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Distant healing at Moel-Ty-Uchaf

March 20, 2011

Despite the previous night being a great night for star-watchers, I felt a ‘pull’ to go to Llandrillo’s stone circle on Tuesday 15th March. The day was cloudy and murky, but relatively warm, and the evening was the same. There would be no star-gazing this evening!

I was going to Moel-Ty-Uchaf for many reasons:

  1. To confirm a recent warning received via Kal from the Llangernyw Yew tree and to see what mitigating action I might need to take
  2. To pay my respects to the people who have died in the Asian Pacific region recently, and to send calming thoughts to the earth in that region
  3. To test my fitness – it’s the steepest longest climb I know to any sacred place except Snowdon
  4. To create an energetic shield to fight off infection and heal myself

I better explain that last point. It wasn’t that I was ill as such, just that there were at least two people who I worked close to who were coughing and sneezing and, as seems to be the case these days, making no attempts or efforts to block those coughs from being spread all around the air-conditioned room. I felt like it was a matter of time before I came down with something – and in fact that evening I had felt my stomach being a little bit upset. Was this the sign that I was about to get ill? I didn’t want that – let’s see if I could modify my energy field at a stone circle to prevent it.

Moel Ty Uchaf evening shot

The evening was misty but the roads were dry and the mist was a welcome addition to the atmosphere of this extraordinary place. As I walked up – without my staff for once, I wanted to do this work unaided entirely – I began to work my way through the various chakra points, five in all, and I used my recently-acquired knowledge of the correct vocal sounds to activate them in sequence. By the time I reached the top of the hill I was aware that I was energetically ‘ready for action’ as it were, and I put up some protection too in order to retain this energy, to stop it from dissipating or being taken by anything that I wasn’t expecting to be on this hill. Best to be safe than sorry, eh?

I made it to the top of the hill in record time, with no stops on the way to catch my breath, and with my calf muscles tight but not burned out. This was a major improvement over the last time I visited when I stopped at least three times, was covered in sweat despite it being the middle of Winter, and I had to take a 10 minute rest on the top. Tonight, no rest was required at all! Progress.

I sat on the King Stone for a moment to decide what I should do first. My first decision was that tonight I would not use my dowsing rods. I would have a dowse-less experience and see what happened. It was a long way to climb to get it wrong, but sometimes you have to test yourself to the limits to make headway and break barriers.

I decided firstly to pay my respects and try to do some remote earth healing. It seemed a bit like I was spitting into a forest fire by doing such a thing, but maybe the intention was worthy in and of itself? I took out three sticks of incense and lit them. I approached the stone circle, feeling for the energies and was taken off to one side, around the edge of the circle at a distance of eight feet or so from the stones. I walked around until I came to the southern entrance and waited for permission to enter, which was duly granted. Now the fun was about to start…

A Gesture for Japan

I walked into the misty circle and asked where I should place the incense sticks. I felt like my attention was being drawn to the rim of the central circular depression. I walked around it placing the three incense sticks at even intervals. Then I went to stand in the centre of the circle and faced to the King Stone. What I didn’t understand was – why three sticks of incense? I knew one was for Japan, and another for New Zealand, but who was the third one for? Oh no – for one still to come? I shuddered, and it wasn’t just the misty coolness.

What followed was a session during which I roused the energies of the circle by imagining a cycle of energies flowing first clockwise and then anti-clockwise around the circle until they were in balance. Then I began a chant to open up my heart chakra energies and add them into the mix. Now, in my imagination, the flow of energies had changed from a circular form into a heart-shaped flow! This was a bit surprising, but I went with it.

The final act was to build the energies up until they rose like a pregnant dome above the circle and then I released them out into the atmosphere, visualising them travelling all the way to the other side of the world to be spread around the pacific rim, calming the earth’s hot-spots and earthquake zones, and sending pacifying energies to all those traumatised by the earth’s effects. I know – what difference could it make? Well, sometimes you just feel as though you should try, you know?

