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Animal Totem: The Bee

May 12, 2011

Over the last couple of months I have felt a change. I think it originated at Glastonbury Tor on a bright early spring day. I was climbing the Tor and noted that a crow landed extremely close to where I was walking. I stopped to acknowledge it and ponder whether there was any message that might be forthcoming. As I watched it, I also saw a bumble bee winding its way around the crow. It settle just before it and I wondered as to whether the crow would peck at it, but nothing happened, both the crow and I watched the progression of the bee.

People have been mentioning the decline of the bee for a while now, but in my countryside travels I seem to be coming across them often.

A buzzin' new friend

Another two or three instances like the above and I mentioned to Gwas that I think my totem animal was changing to the Bee. I asked him whether the Bee was a valid totem. Being more knowledgeable on such matters than me, he said of course! I didn’t think much of it after that other than paying attention to Bees as I went about my questing.

Becoming more attached to the bee of late I finally decided to do some minimal (Google) research on this mighty totem. Here are my conclusions:

  • The Bee shows us we can accomplish what seems impossible by having dedication and working hard.
  • It asks us to pursue our dreams with incredible focus and fertilize our aspirations.
  • The Bee teaches us to cooperate with others who have similar goals so we can learn how to help each other.
  • It is also the symbol of the sun and all its energies.
  • The bee reminds us to extract the honey of life and to make our lives fertile (productive) while the sun shines. No matter how great the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue our dreams.
  • If a Bee has shown up in your life, examine your own productivity. Are you doing all you can to make your life more fertile? Are you busy enough? Are you making time to savor the honey of life and not becoming a workaholic?
  • In the dream world, bee comes as a gift from Spirit. He buzzes about in order to awaken us into the moment. Alert and aware, we see that life is sweet and filled with brightness, color and light.
  •  Bee also teaches us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention and to be single-minded in purpose. Finally, bee shows us that all life is interdependent.

Considering how my quest is progressing am I surprised by the bee turning up as my totem? No way!

Kal Malik – Following the Bee

ps: I have also noted the absence of the many crows that have been following me around in my current residence of north Devon!

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  1. This is a well timed post as I’m working with Bee for the month of May. What I’ve found (in addition to the qualities that you’ve listed) is that Bee is about sending vibrations out into the world. Not changing the threads of fate, but making them hum, and setting up an answering resonance in surrounding threads. I’ve found voicework and chanting to be of great help exploring this.

    Good luck in your quest!

    1. Hi Snaegl,

      I’ve just read your blog for the first time. Wow – good work! How I have missed it before is a mystery, but then the Wyrd unfolds itself before us when the time is right. I will be reading more of your work in due course, but I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent work so far. Thanks for putting your thoughts out onto the web of Wyrd and making the lines hum louder.


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