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Beltane 2011 – Part 2 – The Yew Tree Speaks

May 23, 2011

Our second stop on our Beltane journey after performing a cleansing and energising routine at Dinas Bran was to head for our venerable and reliable teacher – the Llangernyw Yew tree – Wales’ oldest tree. This tree is tucked away in a small village just behind the Conwy hills and was easy to reach from the A5 road that runs the length of North Wales.

Whilst Kal busied himself with the graveyard (his favourite part) I went straight to the tree – no messing. As I walked up from the graveyard towards the tree something unusual happened. I began to sprout ethereal wings! I felt them spread and rise to either side 9f my shoulders and my head began to form into a sharp-pointed beak. This was a highly unusual feeling, but I recognised the figure that was forming around me like an energetic head-dress – it was the form of a hawk.

I had the tree to myself briefly and made swift work of setting my place. I put incense sticks where I felt they needed to be – three of them – and I lit them before looking for a position to sit.

The Oldest Tree in Wales

I found a hollowed bole that seemed to be a perfect platform upon which to sit. I wondered why, in all the visits I had made here previously, I had never noticed this place before? Well, it seems we find the things we need when we are ready for them when on a spiritual path. I sat and began to enter into a blank state of mind. Soon I was deep in meditation and my mind seemed to have split into two parts. My ‘ordinary’ mind was keenly aware of the noises around, even though they were all just a mosaic of sounds rather than anything distinguishable. My meditative mind was travelling deeper into the rabbit hole provided by the Yew Tree and its conducive environment.

I heard people milling around but I had no idea what they were doing or saying. My meditative mind had the upper hand and was interested in focusing on the questions I had come here to answer. I began.

  1. Was I right in thinking that I had a bit more time to complete my previous quest? – YES, until Solstice, but beyond that the advantages would be rendered useless.
  2. What is the nature of my Beltane quest? – To find this answer you must go deeper.
  3. Is the quest related to a hawk, the Hawk of May – YES, but to find out how you must go deeper. Give more of yourself.

I decided to go deeper. I re-doubled my efforts to sink deeper into trance, blocking out all the real-world noise that was still lingering in the other half of my mind. The noise went quieter and quieter until it was a distant whisper compared to the infinite blackness of the Yew Tree’s enshrouding presence. I began to open my chakras up to the influence of the old tree – I trusted it implicitly now. I poured out my spiritual experience through the chakra points in turn. As I got to the third-eye chakra there was an intensifying violet colour in the front of my mind. I decided that I should stick with this as it was the only chakra point that had shown a colour during the opening process.

As I filled my inner vision with this violet pigment suddenly I heard the message loud and clear – “See with the hawk’s vision!”

The magical yew tree's insides

Here was the hawk as a symbol of this day again – The Hawk of May. I pushed further. What kind of vision, I asked? I was suddenly elevated to a view over the land where I could see for miles in each direction, yet I could also bring my vision to a fine point in order to focus on one small aspect of the landscape below with an uncanny precision. Was this literal, or a metaphor?

When I came back to consciousness I was surrounded by four tree tourists – two couples who had come to see this famous tree but, as is often the way with people who are energetically unaware, they didn’t know what to do with themselves when they got to the tree and they quickly began to look around the church itself, and then even more quickly they moved on. One of the girls was interested enough to ask if it was a nice spot that I was sitting in. I replied that indeed it was, and that she should try it herself. I shouldn’t tease like that, but sometimes you do encounter energetically-aware people and it’s nice to pass on your experiences if you can. She lasted three seconds. Oh well!

Kal re-joined me and we discussed our stories about our recent experiences. Kal suggested that “the vision of the hawk” might be the next turn on the spiral of remote viewing. In other words – was I supposed to have another session of remote viewing but this time with all that I had learned since last time? Something I would have to consider and try for myself over the next few weeks, I thought.

Little did I know that soon the information would be revealed about what exactly the phrase “See with a hawk’s vision” meant. But that is for the final Beltane post coming soon.

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