) and had only got 8 miles into my journey before I was stopped.

My destination was of course the Boleigh Fogou in the deep south of Cornwall. So the question I was asking myself was, was it a good idea to go? The rods said it was, but they also said that I didn’t needto go. A fair answer, but I wanted more. With that need for a sign I toddled off for an innocent coffee in town.

By 8:30 I had had my coffee, read of paper, update of Facebook and was returning back to my lodgings sign-less. I stopped off to get some cash from a ATM and just as I was putting in my number a crow dropped on aledge above me and cawed to high heaven. I looked up and realised it was the sign I was looking for. There was no stopping me now.

A sign is only a sign if you believe it to be a sign

The weather hereabouts was a drizzly grey and hopeful as I ever am,as I drove off into the south I looked down at my light blue jeans and patently non-waterproof white trainers. Hmmm looked like it was going to be another wet feet and visibly muddy day. There again as I was about a hundred miles into the journey the sun came out of the clouds and shone brightly for the rest of my journey…Indeed…another sign for the sign seekers.

Boleigh Fogou

I was lucky, I had tapped in “Newlyn” – as the nearest town to the Fogou and had arrived there with no problems. But from there it was going to be a bit of a try your luckbut as shot in the dark I stuck Boleigh into my satnav and it responded with a destination in 3 miles! Amazing.

I reached “my destination” and was at a loss. According to the Internet the Fogou was at the back of a bed and breakfast rooming house called Rosemerryn. But alas no signs for such were forthcoming along the road that it was supposed to be off. I stopped the car in a lay by and decided to try my luck with my recently purchased Techo-Mage tool i.e. my iPhone. As I pulled it out I spotted a young man walking up the road towards me. So I opted for good old fashioned local knowledge instead and asked him.

“Ah, you be looking for the Foogu? I knows where that is”

Fantastic! With the sun shining like a early summers day (honestly) me and my erstwhile guide Dan were off into the woods. He told me that he usually snuck in from the back of the B&B thus avoiding any possibility of being shooed off the land.

As readers will know I am not averse to Guerrilla Dowsing but something was nagging at me as we made our way down the lane and then back up again through the woods. It didn’t feel right this time. So I stopped my guide and asked him instead how I could get to the house instead.

He warned me that because I hadn’t phoned ahead I would be turned away at the door. Still I decided to go with my instinct and said farewell to my guide. Making my way back up the lane and towards the main house I was met by the owner, Rob. I asked him if this was the place of the Fogou (Foogu), he asked if I had phoned ahead? Oh dear, I replied that I hadn’t but had come a 3 hour drive to see it. his impressed him and he led me around the back of the house to where the Fogou was located.

It suprised me as to how close to the house the Fogou was and that had I come in through the woods I would have been spotted by the owners almost imediately and turfed out.

Rob left me in the company of the Fogou.


Having re-read Jo’s book on the Fogue had predisposed me to being more cautious to this site than others I have visited. So I started off by putting up a serious amount of protection and finding the correct entry place. Which happened to be a tree some 10 foot from the entrance. I stopped at this tree and gathered myself. I could see the entrance to the Fogue from where I was stood. The sun filtered through the leaves and all was quiet around me…except for a black cat that turned up. It mewed around me, wanting my attention and I wondered whether it was a portent of some kind.

As I finished my preparation and moved towards the entrance I noted with dismay that the ground was muddy and wet and having gained a vantage to someway inside the Fogue I saw that inside it was very watery. As I stood looking down into the maw of the place and the environmental conditions I was again drawn to the cat who was prowling around my feet. Then I knew…it was saying…”Don’t go in”. I stepped back up to my power place and grabbed my rods.

  • Could I go into the Fogue? Yes
  • Was it safe? Depends…(half a rod spin)
  • Was the cat warning me? Definite Yes.
  • Should I heed the warning? Depends

Okay…So a cat is telling me not to go in and Jo’s book was playing on my mind…

“Odd tales had gradually clustered about the house, thick as the wisteria that trailed around its windows. Built about fifty years ago, it had since been inhabited by several different families; it had come to be considered an unlucky house. … Unexplained incidents were said to happen there; the five-barred gate that separated its drive from that of the next house was always found open in the morning, however securely it had been fastened the night before. A revolving bookcase in one of the living rooms would be seen to turn without the touch of human hand; and in one of the bedrooms a lady looking into her mirror one day was horrified to see, not the expected reflection of herself and her furniture, but a mist forming within the “many dimensions” of the looking-glass and becoming denser every second. She did not wait for further materialization, but hurried away. A boy sitting for his portrait to a young painter who had borrowed the studio was overcome by a sudden chill gust, though doors and windows were closed.”

