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The Arthurian Archetypes of Corvus

May 14, 2011

This is the second part of three posts about my Spring Equinox quest to change my energy body to promote the fertility of plants. In the first part I told you about my experiences at Lud’s Church in Shropshire, and how I experienced an intake of the energy of the stars in Orion’s Belt. In this post I will be telling you about my visit to King Arthur’s Cave near Symonds Yat in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

After I had left my friend Michael’s house I had the long journey from Cheshire to Monmouthshire to contemplate what had happened and anticipate what might be to come. I had no idea what to make of the energy intake episode – I didn’t feel any different, but it was the strangest experience I’ve ever had, so that must count for something. Now I was going to sit in a cave at the other end of the country, and was quite excited about that prospect for several reasons. Firstly, I love Monmouth and the whole area around there. I think it’s the most beautiful part of these isles, and for some reason it has a feeling of ‘coming home’ whenever I go there. Secondly, I wanted to see if I could commune with whatever spirits might be present in a cave dedicated to Arthur and hopefully something interesting would occur. Thirdly, I was keen to get this quest over – the third portion was quite some way away, being in Pembrokeshire, and that really would take some planning to be able to get there with my forthcoming busy schedule, so the chance to get two parts done in one day was a relief and exciting at the same time.

Besides, it was shaping up to be a sunny day, and that’s always a good portent for an explorer, even if I would be sat in relative darkness for some of the day.

Preparations – or a lack of them

I arrived at the area around Symonds Yat and realised that I had not got a detailed map. In fact, I had only the memory of seeing a picture of the cave to work with, and not much more to go on! There was only one thing I could do – intuitive driving! This is like driving with a dowsing rod in your hand but much safer. This was Kal’s idea – imagine that you have a dowsing rod and that it is pointing in the direction of the thing you are seeking. Then follow the imaginary rod! How could that work??? Who knows, but I managed to pull over into a lay-by and stop the car at what felt like a random place. Was this it? How would I know? Was I on a wild-goose chase here? Had I just driven for three hours for nothing?

I got my stuff together and began to walk down a path leading away from the car and down a hill that I seemed to be half way up. My reason was screaming at me: “Why not UP the hill? Didn’t I see a path up the hill too just before the lay-by? What if it’s not here? How far am I prepared to walk before I give up? Why didn’t I bring a map? I’ve just driven three hours for nothing! Where can I buy a map from? How far away was the petrol station – they’d have a map there….” and so on, and so on. I told myself to shut up and walked to the path down the hill. I had only walked twenty feet when I saw the information sign showing King Arthur’s Cave. Well, well. It worked! My whole body relaxed as my rational side went strangely quiet.

A handy information post about King Arthur's Cave

I walked down to the end of the path which opened out into a disused quarry, now reclaimed by Nature. It was like walking out into a cauldron – it was so hot! I recognised the quarry from the photographs, and so knew I had to take the right-hand path and re-enter the cool walkway beneath the forest’s sheltering branches. I reached the cave shortly after ignoring the first collection of small caves that must have been a trial run, or designed to put off the casual visitor. As I arrived something felt wrong, so I completely ignored that and carried on. I got out my dowsing rods, my crystals and then my …hold on, where was my incense? The “something wrong” feeling made itself felt in my stomach again. I must have dropped it back up the path somewhere!

I made my way back up the hill, wondering just at what point I could have dropped the incense. It was tucked into my small pack, so it could have fallen out anywhere. Just so happened that it had been right at the start, right at the top of the hill I had just walked down. Typical! If I am supposed to learn a lesson it’s always a hard lesson! I stopped to think what this might mean. What lesson was I to learn? Then it struck me – I had just forged right ahead and tried to enter this sacred site without ANY preparations! I had probably accumulated some detritus from travelling down here, I was thinking of lunch all the time, and I clearly wasn’t in the most spiritual frame of mind. Right – I would put all of that right, and then I would try again.

The Cave and Corvus

View of King Arthur's Cave


Once I was fed, watered, cleaned of sweat and cleared of energies, then I could enter the cave and meditate on the star Corvus. Corvus is a diamond-shaped constellation with four main stars. This will become significant in a moment. Just before entering I had some things to do. On the approach to the caves there is a small hole about six feet above the path. For some reason I felt I should pass my staff through this hole, as though the gain entry to the site. It felt right to do that. Once this was done I went down to the main set of three caves.

I had a feeling that the spirit of this cave was inside the left-hand hole – a hole too small for a human but which went deep into the hillside. I dowsed as to where the spirit was, and it was inside the hole on the left. Confirmed. So, I duly paid my respects and told the spirit what I planned to do here, and asked for his permission, which I felt was strongly granted (with the hint that I should leave a token gift after I had finished, which I noted).

Corvus - the crow constellation

With the spirit’s permission I dowsed for where in the cave I should seat myself for the ritual. I already felt that it should be inside the central cavern, and off to the right. I followed my rods asking the same question. The rods turned into the central cavern and then off to the right. As I got into the cavern I saw that the right-hand side was really the only place that you could sit in darkness anyway, but I hadn’t been able to see that from the outside. It was only when you reached the back and the cavern forked into two that this became apparent. Coincidence.

