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Energies of the Royal Wedding

May 5, 2011

Just for fun I dowsed the energies of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton as it was happening live on 29th April.

Dowsing with your hands over your ears

Here is what I found:-

  • No earth energies were involved in the ceremony at all (a surprising result)
  • Human Male energy input was 4/10
  • Human Female energy input was 7/10
  • Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding was rated 8/10 but Prince William and Catherine’s was only a 6/10
  • The trees lining Westminster Cathedral’s main aisle added to the energies of the ceremony
  • Westminster Cathedral will be imbued with lasting energy from this day.

I wonder if the lesser energy rating for this day’s wedding is at all related to the amount of observer energy that was being put into the ceremony. Certainly, if opinion were canvassed, it would seem that the general public’s opinion of the royal family is less powerful than it was when Charles and Diana got married. Just a speculative observation, and all this is just a bit of fun, to demonstrate what you can do with dowsing, and how it can pick up on observed events without you having to be physically present.


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