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Spring Equinox 2011 Part 6 – The Kirksanton Complex

April 17, 2011
Lacra Stone Circles [Portal] [Map]
In the final part of our Spring Equinox posts I want to relate the story and findings from the Kirksanton complex of megalithic sites. The stone circles that are situated above the village of Kirksanton are known collectively as the Lacra sltone circles. The more terrestrial site is called the Giant’s Grave. We decided that the stone circles on the hill would be our first objective.

Despite it being only the cusp of Spring the weather was unseasonably warm. This made the climb from the village to the top of the poorly-woaymarked hill all the more of a pleasure and a difficulty. We trekked to the top of the hill and nearly gave up looking for the circles, because we only found a few scattered stones. In fact, at one point I thought that some sheep were arranged in a circle firm, but then they moved and spolied the optical illusion. If we hadn’t been so knackered we would have used our breath to laugh. At what we hoped was the final peak of the hillside we saw a deserted farmhouse and wondered if this could possibly be the site of a stone circle. I pressed onwards relentlessly with Kal following tirelessly behind. Over the next crest I peered over the dry stone wall and saw what I thought wes a incomplete circle of stones and made yet another exclamation of joy at a possible sighting.

The First Double-Circle
Luckily, this time, this was indeed the right place. As we got closer we saw that the stones were definitely large enough to be a stone circle, and that there weer two sets of stones, both incomplete certainly, yet in a definite semi-circular form that appeared to be the outline of two concentric stone circles.

Kirksanton stone circles - bird's eye view

We dowsed that these stones in this highly-disrupted set of circles no longer had any energetic qualities to them, and were disappointed. We both noticed that there were more stones in the distance, some few hundred yards further on from the outer rim of this circle. I dowsed to see if they had energy in them and found that they did. Kal had already felt the pull of these stones and was already jogging over to them as I dowsed this answer.

The Second Circle

As I got to the second circle I could already see that this megalithic sites was ALSO a double circle. This was highly unusual – two stone circles side by side with each other was strange enough (The Hurlers in Cornwall is three side-by-side) but the idea that they were also both double circles was right out there on the ‘unusuality’ scale! I began to take an interest in the central stones of this second circle, and from a close examination in good light I could see that there were some interesting cup-marks.

The cup-marks int he stone suddenly hit me like a bolt of inspiration. Three circular marks at an angle and in a row, and then a fourth circular mark further down the line and off to the left….seemed very familiar to me. I knew this alignment to be one of the alignments I study most – Orion’s Belt pointing to Sirius! Unmistakeably, that was what I was seeing. So, did this site have a particular link to either Orion or Sirius? I dowsed that it linked to Orion’s Belt, and that the first circle we had visited was the circle that was linked to Sirius. Interesting to me as I had once found that I energise my crystals best by orienting a formation towards Sirius, so it had particular significance for me.

Meanwhile Kal had pottered off with his rods towards a nearby small peak and was meandering along its dies towards the top. He was obviously on to something and was intent on following it to completion, so I began to approach him as he reached the summit. As I moved he called down to me with some advice, “Follow the energy trail from this circle to the top of this hill!” he instructed. Sounded like fun. I did so and found that the trail went through all of the largest of the outlying stones at the western rim of the inner and outer circle, and then continued to navigate through all of the stones that were arrayed along the path up to the summit of the nearby hill. I realised I was following the same path that I had seen Kal walking a few minutes earlier. As I reached him he commented, “See how it follows the stones all the way up?” I did see – but what did it mean? Kal continued to dowse for answers. I, however, turned my attention to something I had just noticed about the spot I had arrived at on the summit.

