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Ignoring the signals on the Knights Quest

February 18, 2011

This Saturday I had many tasks planned and as Friday evening approached I had lined all my ducks in a row ready for the weekend. However after Saturday mornings Costa coffee. I changed my mind and decided a good hike into the south was definitely required. Even as I returned back to my lodgings I felt I shouldn’t go out today. But I fought it and a quick look through megalithic had me opting for a 2 1/2 drive to the Merry Maidens and a nearby Fogou.

I got into my car and was off southwards within moments. Alas my intuition proved correct and within 8 miles of my starting point I had a rear tyre blow-out not only that but I was in the middle of no-wheres ville. Struggling a little I managed to pull into a farm yard lane and got out to change the tyre. my efforts on getting the nuts off was not up to the task I’m afraid and I eventually resorted to calling out an emergency service (which now that I’m wandering the country, i am a fully paid up member of).

As I waited the 2 hours that they said they would take I pondered my lack of following my intuition. Since I was in the middle of fields and a little wood, I decided to hike on over and do some communing with trees. Dowsing rods in hand I sat myself against a lovely beech tree and opened my senses. I was curious, was there anything to learn from this situation?

Now, between you and me, I’m not a believer in the we’re here to learn lessons idea about life, however within life I believe we can and do have lessons.

So I pondered the annoyance of having to wait for the emergency services and my lack of strength in removing the tyre. Of course I realised that if I’d take more of an interest in the gym (although I do quite a bit of running) then this wouldn’t have been an issue. I felt the nudgeof intuition whilst thinking about this and from the depths of communing a message was delivered from the brash young beech tree.

A knight has to have strength of arm

Wow! Seriously? No, it was just a flight of imagination I was sure. I got up from my hardseat, it was a mere 20 minutes from when I had called the tow truck only another hour and forty minutes to go. But even as signs and omens were clustering my thoughts I looked back to my trusty car and there coming up the road was the tow truck. As I ran to my car, the rods pure coincidence were ringing in my ears. But hey who was I to argue?

I thanked the chap who had my tyre changed in two minutes and he said that I was lucky that he had been so close by. Indeed. He did however make a curious passing remark, “how unlikely is it to have two blow outs on the same day?”  Hmmm I decided to not take another risk (see what signs do to you?) and headed off to find a garage to buy a tyre. The truck man had given two addresses and in minutes I was at the first, “sorry we don’t have your tyre” Okaayy.

I popped the second into my Sat Nav and a few minutes later it was saying you have reached your destination…No garage! Anywhere! So I trundled back to my lodgings and checked up on a place on ‘t Internet, found a nearby Kwik-fit and toodled off to find that one. Again I drove around the streets where it was supposed to be, nothing, nada, zip!

What in the name of holies was going on? I returned home and pondered whether this was coincidence or meaningful. Being unable to decide I asked the rods. Which returned meaningful 100%. I asked whether the bit of musing I had done by the beech was just that, some day dreaming? No. What? You mean that was a Key? Yes.

But, but why? I asked whether I had the puncture to give me the opportunity to discover the second key? No. Did I need to have a puncture? No. Would I have got this message anyway? Yes, but by another means and at a later date. Was there a time by which I was to have strength of arm? Yes. I counted months…1…2…3…4…

4 months and 3 weeks was the eventual answer. I couldn’t determine how much strength of arms I would need though.

I wondered why I had had these mishaps this day, was there any energetic reason? Yes, it was Leprechaun energy! Damn, Where and when had I picked it up. Apparently whilst I was at a pub the night before. Interesting…

I will do another post later on regarding my findings about Leprechaun energy and how to get an influence of it.

So, it seems that I have direction for my 2nd key to Knighthoods Door.

Kal Malik seeking strength of arm by mid June apparently!

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  1. Kal, I just love your narration. Your wizardness reminds me of Pratchett’s Rincewind to be honest (more of a compliment than you would probably think). Anyway, I am happy your quest is progressing and increasingly curious about the turn of events in the next chapter.

    1. Good day Gwydion,

      I will take that as a compliment, I have to say I was a fan of all the Rincewind containing Pratchett books.

      My driving motivations are curiosity, adventure and sharing. All of them are aptly filled.

      And to be quite frank I am as curious to see where this is going and where it will end up.


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