In for a penny in for a poundI thought and slowly stepped into the entrance of the Fogou. I was hping that the cat would accompany into the hole but alas she (or he) preferred to stay in the light. As I a couple of feet into the passage I turned and called the cat…”shh…shh…” the cat mewed from around the exit but wouldn’t come in, I could swear it was saying “no chance”.

As I moved further in I noted the passage off to the left, it was a tight squeeze to get into it and I thought to myself. “I’ll leave that I think” and stepped further into the dark. As the diagram suggests the passage isn’t a long one and I was expecting to see light from the other side coming through and its absence was spooking me out.

As I was in the middle of the cave I felt the sense of being told to leave, I didn’t belong here. It wasn’t for me. And finally, quite simply, GO! I was tempted to return back out of the place but since I was half-way through I thought I might as well go the rest of the way.

At various places there were leavings from others who had passed this way: a rose, candle remains, fruit that had rotted. Then of course there was a an inch or two of water that I was trying to avoid by clinging to the sides.

By now I was certain that I should have seen the exit and realised that I had reached the end of the passage but looking up saw that the exit had been blocked off.

Gods! I thought and turned and made my way back out of the place. Getting back into the light I drew a great breath of fresh air and relief. It had certainly been a feelings oriented experience and I knew for sure that this wasn’t a place for me.

Some dowsing at the Fogue

Let’s get some perspective here. Although I got a strong feeling of not belongingwhilst in the Fogue it wasn’t scaring me too much. I am sure it would have been a lot scarier had I not put up protection first and even more scarier if I had not been a guy who wandered around the odd grave site of a night – can I just say one word, Experience! So having had my first taste I decided to do a bit of dowsing…

  • Was there any energy here? Yes
  • Was there any curses here? No
  • Was I being told to leave the place? Yes
  • Should I have left? Depends…
  • Was the place bad for me? Depends…
  • Was there something wrong with the place? Yes
  • Was it because the exit had been blocked? Yes
  • If the exit had been open would it be ok for me to go into the place? Depends…
  • Would I have still got a message to leave? Yes
  • Is it because my energies and it aren’t compatible? Yes
  • At this time? Yes
  • Can I use this place at some other time? Yes
  • Was it because this place has a specific purpose? Yes
  • And I didn’t have a need for this purpose? Yes

Phew! That was some interesting dowsing that explained some of the stuff that was going on. I wondered about who was telling me to go? The genius loci? No. Of course…A shade? Yes. They just hang around don’t they?

So was this shade attached to this place? Yes, it used the energy of the place to survive. Given the most powerful shade I have encountered a 10, at what comparison level would be the energy of this shade? A two! Two…seriously! I forgot him (I thought it was a he) and moved on back to the Fogue. Was there a reason as to why it was a place of energy? Yes. I tried our new question…”Is there anything that will help me understand why it is an energy place?” Yes. Take me to it…

I was taken around the edge of the Fogue entrance and up its side. Where the rods twirled. I dug around in the ground and found a large lump of Quartz crystal. Was this one of the reasons why this place was a power place? Yes.

I was tempted to have another trip in and to explore that little side passage but what was the point, there seemed nothing much to learn from the place. My thoughts were that whatever had excited Jo May about the place was either:

  • Much diminished
  • Blocked because the exit had been blocked

A third answer, which frankly sounds a bit egotistical, but maybe i’m just more experienced and have to have a more energetic experience to rate a place? I’m just saying…

Anyway I felt that I had to go and although I still wanted to learn more about this place, I got up and walked off towards the entrance of the house. As I approached I saw a girl (hmm ok woman) heading up the drive, little case and all. She hello’ed me and said that she was here to look at the Fogue. She also added that she was glad I was here because she didn’t want to go into the place on her own. A curious turn of events. I put of leaving to see where this new venture would lead.