Kirksanton cup-marked stones showing astrological connections

Standing on the summit I found that the spot I had arrived at was a power centre. Not only could I distinguish it visually, but it also felt like one and dowsed as being one too. I was standing in a female power centre. I dowsed to see whether it linked to anything else. It did. There were three female power centres all in a line – a slanted line that looked very similar to the slanted line of cup marks on the stone below….it couldn’t be, could it? I dowsed to see whether these power centres had any link to the cup marks. They did. Did the power centres have any link to celestial energy? They did. Were they linked to Orion’s Belt stars? They were! And the energy from the power centres flowed down to the circles below. In the case of these Orion star power centres the energy was quite strong (6/10).

If that was true, I ventured, then where was the Sirius star power centre that should link to the first circle we had found? I asked the rods to lead me to one, if one existed. They moved off to the other slight peak on this ridge that was some fifty feet away from the Orion’s Belt power centres. As the rods swirled around on the very tip of the peak I was amazed at how there seemed to be a link between these two hill peaks and the sites below. The Sirius power centre was quite weak and the energy that flowed down to the site below only registered as the bottom of the scale (1/10). This was not really the kind of thing that Kal or I had looked for in the past, but here was a clear and definite connection between a hilltop and the local stone circles below them. Interesting discovery.

Kirksanton circles connected to the nearby hilltop

A Starry Quest Update

I did a meditation at the Orion’s Belt power centres to find out more about the new quest I had learned of at the River Esk earlier in the day. Then I had learned that I would be involved in learning how to change my energy field to promote the growth of plants. The central star of Orion’s Belt seemed to be connected to this quest. The energy imprint of this star are part of a three-star formula that I need to know the sequence of. What I learned was that each star’s energy would be required to change me somehow, and that I would need to visit a sacred site associated with that star in order to modify my energy field and thus acquire this new ability to promote the growth of plants. Sounded like a challenge, especially of those sites were quite far apart! How would I find them, I wondered? That would be for another day – the sun was beginning to set and we still had one site to visit yet – The Giant’s Grave standing stones on the coast below us. We ran down the hill, energised and excited despite our long day.

The Giant’s Grave standing stones [Portal] [Map]

The standing stones known as The Giant’s Grave were in a muddy field (theme of the day) but were easily accessible, despite being close to a railway crossing. The sun was positioned just perfectly at the level where the photographs became rather dramatic. We both stood there snapping away and drinking in the beauty of the sun and the stones in this setting, quite literally a setting.

I began to inspect the stones and quickly came across some more cup marks on one of the stones. What were these marks. Do I really need to tell you that they were three slanted circular marks in a line…, I didn’t need to tell you that, you had already guessed. So, straight away I knew I what I was dealing with. One of the stones was linked to Orion’s Belt. What about the other – did it have a single cup mark? It was harder to spot, but yes it did have a perfect circular depression in it. Definitely one stone linked to Orion, the other to Sirius. The dowsing only confirmed what I already knew by now.

The Giant's Grave at Kirksanton

This cup-mark discovery led to me being able to connect the stones directly with the stone circles above on the hill (although if you look from the stones to the hill, the taller left-hand stone is linked to Orion, and the smaller right-hand stone is linked to Sirius, which is exactly the opposite of the configuration on the hill above, where the bigger circle on the left-hand side is linked to Sirius, and the smaller circle on the right is linked to Orion.

The Sirius and Orion stones are connected to the stone circles above

A helpful local walking his dog had a good chat with us about the surrounding neolithic sites, telling us about the complex of hollows that were probably houses near to the Kirsanton circle complex, which were marked as something nondescript on the OS map. It seemed like this whole series of megalithic stones was a massive complex of astrologically-linked sacred structures and a whole complex of houses supporting something to do with the importance of these alignments and energies.

From my own research in Cornwall I knew that Sirius’ energies were frequently linked to fertility energy – her blue emanations seem to provide energy that knowledgeable humans can turn to their advantage by promoting the growth of crops, possibly through the use of these double-circles that had been constructed on this coastal hillside of Kirksanton. Let’s call it a step forward in my working theory. Now I had to factor in Orion’s stars too. What were they useful for? As yet I don’t know, but I will keep investigating.



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