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My radar, a psychic alarm and finding my root sound

February 20, 2011

What an unwieldy title! But it covers all of the weird things that happened to me this evening. I had engineered some time on the way home from work (a favourite time for me to work, early evening) and I arrived at some local caves just as the sun was about to set. The position of the caves didn’t allow me to watch the sunset properly, but that’s not why I was there. I was there for another reason – I was in search of the sound that would activate my root chakra.

No-one else was in the caves so I asked permission of the earth spirit, the genius loci of the cave, to allow me entry undisturbed. It was granted, so I stood for a moment on a power centre that I had identified previously to offer love and gratitude in thanks for this ingression. I moved gingerly deep into the caves because I knew the ground was usually littered with cow dung. I picked my way past it all, carrying three incense sticks with me to clear a way, spiritually. A meagre small torch allowed me not to bump my head as I went deeper and darker in.

Suddenly a hare ran at me from out of the darkness and I jolted upright narrowly missing a rocky outcrop. I laughed a little. That made me perk up! I began to follow a dowsing rods, asking it to lead me to the perfect place for this sonic experiment. It led me to a place that I had already identified on a previous visit as the best place acoustically in the whole set of caves. Well, that proved nothing! Still, I made myself comfortable in amidst the broken glass bottles and crunched cans left by revelling raucous rebels of recent times past by sitting on a sharp-topped sandstone nodule that invited my seat. I faced the back of the chamber, some fifty feet into the cave system and only a foot away from the end wall I now faced.

Humming isn’t just for bees

I began trying to find a low sound that I could make comfortably and which felt as though it did something. I tried out several different types of sound, from whistles to singing but eventually, for the root chakra, I found a deep low hum that made my head and everything around me vibrate. This was it! Unfortunately, due to a condition I have developed in recent years the amount of phlegm in my throat prevented me from sustaining that note for very long. In fact, I noticed that this was a particular problem on this day – bad timing on my part, I guess.

I managed to get about 20 seconds of low continuous hum going. As I did so I began to feel my voice reverberating off the walls around me. Then the vibration went through me, from the rock upon which I was sitting, through my body and back into my head. A flow, a vibrational flow, was emerging from the base of my spine! It was like an experience I had had at the chamber of Fourknocks in Ireland where I had sat inside a similar enclosed space that had these acoustic properties of reflecting back my own sound. There too I had managed to achieve the same result and make my root chakra vibrate. It felt wonderful. Then my voice croaked and the whole experience disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. I could see that I had to get just the right note, and sustain it for a time, and then this would happen. I was happy with that.

I began experimenting with higher levels of sound to see if I could find any of the other vibrational points for other chakras. I was just thinking that I had found one when my “spider senses started tingling” and I got a rush of adrenalin that meant that I should be wary. All my usual senses went onto high alert – was someone in the cave? Was something happening outside? Was there “something” in the cave with me already? My rational brain was somersaulting but another part of me was calm and I packed away my things and left quickly. There was no-one in the cave, so it wasn’t that.

Goodbye Venus – Hello Jupiter and Uranus

Jupiter and Uranus playing pool

Outside the cave things were all “wrong”. In the darkening clear star-littered sky I could still make out the ground as the sun had only just set leaving enough light to see. Birds were twittering…nervously. A rabbit on the hilltop ran for its life, but not away from me, away from something else. There was a noise like a person walking down the hillside next to the cave, but as I watched for their arrival out of the bushes they never emerged. Strange. All very strange.

I ambled quietly along the side of the hill, leaving by a different path to the one I had come in on (which was quite muddy). As I arrived at the crest of a slope the Moon was framed perfectly for me to stare at, so I did. Beside it I saw a symbol created by some heavenly body that looked familiar -it was the Venus Symbol that I had seen a few years ago at Bryn Celli Ddu at about this time of year! I was stunned. However, now I had the means to identify what the objects were that made this symbol. Was it Venus? No – it was the near conjunction of two planets Jupiter and Uranus. Well, that clears that up – but nevertheless the symbol did look exactly as I had drawn it those few years ago.

