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Tyfos and Being directed

February 23, 2011

After our visit to the Church of St Mael and St Sulien (Sun God) our next stop was a sacred circle that we had looked for in the past without success, Tyfos. I picked it because I liked the name. It just jumped out at me. Fortunately with the techno-mage additions to our tools (namely iPhone) we managed to find it without a problem. In fact its access rating was a piece of cake, right next to a road. But in the garden/field of a house. Luckily the farmer was out in the car park and we were granted permission to enter and investigate.

I recall a long time agowe dowsed whether stone size mattered and found that it didn’t. Still the stature of these stones didn’t impress me and the feel of the energy there seemed very weak. After the usual preliminaries of power centres and energy paths we found that the site was in need of healing.

On a side note: The weather had got a bit frosty and just as I got out of the car I reached into the back seat to pick up the bottle of fresh water I bought, even as I lifted it my mind was saying “You’re not going to drink that, so why are you taking it?” but I still brought it with me.

Since I had the water with me I dowsed where to place it to be energised and it ended up on one of the stones. A randomly placed bottle of water we might say. Gwas and I determined that the site was in need of some Moon aligned energy. We also found that we could draw some energy from a tree in the adjacent field. Gwas will go into the details of how we did this but I would like to mention that the I dowsed to see where he energy out of the tree would go and found that after a bit of a wander it ended up at the place where I had put the water.

Curious? I wondered whether I had placed the water there for this very reason and the rods supplied a “Yes” answer. Really? But how did I know to place it there? This could only have been done in hindsight i.e. I (or something) must have know that we would be doing some healing and thus had made me place the water there. Very curious.

After we had completed the healing I asked whether I could take the water back and the answer was yes, so I did. I then wondered whether the new female energy line had moved. I checked and found that the line had moved to an adjacent stone which had a pool of water on it! In a one way it makes sense water after all is a Moon aligned element.

As we walked away from Tyfos, Gwas and I discussed the implications of the seemingly future prediction we had just witnessed. The bigger question arose…”Was I brought to the site because it needed healing?” I was loath to ask the question, having a good sense of self-determination. Eventually though the need to know overwhelmed the fear of the answer. So I asked:

  • Did I place the water so that it could be used later to heal the site?Yes
  • Did I choose the site at random? No
  • Was I called to the site because it needed healing? Yes
  • Was I directed? Yes

I have as yet to learn what to make of this,

Kal Malik – musing on being directed

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