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Receiving the elements at the Rollrights

April 29, 2011

Earlier in the month I was asked to go on a training course with work. The course was down near London, so this meant that I would have to travel for several hours to get there, yet I didn’t have to arrive until 1:30pm. By my quick reckoning if I started my journey early enough I would be able to go visit a megalithic site on the way to the course – bonus! Which one, though? Given my route there was only one that I wanted to consider – the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire.

As I neared the site a thought struck me – I didn’t have a purpose to go with! I racked my brains – then I remembered my liaison with a water spirit in Cumbria and how I had made a connection with this element quite strongly. I felt like I had not made the same connection with the other three elements yet. Perhaps this site was the place to do that? It was a sunny day (fire), the stones were buried in the earth, and there was a slight breeze (air)….I would have to see whether it would work when I arrived.

View of the Rollright Circle

I was practically alone in the circle except for the occasional visiting party of one, two or three people, but as is usually the case they only stayed for the merest time. I barely had long enough to register most of the people who visited, so brief was their stay! I would love to survey people about why they visit these places and then do nothing when they get there!

Ritual for three elements

When I started druidry I wasn’t “into” ritual. I didn’t see that it was necessary, but I was being too narrow-minded. What isn’t necessary is a prescriptive ritual. You know the type of thing – in “The Heathen’s Book if Rituals”, page 24, it says that if you want to summon a fire elemental you will need a red candle, to face south, hold a crystal of Tiger’s Eye in your left hand, then say the words, “O Element of Fire, come to me in my hour of need….” blah blah. Whose ritual is that? Is it YOURS? Certainly not. It’s somebody else’s. So I follow a path whereby the ritual is completely impromptu. If I have certain things with me at the time then I might use them, such as candles, incense or crystals. Even my staff can be involved. But none of these things are necessary, and so I could just as easily face in a particular direction and simply imagine a connection with some elemental force and that will work just as well. In our world it can take a strong mind to ignore the “teachings” of other spellworkers and vote for your own method because we are so often seeking to know the “right ” thing to do. The right thing to do is do what feels right!

Now to discuss the ritual part of the visit.

1. Cleansing

Firstly I cleansed myself of all the worldly energies that I may have brought with me to the circle. I felt for the position of and then stood in a power centre just outside the aura of the circle’s stones, and it felt like the right place because I could feel me surrounding energies being drawn into the earth and dispersed elsewhere. Note: I didn’t deplete my inner energies – just my outer ones. Also note, no dowsing rods required to find the power centre this day. Progress!

2. Introducing

I was then invited to enter by “my” entrance to the south-east. Invited in the sense that I introduce myself to the circle,. stated my intentions, and then waited for a response. Politeness and respect usually works well in these co-operative mystical arts. I then walked around intuiting the path through the stones and touching most of the stones as I brushes past them until I felt I should stop. The place I felt I should stop at was “my” stone in the eastern edge, opposite the tree with all the clooties. I had stopped here on previous visits too. That’s how I came to call it “my” stone today. Once may be random, twice may be a coincidence, but every time becomes something special, so now this is now the spot for me.

My place in the Rollright Circle

3. Setting

Next I created the right setting for myself. Three incense sticks would be required today (this has recently been upgraded from the usual two due to a third strand of energy being introduced into my connection meditation (I imagine three strands of energy – a male, a female and a neutral strand. The male and female intertwine around the neutral). It was also coincidental that this matches one stick for each of the elements that I wanted to work with, but I didn’t feel that was particularly relevant today.

I then took out the three elemental crystals that I wanted to use to act as a connection to the elements. Rose quartz for Air, Green Aventurine for Earth and Black Tourmaline for Fire. These are just the crystals that I find work for me.

4. Calling

I held all of the crystals in my “giving” hand. There is a concept that we each have a giving and a receiving hand. Supposedly you can feel this if you hold your hands six inches apart from each other and feel for which way the energy is flowing. It will be flowing from your giving hand to your receiving hand. With the crystals in my giving hand I connected to the circle, to the sun, moon and earth, and then opened up my chakras using the sonic method I had learned recently.

