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St Sarah the Patron Saint of Laughter

February 25, 2011
Path to the Well

 The final destination for our visit around Llangollen was the well of St Sarah. Having had a lot of success with St Helen’s well at Imbolc I wanted to visit another one to see if we could replicate that success.

Interlude in a Church

Before I go into that I just wanted to mention that on the way to St Sarah we stopped of at a church dedicated to St Mary in Derwen and found (after a push) that the door was indeed open. God had a open house in this instance. Lovely. Gwas and I dowsed the rather un-inspiring energies in the church and found the same thing that I have in several places. A power centre to the left of the altar (as you look down the pews) with a energy line that takes a wavy path down the left of the church pews.

St Sarah

The well was very easy to get to which I am liking a lot about wells. As you can see from the above picture the path down to the well was splendid even at this time of the year. As you turn the corner however you reach the well. Unlike a traditional well that one might imagine as a circular affair raised from the ground a few feet. This was a flat square dip in the ground some 6 foot in width and length and maybe a few feet in depth. It had a lip that let water flow in to the stream (see pic below).

As soon as both Gwas and I saw this we knew that this didn’t have any energy, if anything it was pushing us away. To where though? I followed the feeling until it led me some twenty foot away from the well along the edge of the stream until I came to a bend (again see pic below).

I dowsed to ask whether there was any of St Sarah’s energy in the well? No. Incidentally Gwas had already found this too. As in previous occasions I have found that energy of water related places has often been in the movement of water rather than its containment. So I asked here, is the energy of Sarah in the stream? Yes. Clearly and distinctly.

Energy in the Water

I spent some time enjoying the sound of running water, the sun and the pleasant energy of that place. After about ten minutes I returned to where Gwas was doing some work of his own. As we conversed about our experiences I recalled the night before I had a dream from which I had awoken with gales of laughter. It had had Gwas in it too so I spent a moment trying to explain the dream and how funny it was. It’s memory still had me in stitches and I was double over with laughter (to the surprise of Gwas) before managing to recover.

As we gave our thanks and left that place, I was certain that the defining moment of our visit to St Sarah was the laughter I had re-experienced.

Laughter Princess

As I write this post I am doing some research on the good St Sarah and consider my surprise and delight when I find that she is the Patron Saint of Laughter.

Kal Malik – surprised

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