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Census: Some ideas for how to describe your odd beliefs

March 11, 2011

I have been thinking about The Census that is being taken at the moment. It seems that we are not free to express our beliefs openly, and instead we will have to confirm to an existing label in order to have our beliefs recognised. I rebel against that idea. Instead, where the form asks for me to define my belief structure I have come up with a few terms that I am considering some options for the “Any other religion, write in” box.

Census: Fun for all the family

Here are my suggestions, perhaps one will strike a chord with you too:-

  1. Evangelical Etherist – someone who preaches to others about the invisible energies and enjoys laughing gas.
  2. Virtual Neo-Druid – not quite at the stage of being a fully-fledged modern druid, and possibly may not exist either.
  3. Hedonistic Pantheist – someone who really enjoys believing that Nature is a living force that pervades all things. May involve nudity. May contain nuts.
  4. Pagan Ele-Mentalist – follows the old ways, believes in at least four divisions of Nautre, and may be mentally unstable.

You may have to write in the margins with those. Only a bit of fun, because we shouldn’t take these things too seriously.


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    1. Hi There CE,

      Not been over to your site for a wee while so will pop back over to see what you’re up to these days. Thanks for the link to the Bee film – I think it’s an interesting issue, and the bee de-population always makes me think of Douglas Adams’ books when the animals slowly left the planet before its impending destruction. Makes me shudder. “So long, and thanks for all the pollen”, eh?

      Nice to hear from you,

    2. Hi CE,

      Would you mind if I featured your YouTube video in the sidebar of our site in a few weeks time? It has really impressed me and I’d love to feature it as a Spring video for a while.


  1. hey i am not sure if you have seen philip’s blogg aobut this years census, and being counted as Pagan. if not here is teh link

    also there seemed to be other controversy about not boycoting the census because of the company who is running the census and the other stuff they do.. ?? weird..

    here in New Zealand out census was cancelled due to the christchruch earthquake in feb.. so yeah.. apparently this has happened once before during world war two maybe.. hmmm…

    err yeah..that was a bit random..


    1. Hi Polly,

      We like random! Yeah, Philip’s blog is asking people ot do the same as the Pagan Dash campaign. It seems like a well-coordinated approach, but to what purpose? If I put “Pagan Druid” what will happen to the world and my spiritual quest?

      Very sorry to hear about the impact of the quake on your country, (and Japan too). We feel for you (taking our country’s collective stance for a moemnt, if I may). Is it me, or do these natural disasters seems to be occurring a touch more regularly at the moment? I wonder why that might seem to be the case – reporting, perception, an unstable period?


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