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The Three Stars of Fertility

May 6, 2011

In my endeavours to fulfil a difficult quest that I was given at the Spring Equinox I have been researching some star and site alignments with the help of dowsing rods. The quest I was given was to modify my energy field in such a way as to cause either a blossoming of my consciousness, or to literally cause the growth of plant forms using my own energy. I could even be both these things. The actual result I won’t know for sure until I complete the task by visiting three sacred sites that are aligned with three stars whose light energies affect my energy field (or aura) so as to produce this change.

The first task was to identify what these stars were that had these required energies, and which sacred sites were built to align to them.

SITES ORIGINALLY ALIGNED with the three fertility stars

1. Alnilam (Epsilon Orionis) in the constellation Orion (The Hunter)

Merlin’s Stone at Drumelzier Haugh, Broughton near Peebles – down by the Tweed River. Most associated with The Hurlers stone circle on Bodmin Moor, especially the circle that I spent time in on my last visit!

2. Kraz (Beta Corvi) in the constellation Corvus (The Crow)

Associated with the site “Trethevy Quoit” in Cornwall.

3. Mirphak (Alpha Persei) in the constellation Perseus (The Hero)

Meaning “The Flank or side” and sometimes “the elbow”. Associated with Silbury Hill – the male fertility symbol! Also, the West-North-West stone at The Hurlers stone circles marks Perseus.

These associations are for the site’s ORIGINAL alignments. These sacred sites no longer align to these stars, and now I needed to find some new sites that did have alignments with these three stars and their constellations. The results for this were:-

SITES CURRENTLY ALIGNED with the three fertility stars

1. Orion’s Belt – Lud’s Church – Gradbach, Staffordshire – [map] / [SJ987656] / [Wiki]

2. Corvus King Arthur’s Cave, Great Doward, Symond’s Yat, Ross On Wye, Monmouthshire. [SO 5450 1560] [map]

3. Perseus Beddarthur stone circle – near Gors Fawr stone circle at Mynachlog-Ddu village, Pembrokeshire. [map] [megalithic]

I have to visit each one in turn, and then perform some tests using control seeds and ones that I have held to see whether this produces any difference in growth rates or the strength of the plants. I will describe that test when I get to that stage. For now I am trying to clear space to visit the last site, and then I will be able to describe each visit for you, and its effect.


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