The Dark Rider’s Challenge

Kal has mentioned to me that he had come across some information,some advice from the Llangernyw Yew tree that was a message for me: “Someone is coming to challenge you”. The additional feeling he got was that this was a worker of dark energies. Oh, nice! Still, forewarned is forearmed as they say, and I might need four arms if I get challenged!

I decided to ask for some more information about this situation. Was the information correct? Was it something I should prepare for? How should I prepare? Remember – I was doing this without rods so it felt like a child taking his first steps. I went back to the King Stone to prepare for an encounter with the Genius Loci of the stone circle – the spiritual entity that I would be trying to contact. I lit two incense sticks – different ones this time, Sandlewood – and began to walk back to the circle but ended up walking back to the King Stone! Something had made me go back. I knew why – I needed to bring a crystal with me. I knew I had my very special crystal that had been a gift from a friendly druid with me. I picked it out and headed back to the stone circle.

Misty Moel Ty Uchaf

This time I got to walk up to the circle. I was led around the circle again, but this time only a foot away from the stones (the energies were flowing now) and I walked back into the southern entrance. I went to stand in the power centre that I now knew to be mine, and there I stuck the two incense sticks into the ground, standing between them. Holding the quartz crystal I began to connect to the energies using my usual meditation (see previous posts) and found that it was incredibly strong and quick today – the crystal’s influence? It couldn’t be the sun or the moon because neither were visible or particularly “strong” (it being night and only just last quarter moon phase).

I went into a meditation state and began to ask questions, letting my mind go clear after each one so that whatever answers emerged could do with without my intervention.

  1. Was the information from the yew tree correct about a challenge from a dark energy worker? YES.
  2. When was this challenge going to arise? …silence.
  3. Would the challenge be happening within the next week, two, three, four, five – YES.
  4. Do I need to make any preparations for this challenge? YES! Emphatically.
  5. Could I do something with this crystal to help the situation? YES, that’s why you brought it.
  6. How should I prepare this crystal for the challenge? …

In answer to this question I was shown a small “cut scene” vision in which I was standing in from of a small group of people. My attention was focused on one person but I couldn’t make them out in detail because they were blurred. This person was talking to me but I was only feeling the huge wave of negative energy being launched at me from behind the words. My rational brain wanted me to panic, but the Spirit of the Stone Circle intervened showing me a better way, suggesting, “Send your challenger love and watch them be pacified.” I dug deep and pulled out a whole heap of love energy from somewhere, delivering it in equal measure or more to the force of the dark energy wave that was flowing towards me. I felt myself force a smile that quickly turned into a real grin of pure joy. The opposing force melted away to nothing. The scene faded.

I knew what I had to do. I gathered energy from the love heart formation that was circling the stones and drew it into the crystal in my hands. As I was doing that I began to sing to open up the heart chakra again. In the misty night it seemed an odd noise to hear out here on the silent hilltop. I felt energy pouring into the crystal and soon I was returning back to wakefulness. Now I had a crystal that was full of love energy and which would act as a ward, and something that I could draw upon when challenged by a dark energy worker.

As I walked away from the stone circle back to the King Stone I was, as they colloquially say, “Buzzin’!” – a huge aura of energy around me, pulsating and forceful.

A Change of Quests

It has become something of a custom that I make the switch from one part of the year’s quest to another on the date of the change – for example, I fully expected that I would be visiting a sacred site at the weekend that would require me to demonstrate that I had completed the previous quest, and then I would be given information about the next quest. As I sat on the King Stone, surrounded by energy, I felt that a switch may have already taken place. I got my dowsing rods out to try to decide whether this was true.

  • Had I fulfilled my quest for the previous five weeks? YES, said the rods.
  • Had I moved on to another quest already? YES.
  • Had the quest already been defined? YES.

It was clearly the quest of facing this dark energy challenge. That would be my test for the next five weeks. That would completely change the weekend’s work now! I was beginning to look forward to the new quest already. Spring has come early for this Hedge Druid! Let battle commence!


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