When all my energy was ready I began to give it out through the crystals into the earth. I let my energy tentacles go deep into the earth in search of a familiar earth spirit that I had worked with before. Moments later as I called its name repeatedly I felt it surge into the green crystal, and then I swapped that crystal into my receiving hand. The crystal was incredibly warm! I repeated this process for the other two elements, sending my energy tendrils out to touch each of the elements in turn and calling for my elemental connection.

When I called for the earth element I was very aware of the smell and feel of the earth beneath me. I was sitting with my back to one of the stones in the circle, so I was closer than normal to the earth, but still I could really smell the scent of the grass and earth below me for a fleeting moment as the element re-joined with me. When I called upon the air element the still air whipped up into a swift and strong breeze for a few seconds before dying away to stillness again. Coincidence? Some things are, some aren’t. When I called upon the fire element the sun was behind a large cloud. Seconds later it has broken through to shine strongly upon me. As soon as the element was back with me the sun faded behind a cloud again. Another coincidence. This magickal work is full of coincidences.

The southern entrance for sun people

5. Leaving

Soon I had a hand full of really hot crystals and a satisfied grin on my face. They were back with me, and I could start working with them again this year. I thanked the spirit of the circle for facilitating the meeting and went to stand in my inner circle power centre in order to be re-energised for the day ahead. Again, no rods were needed to guide me to this – I went intuitively.

As I walked out of the circle the air went colder. Much colder. I walked out from the southern entrance (the sun entrance) and disconnected myself form the circle with a sweep of my hand. This was all it took now – a nonchalant well-practised sweep that woudl cut my energetic ties. The sun was no longer visible and I felt energised, but in a strange way bereft. I think I would have liked to stay within the circle’s magickal field a while longer, but time was pressing and I wanted to do some dowsing work.

Finding the Belinus Line

As I left the circle of stones it occurred to me that Gary Biltcliffe had mentioned in his lecture on the Belinus Line that it travelled through the Rollrights area. Well, if so I ought to be able to pick it up and see where it went exactly, thereby verifying the information for myself. I got my dowsing rods out and asked whether there was a line known as the Belinus Line flowing close to where I was. This is a complex question, but luckily the rods sorted it out for me by responding with a positive, so I changed the question to be, “Please take me to the boundary edge of this line”. Within a minute I was wandering through the gate and across the road towards the field that housed The Knight’s Stone – so-called because of its resemblance to a knight piece in a game of chess, I suppose.

As I walked into the field I saw the stone with its iron cage and sighed a little. Such a shame that its aura is bound by this iron prison. I followed the female part of the Belinus Line up the right hand side of the path leading to the stone and it veered off away from the path as it approached the stone to then be pulled right into it from the hedge side (south?). I then re-traced my steps back to the entrance gate at the road and followed the male line, which was more aligned to the path than the female line. As it approached the stone the male line moved into line so that it went through the stone according to the narrowest angle (approximately East-West). The stone was a crossing point for the lines.

From the stone the lines went out to the small mound which is just beyond the Knight Stone, and then they swerved off into the corner of the field and away over the hedges and fields beyond.

Energy ley runs along the alignment of the thinnest angle

The movements and placements of these energy lines were exactly as Gary Biltcliffe said they were. If this was the Belinus Line then he had his findings spot on. At that moment I felt the cold of the sun being behind a cloud and shivered. I checked the time. I had just enough time to grab some lunch and make it to London. Still, it had been a worthwhile visit. I had proven to myself that the energy ley comes through this site (I had found these lines before, but now I knew they were part of a much longer line). I had also meditated quite nicely, been energised, and had regained my contact with the elemental forces that I would then be able to call upon throughout the year. All in all a good morning’s work!


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  1. I very much liked your description of the ritual. Your approach seems very complex and cohesive (but as you’ve said, it’s about what works and seems right, and not what ‘should’ work according to someone).
    I am saying ‘complex’ because your methods are very much different from mine – at least in their physical manifestation – and thus very exciting to read about.
    For example I would not be using incense (I put myself into light trance by use of sound – usually humming – and awareness of my surroundings), I very rarely use physical objects for channelling energy (I prefer gesture and physical, direct contact). The differences obviously go on, but you get my point.
    What makes a ritual though, is not a prescription/recipe, but the mindset and the awareness of doing something special. It’s a celebration of humanity and our bond not only with nature, but with all the forces in the universe.

    On a side note – I think magickal work is ALL about coincidence 😉

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