Louisa, as “she” turned out to be, had been here before (sans friends) and was eager to light candles, sage and experience the little side passage. Fortunately she had come with plastic bags to sit on and so, since she wouldn’t go in there alone I was persuaded to go in with her.

The Womb

With candle in hand Louisa clambered and squeezed through the narrow opening as did I and we talked for a while, at first exchanging our views on what the place was for and then concerning our current feelings. After a while our musings led to a mutual silence (I liked that about her I have to say) and I felt the place close in on me. Again it was telling me that I was in the wrong place. “I know I thought back, but give it a rest will you.” alas there was no resting. It played on my feelings and mind? Why? I asked as my inner turmoil grew like an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Because this is a womb, it is a place of gestation and of growth and of change. It is a place that people come at a certain stage in there development. You have passed that stage.

And then I got an interesting bit of knowledge…You can’t align with us. At this point I saw Louisa adjust herself and I said that I felt I was done in here. She wanted to stay longer but not on her own. I said I would be just a call away by the exit. This satisfied her and I moved out of the womb.

Outside again, I felt the oppressionlift and I dowsed to confirm my findings. This place was indeed a place of initiation. The place where I had stood outside when I was preparing was the waiting area. Then one would go into the womb where they were changed– this was done by their aura being shaped by the womb. What was meant by my alignment was that my aura either didn’t or couldn’t be shaped by the womb. Following this intuitive track further I got that the reason for this was because my Energy double had been awakened and dislodged. I also noted that I was allowed in again because of Louisa, she had provided a strong feminine energy to counter balance my Sun energy. Another confirmation was that this place was very much moon aligned.

As I was dowsing these answers I got a feeling that something was amiss inside and that some form of protection was needed. I began to visualise some protection around Louisa when a thought entered my mind…send your energy double…I released it and off it went. I dowsed to ask whether my double would be adequate, the response was laughably yes! I asked whether it was the shroud that was interfering with Louisa’s work? Yes.

Some ten minutes later Louisa emerged from the Fogou. I asked her about her experiences and she said that she had encountered three presences in her meditation, one of which gave her some knowledge. I didn’t ask what it was. Knowledge of this kind is only relevant to the individual.

Whilst she was spending some time in gratitude I asked whether the other two presences where the shade and my double? The answer was a yes.

I hadn’t finished off my questions, so I wandered around the exit side of the Fogou and asked where people would go when they exited. I was taken to a place some 20 foot from the exit and not far from a running stream (interesting). It was to a tree that was in bloom with flowers! Amazing.

As Louisa and I left the Fogou (we decided to go to the Merry Maidens together) I asked her whether she felt more at home in the Sun or the Moon? She replied the Moon. Why am I not surprised? And just a couple (or three) of other notes.

  • Louisa had spotted the Quartz and had asked whether she could take it…Wow boy, No way, that was loaded with Foogu energy and wasn’t to be taken. I buried it deeper to ensure no one else was tempted.
  • Another interesting thing was that I asked Rob the house owner whether he had had any strange experiences. He was a pretty down to earth guy and said that he had only had one experience when he first slept in the house. During the night he had been levitated of his bed about a foot and then gently laid back.
  • Oh…and Bo-ley? No there might be a ley line going through Boleigh, but there isn’t one going through the Fogou.
  • Rob had a couple of dogs with him when he looked in on us and one of them dropped its ball in front of me. I picked it up and threw it into the Fogou…It ran after it with no worries

And that concludes my experiences at the Boleigh Foguo. Interesting, informative but not as good as Jo May’s book suggested (for me anyway).

Kal Malik – not needing to go into the underworld, yet 🙂

ps…Gwas emailed with this note from a book he is currently reading…

“I have spoken of John Dunne and his revelations about time. In order to become more than mortal he tells us that we must put ourselves into places where our minds can sleep and our dreams find wings. The womb of the earth is such a place…

I also told you that there are tunnels beneath the earth – dragon paths that connect us to different dimensions – and in your grave tonight, you may find that this is literally true. Perhaps you will enter such a tunnel and create a new reality. Lastly, therefore, this is also an exercise, or an experiment, in conjuration: to see if you have the makings of a Merlin, who can, through wizardry, give birth to new worlds.”  Source: Walking with the Sin Eater

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