I got out some incense and lit it – three sticks placed all around the recess that I was about to sit in. Then I placed my bag on the other side in the small recess opposite where I then sat. I sat on one of the several squarish blocks of stones that littered the floor of this dark recess and tried to get comfortable. Luckily I have a hard seat which is well padded! I got out my StarWalk app again and found the star Corvus – it’s diamond shape of four major stars was almost directly in front of me on the rock opposite, slightly down – just the right height to stare at, i thought, what a coincidence. As I began to go into a trance my attention was momentarily pulled out of the trance again to look at a configuration of marks on the rock opposite – a diamond shape of four marks, like stars in a constellation that I was beginning to recognise. I noted it, and went back into the trance.

The central cave of King Arthur

The Four Arthurian Archetypes

I went into a trance in the cool darkness of the cave’s recess. My mind blended into the sounds of Nature that I could hear outside, strangely amplified and rebounded by the cave’s concave shape. Within minutes I was somewhere else – deep within Nature’s mind and my own. I was staring at the four marks on the rock wall and set my mind with a single directive, just like dowsing – “Link to the energy of the constellation Corvus!“. Soon images began to appear – the four marks on the rock began to expand and take human-like shapes. In my mind I now saw four people in front of me:

  1. A male King
  2. A female Queen
  3. A young male knight
  4. An old male wizard

As I moved my attention to each of them in turn they revealed the archetypal energy that they symbolised. The King was the Divine Masculine Energy, the Queen was the Divine Feminine Energy, the knight was the Seeker of Truth, and the wizard was the Seeker of Wisdom. I began to question what they were trying to show me – what purpose did this vision have for me? The answer came back in a clear strong and emotionless voice – “These are the four principles that you must live.” I must embody the divine aspects of the masculine and feminine, and be a seeker of truth and wisdom.

As if to confirm this the four archetypes began to move, intertwining and interchanging their positions, leaving vapour trails as they moved until the image I was left with was of a woven pattern, a celtic knot created by the movement of these four figures.

Celtic knot based upon four

The picture was quite beautiful, and was in three dimensions and moving continuously. Once my mind interpreted the shape as an inter-weaving of these four concepts into one divine shape, and therefore meaning that I should being these four archetypal principles together in myself, then the image faded and the archetypes returned to their original cardinal positions – smiling.

For a moment I ‘recognised’ the people – there was King Arthur, Guinivere, Merlin and, was it Perceval or Gawain, or maybe Lancelot? I couldn’t be sure about the knight figure, but the others were clear to me.

  • Divine Male – King Arthur
  • Divine Female – Queen Guinevere
  • Seeker of Truth – Gawain/Perceval/Lancelot
  • Seeker of Wisdom – Merlin

I awoke back to normal consciousness to hear the birds tweeting and singing in the trees. I was still looking at the four marks on the rock straight ahead of me, but now as my eyes dropped slightly to the floor of the recess I was sat in I noticed four cubic pieces of rock…in a diamond shape! This shape was an exact replica of the four marks on the rock ahead, and of the four stars of the Corvus constellation! What an incredible correspondence! These things happen all the time when you are on this kind of spiritual quest. Outside of the moment they sound corny and unbelievable, but when you are “in the moment” they are highly significant.

Pass the staff through the hole to gain entry

I packed up and prepared to leave. Before I left the caves I went back to the small deep hole in which I had noticed the earth spirit that governed these caves. I threw a food offering deep into the hole and thanked the spirit for its help. This was another powerful vision that would guide me on my quest, and it was now clear to me that the Arthurian archetypes were becoming a deep part of who I was and who I was aiming to become.

As I left I passed my staff through the small hole at the edge of the caves again. It was a physical representation of my disconnection from the cave.


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  1. Dear Gwas

    Firstly, your work is amazing and have thoroughly enjoyed reading, taking notes and exploring what you have done here. I visited King Arthurs Cave today, so was very pleased to find you mention it here. However I have some interesting news for you. King Arthurs cave as it is named, is slightly further down from this small set of caves. It obviously did not prevent you whilst on you quest and in fact, your intension was so clear that it made no difference to you at all, which is interesting.

    Felt like I needed to tell you and I hope you do not mind me sharing my knowledge with you.

    Love and bright blessings


    1. Hi Aimee,

      Thanks for correcting me. Do you have any photos of the caves? I came across two sets of caves on my journey. One set was the first set you come to walking down the trail. Then further down there was a much clearer set of caves. If you are saying that there is a THIRD set of caves that I completely missed, then I would be grateful for a picture, if you have one? Of course, this means that unfortunately I will have to go back and have another visit to these fabulous sites, and this time I will give myself enough time to actually climb up onto Symond’s Yat rock itself and take in the view.

      And you’re right about the impact on the quest. For me the sites were about their relationship with the energy of star energies that had an influence on the sites at specific times. I think that being in that part of the country at that time was the significant factor. But I am gutted that I missed the right caves! Damn those ambiguous directions!

      So many sites – so little time!

      Thanks for your comment,

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