Marianne Williamson and Feminine alignment

I was at a talk recently given by Marianne Williamson, in her talk she often described various aspects of the Feminine. She related this to Earth quite effectively and I wondered whether there was any connection between this and female aligned people.

Currently I have learned the female aligned people are aligned with the moon. But it is one of them obvious questions that has never been asked directly. E.g. “Am I aligned to the moon?” Or rather is Gwas, since I am Sun aligned.

What we have kind of assumed is that since Male aligned people are also Sun aligned. So Female energy aligned people would be Moon aligned.

I did some dowsing at Avebury this weekend and came across some interesting results.

Here are the results:

  • Can people be Sun aligned? Yes
  • Can people be Moon aligned? Yes
  • Are people who are moon aligned also female aligned? Yes
  • Are people who are Male aligned also Sun aligned? Yes
  • Is it the same to say that Male alignment is the same as Sun alignment? Yes

That was a good and confirmatory start, right. Now take a look at this:

  • Can people be Earth aligned? Yes. Interesting.
  • So there are three alignment types of people? No.
  • Is there more than 3 then? No. Curious!
  • Are people that are male aligned also Earth aligned? No
  • Are people that are female aligned also Earth aligned? Yes.

Ah…Can it be said that being Earth aligned and Moon aligned is the same thing? I got the old half Yes answer, as if there was more. I pondered this for a while wondering what it could mean. Plus it wasn’t too fair that female aligned people got two astronomical connections! Then a thought from a far flung theory came to mind…

Are female aligned people aligned with the moon because it was once a part of the Earth? Yes.

Ah, a picture was forming. Are people aligned with the Sun or the Earth, but also the moon because it was once a part of the Earth? Yes. So, if the Moon wasn’t was a part of the Earth would female aligned people still be aligned with it? No.

A fabulous set of dowsing I thought.

Kal Malik pushing the boundaries

Note from Gwas:

I found it was with the Moon. Who says otherwise? Will check again tonight. Just because the Earth has been given a female “character” doesn’t mean ‘she’ attracts all female-aligned energies and people – that’s my opinion.

One Response to “Marianne Williamson and Feminine alignment”

  • Moncha says:

    Hi, thank you so much for this wonderful info. I find it very interesting.
    It is something I have been thinking about too.
    Have a great day.

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