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Spring Equinox 2011 Part 3 – Re-aligning Blakeley Raise

April 5, 2011

Blakeley Raise stone circle – [Megalithic] [Map] [Megalithic Walks]

This is the third part of our Spring Equinox posts for 2011. In this post I recount the tale of how we re-aligned the stone circle at Blakeley Raise. In keeping with our day so far we were having navigation problems – Kal had his iPhone 4, I had mu 3GS version, and neither of them were helping us much! I realised how reliant I had become on technology in that I hadn’t printed a general OS map of the area, just of the detail within a mile of the site, but first we had to find the site!

We drove up what we guessed might be the right road south from Ennerdale Bridge, and soon it became a strip of thin tarmac in the middle of nowhere. I had a funny feeling we had missed it so we stopped. Kal’s phone reckoned it was half a mile backt he way we had come, and my cdetailed map agreed – providing we were actually in the right road in the first place! We parked at the bottom of the slope that we imagined it might be on and walked over the rise, or should I say, “The Raise”, for as we crested the hill there was the circle – only twenty feet from the road! We had driven right past it without noticing! D’oh!

We stopped to admire the view – the circle was positioned in a prime location with wide views iof the north and west – going down to the coast. It was also framed beautifully by the eastern hills, and in the glorious sunshine of the day the circle provided us with some excellent photographs.

For some reason we both hung back a moment when we saw the circle. It looked alright, but something wasn’t quite…right about it. We stood a moment longer, not saying anything, then broke the silence and wandered up to the circle. We hadn’t been able to say what it was that was wrong and so our reason had decided to override our intuition and move our bodies onwards. Things to do – places to go!

One of the first things that Kal did here was to check the veracity, the authenticity of the stones. He found that most were re-positioned. Only four of the eleven remaining stones were actually in the correct position (those over on the right-hand side of the photograph above – the eastern side). Many of the stones had been “helpfully” concreted into position! Good grief! Thousands of years ago we were clever enough to be able to make these stones stand firmly for millennia, but today we have to concrete them in? Shockingly poor demonstration of how far (backwards) we have come.

This time there was work for Kal to do (why is he always so begrudging about this – it’s exciting?). He quickly determined that he needed to do some work to re-align the stone circle back to its original star alignment by modifying the way that the energies were concentrated within the circle. He did this by moving a nearby sandstone block and placing it slightly off-centre on a power centre. We then did some work to “pin” this energy in place so that the circle was aligned with the frequency of the star that best suited the circle’s energy structure. It so happened that the circle needed to be pulled back towards the sun, as this was the strongest source of energy for it, and it kept the circle’s energies flowing the strongest.

The final aspect of this work was for us to “stir up” the energy flow around the circle – thus re-energising it and waking it up, so to speak. For this we both walked around the outside of the stones in a widdershins direction, following a dowsable energy trail wherever it led us. Normally, such a direction would actually quell or calm down energies, but in this instance the circle was in need of re-balancing through the injection of some female energy, and our perambulations were getting the energies to go wider and farther out as we walked and walked around. Each time we circled the stones, sometimes going in and out between them, the peaks of the wave forms got larger.

We both noticed how the energies of the circle followed a very ragged pattern. Around the area where the original stones were they hugged the stones, weaving playfully in and out of the edge of the perimeter. As we made our way to where the stones had been re-positioned the energy form was highly disturbed! The peaks were wild and unconfined, jagged, un-subtle, sharp and ragged. They were anything but “natural” feeling. They had little symmetry or subtlety. We felt increasingly aggrieved again about the poor quality of the re-building of this circle, and were not surprised that it needed a little bit of work doing to it. We felt we had at least contributed to it in a sympathetic manner, even if we couldn’t physically re-locate the stones to resolve the issue fully.

Later in the day, on the way home, just talking about this circle would provoke us into a very dangerous comment – that we would attempt to build o9ur own stone circle this year, and to employ within it all the things we had learned about how stones should be positioned, and how energies should be treated. Let’s see if we live up to that boast!


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