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunctions

Here’s a hint at what the forces of Jupiter and Uranus could mean when together:

“The themes of freedom and independence are especially prominent during Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions.  These conjunctions portend discovery, invention, and innovation (Uranus) combined with expansion, experimentation, and exploration (Jupiter).  The force of change (Uranus) is very strong (Jupiter) when these planets congress, which can lead to protests and political change.” (source: Gary Brand Astrology)

“The conjunction in Aries is asking us to expand our awareness towards what we need to do for our selves as unique and independent individuals. Aries is the warrior; the individual who faces their fear and is willing to forge ahead into uncharted territories. When Jupiter is in Aries the expansion of fearlessness can take on a reckless quality. However reckless in whose mind? The resistance will be in part against conservative concepts that promote the previous paths that are slow, steady and safe. When Uranus is in Aries it demands rebellion against the established conservative and control based thinking. The two together forge a union that can break through fear and grid lock in life to push the limits of what others say is impossible or can not be done.” (source: Donna Page)

At the second that I had identified this planetary image my car alarm went off! The car was a few fields walk away still. This was the third time it has done this when I have visited the caves so I was not too disturbed by it, but still I hurried along. Even though no-one lived nearby I didn’t want to attract too much attention (ha! too late!). As I approached my parking place I found a policeman sitting in a squad car making notes alongside my car. I tapped his window and asked if everything was OK? Yes, just checking because there had been an undisclosed incident nearby and policemen are naturally suspicious about unattended vehicles. With my best magickal work I gave off an air of “Nothing to see here“. He scanned me and only asked if I had been “walking”. I told him I was at the caves, and he wished me a good evening. The hint was taken.

I left, thinking about the “nudge” I had got, and when I would next get to try my other chakra sounds in such a helpful environment.


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  1. I will then, Capt’n!
    Astrology is very interesting but seems unnecessary, when there is so much going on down here. Can’t deny those patterns’ meaningfulness though. And respect towards those who notice them.
    It seems spirituality in general is the art of connecting dots.

    1. You have said exactly the right word there – “connect”. I have found that there is a connection between the energies that reach us from the celestial bodies and the forms of energy upon the Earth as a consequence. That is our connection. I suppose we, too, as energy beings will also react in some way to the energy from the stars and planets. We certainly do react in an obvious way to the two closest ones – the Sun and Moon.

      1. It is definitely interesting. How come there is still space for any types of consciousness when we are surrounded by such powers? Or is it just an illusion?
        Too many questions – not enough tea! (Wanders off to prepare some before reading Kal’s new post)

  2. That Uranus-Jupiter conjunction has proven influential in here as well. I need to explore it further (added to todo list).
    The findings in your chakra-related area didn’t surprise me though. I did a similar exercise around 1,5 years ago and got a similar result – my root chakra would open at the sound of thunder, as far as I remember, so I did expect a similar – deep sound. Root chakra seems to like deep humming and low murmur (note to self: might be interesting to explore psychological reasons for that).
    I also remember my Swadhisthana would respond well to the shimmering of a stream or sea. Might be a hint in your search.

    1. Hi Gwydion,

      Pertinent and useful info as always. I will take your suggestions of natural sounds that could affect the chakras and I will pursue them to see how they work for me, but at this particular time of year, for this quest, I have to be able to make the sounds myself. Part of a self-sufficiency thing. I need to be able to activate the chakras on demand by my own ability – no external sounds will do, apparently. I can understand why this is, yet I find your connection with natural sounds fascinating so I will try to remember to do some research on that too.
      I’m still left wondering what the Jupiter-Uranus energies have to offer. They do seem to draw me to notice them for some reason. They almost signal the start of my working year. Once I have noticed that conjunction – all hell breaks loose for the next 9 months!! Ha ha.
      Thanks for your help as always.

      1. And I was going to ask if I’m not spamming your comments section too much 😉
        Glad I could help. As for the planets – nothing is a coincidence, but I’m highly sceptical about them and try not to over-interpret their impact on things. This particular configuration, however, seems more interesting and accurate than any other before it. Now lets not allow this hell to consume us both, shall we?

        1. Hee hee – no intention of letting the complexities of astrology consume me! I admit it’s way beyond the ability of mortal man to understand (see previous references to my place in the grand scheme of things). I agree this particular configuration is more important than most, certainly to me. However, I am not always able to interpret what these natural signs mean, even when I do spot them (see ‘foxes’).

          What I will do is note that I have noticed it again, and try to remember that I saw it at this time of year. Then I will try to see whether any pattern repeats itself in my life as a result of some of the possible interpretations that I have read concerning this conjunction. Best I can manage. I’m only human!

          As for “spamming our comments” – my word, no! We love your feedback, honestly. I think it adds more context and more information to the posts. Keep it up!

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